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Home Inspector JoeHome inspector Joe Mazza and designer Noel Gatts team up to create safe and beautiful homes.
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S1, EP10 "Hand-Me-Down Hazards"A couple are ready to settle down near family in their hometown of Rye, N.Y.; while his sister put her home on the market, they know it comes with expensive problems, so they bring on Joe and Noel to see if a turnkey home is the better option.
S1, EP9 "Coastal Home With Costly Surprises"A Connecticut couple fell in love in New York City, but with a newborn crowding their Times Square apartment, it's time to move back north; Joe and Noel guide them through two homes with lots of high-price fixes but even more potential.
S1, EP8 "Basement Hidden Horrors"A couple are looking for a more family-friendly suburb to raise their two daughters; with limited options in their dream neighborhood, Joe and Noel face mold, wood paneling and oversized trees to create the safe, farmhouse-style home of their dreams.
S1, EP7 "Fixing a Troublesome Tudor"Newlyweds Dave and Janice Li are ready for the next big milestone, buying a home together; they share an affinity for Tudor homes, which, although gorgeous, can be high maintenance.
S1, EP6 "Stone Home Stuck in Time"A man has spent years looking for a home where his scattered family can finally live under one roof; he has his heart set on a mountainside property, but its dated interior and hazardous exterior have Joe and Noel worried about breaking the bank.
S1, EP5 "Hastings Home of Hazards"A family bursting at the seams of its crowded apartment isn't afraid of a big renovation project; Joe's inspection discoveries start to chip away at the budget; Noel's budget-savvy tricks make the family's real estate dreams a reality.
S1, EP3 "From Rot to Riches"After years living in NYC, two new parents need to escape their cramped Manhattan apartment; these first-time homeowners are relying on Joe and Noel to help them find a fixer-upper.
S1, EP2 "Band-Aid Fixes Exposed"A couple are leaving Manhattan to find the perfect forever home for their growing family; with a toddler in tow, they need Joe's help tackling a basement that's been covered up in quick fixes while Noel opens up the flow on the first floor.
S1, EP1 "This Mold House"A family thought they found the perfect home until an inspection issue put them over budget; wanting to avoid another mistake, they seek Joe and Noel's help to find a house with no surprises and to take their dream space from hazardous to fabulous.
Home inspector Joe Mazza and designer Noel Gatts team up to create safe and beautiful homes.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2021
Genres: Home/CookingTV Series
Rating: TVG
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