The One With the Double Staircase

S1, EP6 "The One With the Double Staircase"

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Mike, Rich and Jen prepare for a big job as they consider two homes in different states of disrepair; one is a 1696 home that is literally leaning, and the other an 1800 home with a solid exterior that covers up the start of an abandoned demolition.

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The One With the Blacksmith

S1, EP5 "The One With the Blacksmith"

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When the owner of a 1707 center-chimney Cape Cod tells Mike he wants to sell, the team jumps to take it on; learning that the property was originally owned by a blacksmith, they opt for an Americana design that highlights the work of past craftsmen.

Original Air Date: Nov 03, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The One Built in 1666

S1, EP4 "The One Built in 1666"

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Mike, Jen and Rich help a couple renovate their 1666 Federalist-style home that's riddled with 350-year-old structural problems; they transform the untouched 1750s attic into dual bathrooms and add features to call out the home's original design.

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The One With the Bullseye Glass

S1, EP3 "The One With the Bullseye Glass"

On Demand

Mike, Jen and Rich consider two homes that could not be more different from one another; one is a Dutch Colonial loaded with detail and a hefty price tag, while the other is an 1800s Cape Cod that's full of potential but stripped to the studs.

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The One With the Pumpkin Pine Floors

S1, EP2 "The One With the Pumpkin Pine Floors"

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Mike, Jen, and Rich have to make a choice between two 1800s Greek Revival homes; the first property is covered with gingerbread charm and historical detail, while the second has a plain white exterior that hides tons of industrial-age character.

Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The One on the Cranberry Bog

S1, EP1 "The One on the Cranberry Bog"

On Demand

Mike, Jen and Rich must decide if they are going to take on a 1735 Cape Cod with an off-center chimney and a stormy history or an 1830s Colonial home that is rumored to be the Old John Carver Inn.

Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m