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Get Into It With Tami RomanA lifestyle show for today's woman features Tami Roman's unique twist on trending topics.
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S1, EP24 "From Rags to Riches!"Comedian Ms. Pat talks about how she went from rags to riches and her comedy show on BET-Plus.
S1, EP23 "Dating With Baggage!"Comedian and TV host Nephew Tommy talks about his reality competition show and the obstacles that come with dating with baggage.
S1, EP22 "Mo'Nique Sounds Off"Actress Mo'Nique talks about her career, what she's working on now and the backlash she's receiving for her comments about black women wearing hair bonnets in public; gospel artist Todd Dulaney talks about being drafted by the New York Mets.
S1, EP21 "Let's Talk Bro Code and Friendship!"Rhythm and blues sensation Jacquees discusses his career, life on the road, and his favorite jams.
S1, EP20 "What Women Don't Know About Their Bodies"Tami talks with reality star Shay Johnson about how she turned a health scare into a platform.
S1, EP19 "Ballin' in Tech!"Tami is back with another guest along with "ask Tami," a power minute and her unpopular opinion on the trending topics.
S1, EP18 "Taking Your Skills to the Next Level"Tami and rapper Yoyo talk about how Ice Cube helped launch her rap career, how she got her start acting in TV and film, and the launch of her clothing brand, "Sticky Green."
S1, EP17 "Settling Old Beefs... Can Frienemies Become Friends?""Bad Girls Club" reality star Tanisha Thomas talks about the merits of executive producing her new reality show "Baddies ATL" with Natalie Nunn; how being in a relationship can change your circle of friends; dynamics of young female friendships.
S1, EP16 "How Much Could You Sacrifice for Your Personal Life and Career?"Rapper Trina talks about how she was studying to be a real estate agent before her rap career took off; Trina also discusses her new music and why she started her own record label.
S1, EP15 "Power of Sisterhood"Actor Lynn Whitfield talks about the end of her series "Greenleaf," her new film "Vacation Friends," her career, and her Planned Parenthood campaign "Be Seen."
S1, EP14 "Standing Up & Speaking Out Against Racism & Injustice"Tami Roman and sportscaster and talk show host Jemele Hill talk about her career and her thoughts on race, sports, pop culture, and entertainment.
S1, EP13 "Deal-Breakers in Relationships""Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" co-host Dr. Ish Major talks about knowing when it's time to walk away from a relationship.
S1, EP12 "Finding Your Voice as a Woman and a Mom After a Breakup"Tami Roman and singer and TV personality Towanda Braxton talk about reality TV fame, her sister, singer Toni Braxton, and how to find one's voice as a woman after a breakup.
S1, EP11 "Maintaining Our Values and Morals While Working in Hollywood"Tami Roman and actress Elise Neal talk about Neal's career and the best way to maintain one's values in Hollywood.
S1, EP10 "Real vs. Reality TV"Tami Roman and reality TV personality Monique Samuels talk about Monique's stint on the "Real Housewives of Potomac," what's next for Samuels and what real life looks like vs. reality TV.
S1, EP9 "Am I Black Enough? Black Representation in Hollywood in 2021"Tami Roman and Emmy nominated actress Tracie Thoms talk about Black representation in Hollywood.
S1, EP8 "Tami Roman Sits Down With Rapper YoYo"Rapper YoYo talks about her rap music career, being a female rap music pioneer, and what she's been working on since the start of the pandemic.
S1, EP7 "What Is a No-Go in the Bedroom?""The Real Housewives of Atlanta" TV personality Kandi Burruss talks about her career, the taping of her reunion show, and her future with reality television.
S1, EP6 "Is It Really Over? How Do You Know When It's Time to Keep Fighting for Your Relationship or Call It Quits?"Tami sits down with actor, director, and producer Jackie Long to talk about when to keep fighting for a relationship or call it quits.
S1, EP5 "It's All Black and White: Myths on Interracial Relationships That Must Die"Tami sits down with Paul Wall to discuss the myths surrounding interracial relationships.
S1, EP4 "You Are Toxic, Get Away! How to Handle Family and Friends Who Work Your Nerves With Their Unhealthy Ways!"Tami sits down with Kalen Allen to discuss how to handle toxic family members.
S1, EP3 "Is Life Better If You Are Single or Married?"Tami Roman and Jodi Whatley talk about if life is better if you are single or married.
S1, EP2 "How to Maintain a Relationship When Your Man Is Locked Up!"Tami Roman and "Love and Hip-Hop: New York" TV personality Yandy Smith talk about how to maintain a relationship when one's mate is in prison.
S1, EP1 "How Do You Support Your Child When They Say, Surprise...I'm a Member of the LGBT Community"Tami Roman and TV personality TS Madison talk about how to support a child when they come out as a member of the LGBT+ community.
A lifestyle show for today's woman features Tami Roman's unique twist on trending topics.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2021
Genres: News/TalkTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (24 episodes)
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