Chapter Eight: We Are Phelps

S1, EP8 "Chapter Eight: We Are Phelps"

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The shocking end of Pat's book is revealed while the Phelps family fights for their souls, individually and as a family.

Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Seven: Impertinent Questions

S1, EP7 "Chapter Seven: Impertinent Questions"

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Pat's pact with Rosemary breathes new life into her career and her marriage; a new house tea gets out of hand, and Pat realizes the deal isn't what she expected.

Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Six: Whispering Hope

S1, EP6 "Chapter Six: Whispering Hope"

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On the verge of losing everything, Pat decides to make a deal that may damn her forever; Terry's battle with depression leads to deadly consequences.

Original Air Date: Apr 03, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Five: The Squirrel Knew

S1, EP5 "Chapter Five: The Squirrel Knew"

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As Pat tries to get rid of Rosemary for good, she finds out that Terry has been keeping a horrifying secret from her; Gaynor learns a secret about Pat that will change how she views her mother forever.

Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Four: So Much Blood

S1, EP4 "Chapter Four: So Much Blood"

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Pat is writing like a woman possessed until she finds out the true identity of her muse; Terry makes a decision about work that will come back to haunt him.

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Three: The Yellow Wallpaper

S1, EP3 "Chapter Three: The Yellow Wallpaper"

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After years of writer's block, Pat finally finds her muse through the help of a narcotic; Terry's pitch to the Archdiocese of New York turns out to be the presentation from hell.

Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter Two: She Comes at Night

S1, EP2 "Chapter Two: She Comes at Night"

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Pat finds a clue as to the identity of the 1950s housewife who keeps appearing to her; Terry confronts a demon from his past.

Original Air Date: Mar 06, 2022 • STARZ • 30m
Chapter One: Welcome to Casa de Phelps

S1, EP1 "Chapter One: Welcome to Casa de Phelps"

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After an affair nearly destroys their marriage, Pat and Terry Phelps move their family from the city to a house that may be haunted in Connecticut.

Original Air Date: Mar 06, 2022 • STARZ • 30m