Deadly Affairs: Betrayed by Love

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Deadly Affairs: Betrayed by LoveAffairs sometimes turn deadly for couples.
S3, EP12 "I Want it That Way"Robert and Carolyn's troubled marriage goes completely offline when the spouses find new relationships on internet chat websites; a Kentucky couple's lovefest ends in tragedy when an old flame arrives on the scene.
S1, EP7 "Business or Pleasure"For Ken Stahl, a loving wife isn't enough to keep him from making the rounds with a young receptionist; when a former cheerleader goes into business with her husband's best friend, their marriage takes a deadly turn.
S3, EP3 "Ambushed"A woman embarks on several affairs, and one pastor catches her eye, but they're both already married; there's a surefire solution, but their spouses won't like it; a wife hires a PI to catch her husband cheating, but the cheater has plans of his own.
S2, EP10 "War and Cheats"A paralegal starts an affair with her boss, but her husband of two decades catches on, and someone gets the ax; a soldier's love for the army means his wife has plenty of time to play, but when he goes AWOL to find her lover, it's all out war.
S2, EP9 "Southern Harm"A couple's marriage suffers when the wife starts cheating and never stops; she turns a guest into her newest lover, and one man pays with his life; a married singer finds love with a musician, and what happens next could make a sad country song.
S2, EP8 "Bored to Death"The deployment of a military man does nothing to improve relations with his wife, and when he returns to find her cheating, the battle is on; a woman finds marriage rather dull until she gives an old classmate lessons on passion and murder.
S2, EP7 "Taking A Swing at Murder"A couple try swinging to salvage their marriage, but when that fails, divorce seems imminent until one spouse has a killer idea; a gun-collecting man meets a woman who shares his love of firearms.
S2, EP6 "Lost in a Love Triangle"A pizza flipper embarks on an affair and impregnates both his wife and lover; he decides the only way out of this heated love triangle is murder; then, a couple proves that absence can make the heart grow deadlier.
S2, EP5 "Cheaters Never Win"Super Bowl champ Shaun Gayle and his beloved enjoy a happy relationship, despite his roving eye; one of his conquests decides she's no longer playing second string; a 13-year union literally runs out of steam, but someone still gets burned.
S2, EP4 "Marriage Fails"A couple's whirlwind marriage deteriorates when the workaholic husband drifts from his neglected wife, and she begins an affair with deadly consequences; a married teacher starts a taboo dalliance with the troubled student they take in.
S2, EP3 "The Things He Did For Love"A philandering cop avoids an expensive divorce in the worst way possible, and a bored wife seeks excitement in a chat room where she meets a romantic Italian stranger; as their relationship ignites, he does something that devastates her life forever.
S2, EP2 "A Lesson in Murder"A school administrator and his wife begin building their dream lake house, but as costs run amok, he seeks solace in a new love; once his wife finds out, the punishment is far worse than detention; a man pays the price for allowing an open marriage.
S2, EP1 "Racing Hearts"A police officer's two-decade marriage to his college sweetheart disintegrates into betrayal and violence; a married couple bond over their love of dirt track racing until a gorgeous younger man arrives on the scene, but he's no prince charming.
S1, EP10 "Sinful Nature"When a new pastor arrives at their church, Randy and Teresa Stone learn that a passionate affair can lead to murder; a bizarre hunting accident reveals the true motive behind a close friendship.
S1, EP9 "Handsome and Handy"When high school sweethearts Kay and David Parsons meet their new neighbors, an unlikely romance turns into a deadly obsession; an affair with the handsome repairman shatters the Craven's once-happy marriage.
S1, EP8 "All in the Family"Sibling rivalry turns deadly when an extramarital affair makes enemies of two brothers; a bodybuilder rekindles a romance with an old flame, igniting a passion so intense it leads one of them to kill.
S1, EP6 "Fatal Imports"Jonathan Nyce had it all, but when his wife has an affair with the landscaper, things turn fatal; a taste for drugs mixed with a wandering eye make for a deadly cocktail.
S1, EP5 "Pack Carefully"The McGuires have it all, but when one of them cheats, their marriage ends with two bullets and three suitcases; happily married Ignacio and Heather Garraus live an ideal life until a wandering eye leads Ignacio astray.
S1, EP4 "Sour Notes"An accomplished cellist thinks she's found her match until an old fling pops up online; when Rosemary Christensen marries a bad boy biker, she embarks on a new adventure that leads to a deadly affair.
S1, EP3 "Lust for Love"A Michigan couple starts up a comic book store, but when business heats up, they hire someone whose presence changes their marriage forever; a ten-year marriage falls apart when a bored wife pursues an old friend, with deadly consequences.
S1, EP2 "Love Scam"For a wealthy funeral director and his wife, a secret affair puts one of them in very deep water; the late-in-life marriage of two schoolteachers finds itself disrupted when a stranger shows up, claiming to be family.
S1, EP1 "Until Death Us Do Part"In Texas, a hot new coworker threatens the sanctity of a deeply devout marriage; in Kansas, a young evangelical couple stays unshakeable until the big man on campus enters the picture.
Affairs sometimes turn deadly for couples.
Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2021
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (19 episodes)
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