The Smurfs

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The SmurfsLittle blue people embark on rousing adventures as they battle the scheming Gargamel.
S1, EP3 "Unsmurfable Smile; Mind the Cat"Smurfette and Blossom try to make Grouchy smile by taking him on a camping trip; Gargamel falls under the mind control of Azrael and the Smurfs must help to set him free.
S2, EP9 "No Smurf Out!; Souffle Shuffle"When Scaredy is afraid a ghost is haunting his house, he asks Handy to secure his home from invasion; Chef sprains his ankles and has to rely on Greedy to bring his souffle to the spring festival.
S1, EP5 "My Smurf the Hero; Alien Smurf"Scaredy gets tired of being scared and dons a superhero costume to conquer his fear; an alien child visits the Smurfs and puts them under his spell to make them his friends.
S1, EP24 "Papa Times Two; Fake News"Vanity gives one of the Smurfs a makeover to look exactly like Papa Smurf; Jokey tricks Poet into writing a sensational but very fake news story in the Daily Smurf.
S2, EP11 "Papa Smurf Leaves the Nest; The Stolen Portrait"An accident in Papa Smurf's lab causes him to switch bodies with a sparrow; Painter's greatest painting has been stolen and all the Smurfs are looking for it.
S1, EP25 "You're Fired!; Mirror, Mirror on the Armoire"After another mishap, Clumsy and Dimwitty get into a big fight and vow never to work with each other again; Gargamel leaves a magic armoire in the forest, which imprisons whoever looks into its mirror.
S2 "A Smurfy Christmas"Christmas is coming and Jokey decides to mix up the Smurfs' letters to Santa.
S2 "Leaf's Under the Weather"When Leaf gets sick, the weather in the Smurf Village starts to go wild.
S2, EP19 "Smurf to the Future!"When Handy invents a time machine for Blossom, the duo accidentally goes back to prehistoric times; Blossom and Handy are taken prisoner by prehistoric Smurfs who plan on sacrificing Handy to a ferocious beast.
S2 "Mommy's Masterpiece"When the other Smurfs bail out of posing for Painter's masterpiece, he finds a new subject in Gargamel's mother.
S2, EP26 "A Smurfy Christmas; An Unsmurfy Friendship"Christmas is coming and Jokey decides to mix up the Smurfs' letters to Santa; when he's sidelined from the Smurfball tournament, Grouchy heads to the forest and befriends Bigmouth.
S2, EP15 "Smurf Racers; Who's in the Band?"Hefty and Storm get competitive; the Smurf Band's lead singer acts like a diva, but the band accidentally replaces him with another one.
S1, EP10 "The Scariest Smurf; DRIIINNGGGGG!"The Fearful Smurf finds himself transformed into a monster and wreaks havoc in the village; Lazy Smurf no longer wants to miss important moments in village life.
S2, EP8 "Shell Game; Blossom Goes Wild!"Gargamel turns himself into a snail so Farmer will bring him back to the Smurfs' Village; when Blossom gets into a fight with Storm and Lily, she leaves her village and moves into the forest with Wild.
S1 "Knight Smurfalot"Dreamer tries to become a knight, but his annoying antics make him some new enemies that land him in danger.
S1, EP21 "Flying Ace; Lab Assistant"Clumsy decides that the sky is the place to be; when Brainy gets hurt, Papa Smurf asks Monkey to take Brainy's place as his assistant.
S1, EP16 "Smurfy Secrets"When Gargamel tries to transform into a Smurf, the Smurfs have to share their secrets to prove their identity.
S1, EP15 "Crashing Gargamel's Party; The Curse of the Smurfs' Treasure"After Gargamel convinces Dimwitty and Begonia that he is nice, they invite him to a party; Farmer and Vanity unearth a chest that contains a gem that brings bad luck to anyone who touches it.
S2, EP3 "The Talented Justa Smurf; Smurf, Yes Smurf!"Surrounded by others who are all Something Smurf, is still searching for his calling; while Papa Smurf is away, Brainy uses a potion to finally get the Village to obey his every whim.
S2, EP12 "The Star Smurf; Baby Sensei"Nobody wants to listen to Harmony's music; Smurfette and her students mistake Baby for their guru.
S2, EP14 "Brainy Gets Ghosted!; Gargamel Goes Gaga"Brainy's controlling nature gets under the Smurfs' skin; Gargamel falls in love with Leaf and doesn't want to leave her side.
S1, EP9 "Where's Papa Smurf?; Who's Heftier?"Because of a mishap, Papa Smurf disappears and the only way to make him visible again is to get a whisker from Azrael; Wimpy challenges Hefty to a test of strength and wins by accident.
S2, EP25 "Leaf's Under the Weather; House Call"When Leaf gets sick, the weather in the Smurf Village starts to go wild; when the Smurfs find a note from Gargamel begging for his mother because he's sick, they feel obliged to help him.
S2, EP24 "Wanna Bet?; Gargamel, Queen of the Prom"Smurfette accidentally loses the Smurf Village in a bet and must carefully try to win it back; when the Smurf Girls invite all the Smurfs to their Grand Equinox Ball, Gargamel and Azrael crash the party.
S2, EP23 "Smurfs on Fire; The Sarsaparilla Run"When the Smurfs recruit a new fire brigade, Clumsy and Dimwitty disguise themselves to take part; Papa Smurf is excited to pick the magic Sarsaparillo plant, but he's not the only one hunting for the rare plant.
S2, EP22 "I'm Off to the Circus!; Dreamer: Master of Love"When Clumsy decides to be an acrobat, the Smurfs pretend to be a travelling circus to help him realize his dream; Dreamer uses all of romance's greatest cliches to bring together two very unlikely Smurfs: Papa Smurf and Willow.
S2, EP21 "Wild Gets Tamed; The Yummyus Pie"Begonia, Lily, and Blossom teach Wild a lesson after he steals their cupcakes; Chef is worried when the main ingredient for his famous Equinox pie, the Yummyus, is late blooming.
S2, EP20 "Relaxosmurf; The Cuddly Toy"When Timid is too shy to approach Blossom, Papa Smurf gives him a potion to boost his confidence; when Lazy loses his pillow, only Baby's cuddly toy will let him get back to sleep.
S2, EP18 "Happy Smurfs Fool Day!; The Wrench Smurf"It's Smurf Fool's Day and Jokey is beside himself with excitement; when Handy turns the Diaper Daddy Robot into his assistant, the machine's memory accidentally gets wiped.
S2 "Smurfs Might Fly"The Smurfs are preparing their sarsaparilla banquet; as Chef's cooking assistants, Brainy and Dimwitty, are on picking duty in the forest, Greedy can't help but stuff his face without noticing that Gargamel has enchanted the thicket.
S2 "An Unsmurfy Friendship"After being sidelined from the Smurfball tournament, Grouchy heads to the forest and befriends Bigmouth.
S2 "Never Wake a Sleeping Sorcerer!"When Gargamel sleepwalks into the Smurfs' village, the Smurfs make the most of the situation.
S2 "The Snail Whisperer"Farmer's snails are tired of their life of toil and decide to go on strike and join Wild for a life of freedom; Farmer is aghast and does everything he can to try and make them see sense, but it's no use, his snails stick with Wild.
Little blue people embark on rousing adventures as they battle the scheming Gargamel.
Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2021
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (11 episodes)
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