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Space GreedExamining what space exploration looks like when it's motivated by humanity's blind ambition, lust for power, and unchecked greed.
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S1, EP20 "Strange Space Recipes"Scientists are developing strange, cutting-edge ways to use naturally occurring resources like space rocks and astronaut blood to make deep space missions or long-term space colonies possible.
S1, EP19 "World Wide Wifi"Several space entrepreneurs and corporations are developing advanced networks of satellites.
S1, EP18 "Space & Shelter"Scientists develop super-efficient living quarters for astronauts.
S1, EP17 "Traveling So Fast Time Slows Down"As private space entrepreneurs develop super-fast propulsion systems, it might one day be possible for a corporation to take full advantage of the time-bending science of special relativity.
S1, EP16 "Space as a Tax Haven"The Panama papers, offshore banking, Swiss banks and Dubai; for the ultra-wealthy, one of the fun parts of making money is avoiding taxes on it; whether it's mining asteroids or making rockets to reach them, space could be an astronomical payday.
S1, EP15 "Mad Scientists In Outer Space"The unique properties of space make it ideal for some world-changing scientific experiments.
S1, EP14 "Space Pirates"Between advanced satellites and tons of precious resources the future of space exploration looks to be highly profitable.
S1, EP13 "Will Satellites Help Us Save or Exploit Earth?"The unique perspective offered by satellites allows people to track the weather.
S1, EP11 "Toxic Space Factories"Billionaires suggest that moving toxic or pollution-heavy industries to space is a potential means of protecting the planet.
S1, EP10 "Above The Law"For the first 50 years of spaceflight, most nations broadly agree that space is common heritage, that it belonged to everybody.
S1, EP9 "Arming Space Force"Exploring all the ways in which wars in space might be fought and who stands to make a pretty penny developing space-age weaponry.
S1, EP8 "Space Cowboys: Who Will Wrangle Asteroids and Save the Earth?"It happened once and it took out the dinosaurs, it's only a matter of time before it happens again; the next time another space rock jeopardizes Earth, private space companies and their spacecrafts may not be enough to save the day.
S1, EP7 "Endangered Aliens: Will Humans Trash Space?"Some sci-fi shocks audiences with images of powerful aliens invading and destroying Earth; what if humans are actually the invasive alien species?
S1, EP6 "Asteroid Mining: Is the Next Gold Rush in Space?"Running out of crucial resources and materials is only a matter of time; the asteroids flying through the solar system contain tons of precious metals, stones, and more; the astronomical profits from mining asteroids could all hype.
S1, EP5 "Looting the Moon for Trillions of Dollars"The moon is rich in rare earths, metals, and the highly sought-after isotope Helium 3; with NASA planning to make a manned return trip to the moon by 2024, some giant corporation could turn moon dust into a cosmic-sized payday.
S1, EP4 "Carbon Costs: Is Space Exploration Even Worth It?"There are only a handful of rocket launches every year, but that could change; each rocket that gets fired off has an impact on the atmosphere; Earth may not be able to survive hundreds, or even thousands, of fuel-burning rocket launches every year.
S1, EP3 "Terraforming: Can We Build a Planet B?"Once humans have managed to get a handle on building structures to live on the harsh, dangerous surfaces of other celestial bodies, what is to stop them from trying to change entire planets to suit their needs?
S1, EP2 "Sol Ownership: Can a Corporation Own the Sun?"Human needs have always created opportunities for human greed; energy might be the most crucial need of all; if, one day, an ambitious corporation was able to control the sun, could there end up being a subscription fee for sunlight?
S1, EP1 "Declaring Martian Law"Space is home to crucial resources, important discoveries, and big potential profit; examining whether outer space could become a place where billionaires and mega-corporations operate above and out of the reach of the law.
Examining what space exploration looks like when it's motivated by humanity's blind ambition, lust for power, and unchecked greed.
Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2021
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