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Murder Under the Friday Night LightsA look at the shocking and tragic cases of dangerous obsessions, brutal violence and even murder surrounding local high school football teams, tarnishing the sport these communities hold sacred.
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S2, EP8 "Devil Came to Dance"When a popular teenage dancer suddenly disappears one day after practice, police have few leads until one of the dance team members reveals that a man stalked her just days before her best friend's disappearance.
S2, EP7 "A Killer's Bet"A beloved high school football coach vanishes, baffling police; they learn he ran a secret football betting ring among his friends, and a chain of clues leads cops to one of the gamblers who couldn't pay up.
S2, EP6 "When Rules Don't Apply"As coach Joe Paterno turns Penn State into a football powerhouse, a serial rapist from the team's ranks preys on multiple co-eds; when the justice system fails to put an end to his attacks, many wonder if Paterno's football machine protected him.
S2, EP5 "The Muck Bowl Murder"In 2008, someone guns down Pahokee High School's star football player, Norman Pooh Griffith, outside a homecoming dance in Belle Glade, Fla., home to Pahokee's biggest football rivals.
S2, EP4 "When Danger Is No Stranger"A 7-year-old cheerleader vanishes at a small town in Kentucky's biggest youth football game of the year; when she's found murdered, panic takes over and every parent fears that the worst kind of predator is among them.
S2, EP3 "Who Shot Darrent Williams?"When the Broncos draft Texas high school football star Darrent Williams, he stays loyal to his hometown; on New Year's, he flies five school friends to Denver for a party; soon after midnight, Darrent dies and no one knows who killed him, or why.
S2, EP2 "Homecoming Nightmare 2"The abduction and murder of a popular high school cheerleader shocks a tight-knit suburban town; a second, eerily similar murder just two weeks later terrifies the community, which now suspects they have a serial killer in their midst.
S2, EP1 "A Killer's Secret Play"When a beloved high school football coach's friend finds him shot 11 times in his Texas home, no one can imagine who would possibly want him dead, until investigators discover a secret world of women and underground parties.
S1, EP6 "Mr. Untouchable"A cold-blooded murderer takes the life of local football hero TK Kelly; the high school standout had carried the dreams of his small California city on his shoulders, but for someone close to TK, jealousy of the star was motivation enough to kill.
S1, EP5 "Do It for Juan"When high school football coach Juan Joseph is inexplicably gunned down, his community unites to bring his killer to justice.
S1, EP4 "Game of Privileges"In a struggling Pennsylvania coal town where high school football is king, the killing of a Mexican immigrant splits the community; when star players emerge as suspects, some locals engage in a cover-up that is almost as shocking as the murder.
S1, EP3 "Killer in the Field"A beloved high school teacher's mutilated body lies in a field near her home, leaving behind a baffling trail of evidence; one suspect tells a story that makes no sense, but the real killer's motives are as confusing as they are terrifying.
S1, EP2 "Where Is Tom Brown?"Conspiracy theories rock a small Texas town after a beloved high school football player mysteriously vanishes; baffling clues and community pressure pit the local sheriff against a brash private investigator until some unusual suspects emerge.
S1, EP1 "The Cheerleader Murder"In a small Texas town, a serial rapist stalks and attacks multiple high school cheerleaders before graduating to murder; detectives discover the monster behind these horrific crimes is much closer to home than anyone could have possibly guessed.
A look at the shocking and tragic cases of dangerous obsessions, brutal violence and even murder surrounding local high school football teams, tarnishing the sport these communities hold sacred.
Original Air Date: Jan 4, 2022
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: A16
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (14 episodes)
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