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Married to Real EstateReal estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod, alongside her husband, builder Mike Jackson, juggle their busy professional and personal lives while helping clients land their perfect home in a dream neighborhood.
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S3, EP12 "Baby on the Way"Expectant newlyweds inherit a house in southwest Atlanta, but the home needs a revamp before their baby arrives; Egypt and Mike need to rush to complete the project, but as the demolition process begins, so do the challenges.
S3, EP11 "Midcentury Modern Makeover"After getting a deal on his godfather's midcentury rancher, a homeowner looks to bring the home back to glory; Egypt and Mike aim to deliver an updated layout with a larger kitchen, but they face some unexpected design changes along the way.
S3, EP10 "Living Large in Sandy Springs"After moving 11 times, a couple hopes to find their forever home in Sandy Springs, Georgia; in one of Egypt and Mike's biggest renovations to date, they look to transform a 1980s house into an elegant, high-end estate with no detail left unattended.
S3, EP9 "Rockin' in Roswell"Residents in Roswell, Ga., find a new home that has more space for their expanding family, but it desperately needs an update; Egypt and Mike run a campaign to update the place with natural woods and stone, creating a modern design.
S3, EP7 "To Downsize, or Upgrade"With the kids out of the house, a woman is ready for her next chapter after spending her life raising a family; now, Egypt and Mike must help her decide to either renovate her current home or downsize to a turn-key townhome in Smyrna, Ga.
S3, EP6 "Dunwoody Design"After traveling the world, a family is ready to find their forever home, and they need a place that's near the airport; they're still forming opinions on what they want, so Egypt and Mike look to guide them to a home in Dunwoody, Ga.
S3, EP5 "Sweet Home Alpharetta"A family is inspired to leave their Virginia home to start new adventures in Alpharetta, Ga., and they need to make the transition quickly; Egypt and Mike look to find the right place and deliver a welcoming space that's both peaceful and enchanting.
S3, EP4 "The Ultimate Bachelor Pad in Dunwoody"A bachelor is looking for a place near family; when a house in the perfect location hits the market, he jumps at the opportunity; Egypt and Mike look to renovate the home and deliver on all his must-haves, including plenty of space to entertain.
S3, EP3 "A Spy for Design"A family is looking for a new home with no luck, and with their toddler learning to walk, they need a new space fast; they have an eye for design, so Egypt and Mike are challenged to create a home that meets these clients' high standards.
S3, EP2 "From Man Cave to Lady Lair"A newly single woman is ready for a fresh start, and that means either moving into a new house or renovating her current home; Egypt and Mike craft a layout with room for entertaining and help her settle into this next chapter with confidence.
S3, EP1 "Home Sweet Om"A couple living with their two children and mother are bursting at the seams and want a bigger home with character; Egypt and Mike find the right place in Roswell and look to turn the sterile house into a dream with a new kitchen and yoga studio.
S2, EP12 "Dream Caterer's Kitchen"After 30 years of running a catering business from a cramped kitchen in DeKalb, Ga., a couple is ready for an upgrade; there's a long wish list for the new kitchen, and now, Egypt and Mike are challenged to turn the dream into reality.
S2, EP11 "Do They Stay or Do They Go"A family have been in their house for 10 years, and after renovating much of their home, they're left with a basement that needs work to make it functional; Egypt and Mike help them decide whether to find a new place, or to stay and renovate.
S2, EP10 "Improve or Move"A family of four loves their home in an East Atlanta neighborhood, but they're bursting at the seams and need more space; Egypt and Mike come up with creative solutions, and the family decides to renovate or relocate.
S2, EP9 "Fixing the Forever Home"A bachelor is looking for a forever home that fits his lifestyle and incorporates his someday Mrs. Right; Egypt and Mike turn a midcentury tear-down home into a work of art with a complete revamp, including a new addition for entertaining.
S2, EP8 "Parking in Poncey-Highland"A family is ready to park their tiny house on wheels and put down roots in Poncey-Highland, Ga.;they won't settle for just any cookie-cutter place; Egypt and Mike search extensively to find a vintage home that's bursting with character.
S2, EP7 "Space to Entertain"A couple are anxious to get out of his mother's house and find a place of their own; they're looking for a large family home with an open design for entertaining, so Egypt and Mike step in to find the right place.
S2, EP6 "Short-Term Rental Reno"A couple that have recently inherited his childhood home are now looking to turn the small house into a short-term rental property; Egypt and Mike step in to transform the worn-down place into a dream boho bungalow.
S2, EP5 "Farmhouse Fixer"A couple wants to be in their dream farmhouse before their new baby arrives in Canton, Ga.; they're looking for a place with at least 40 acres, so Egypt and Mike are enlisted to find and renovate the perfect farm for their growing family.
S2, EP4 "Big Dreams from Beantown"First-time buyers from Boston move to Atlanta and are looking for an open-concept house with plenty of open space for their dog; a modern design with earthy tones is a must, so Egypt and Mike work tirelessly to create their perfect home.
S2, EP3 "More House for Their Money"A couple want more house for their money, so they're relocating from San Francisco to Smyrna, Ga.; they're looking for a one-of-kind basement, so Egypt and Mike find the perfect spot to tailor an amazing space for their family.
S2, EP2 "All's Well in Roswell"A couple relocating from Kansas for work need Egypt's help finding a home in Roswell, Ga., but houses are in short supply; with a newborn baby, three dogs and their work beginning soon, Egypt and Mike have big expectations to meet on short order.
S2, EP1 "Open to Entertaining"A couple is anxious to get out of their apartment and find a home near their daughter's school in Atlanta's Dunwoody area.
S1, EP7 "Adjusting in South Fulton"An active family of five needs to buy a home close to their chiropractic business in South Fulton, Ga.; with a laundry list of must-haves and a very tight budget, they'll need all the help they can get from Egypt and Mike.
S1, EP6 "Sandy Springs Love"A couple who worked with Egypt and Mike in the past engage their services once again for a home in Sandy Springs, Ga.; Egypt works to find a home in the limited market, while Mike comes up with a plan to fill it with features they'll love.
S1, EP5 "Greatness in Grant Park"A couple from Washington, D.C., are desperate to own a designer bungalow in Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood; after battling through the area's competitive market, Egypt and Mike fight permitting issues to design the open floor plan of their dreams.
S1, EP4 "Canton Get Any Better"A couple have been out of luck searching for their dream ranch-style home in Canton, Ga.; Egypt creates a hybrid design to blend the couple's modern and traditional styles, while Mike battles unforeseen challenges.
S1, EP3 "Get in on the Ground Floor"A couple with two boys and a long list of must-haves for their new home struggle to find a property they can afford in their dream neighborhood; Egypt and Mike take them outside their comfort zone with a request to trust a renovation.
S1, EP2 "Marietta Square, If You Dare"Two young parents need help getting into the coveted Marietta Square area of suburban Atlanta, but their budget doesn't allow for their dream home. Egypt and Mike tackle the issues of an affordable property and transform it.
S1, EP1 "Midcentury Mission"First-time buyers who are obsessed with getting a midcentury home in the perfect Atlanta suburb are running out of options and time; Egypt and Mike find a dated property to renovate into the vintage dream home they have their hearts set on.
Air Date: February 8, 2024Real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod, alongside her husband, builder Mike Jackson, juggle their busy professional and personal lives while helping clients land their perfect home in a dream neighborhood.
Real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod, alongside her husband, builder Mike Jackson, juggle their busy professional and personal lives while helping clients land their perfect home in a dream neighborhood.
Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2021
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