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Big NateNate Wright and his misfit group of friends tackle new adventures, face epic challenges and unleash their boundless imaginations at P.S. 38.
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S1, EP26 "The April Fool"It's April Fools' Day, and Nate hopes to pull off an epic prank inspired by his hero, Brad Gunter; however, Nichols is all too familiar with Gunter's old tricks.
S1, EP25 "Nate on a Hot Tin Roof"Nate has set the P.S. 38 record for most detentions in one month, putting the teachers on "Nate Watch;" to dodge this personal purgatory, Nate decides to help Dee Dee put on the school's musical and cast the teachers as the stars.
S1, EP24 "Bro-king Up Is Hard to Do"In the thick of Ellen's recent heartbreak, Nate is apathetic; however, when he falls into a "bromance" with Ellen's cool new beau, heartache ensues; P.S. 38's new school anthem may be the only thing to put their pieces back together.
S1, EP23 "Nate in Shining Armor"Nate must convince a 5th-grade girl to attend P.S. 38 next year; however, Leah has her head stuck in medieval times and may need to be swayed by her Nate in shining armor.
S1, EP22 "It's Lonely at the Top"When Nate is made Student Safety sergeant, he's wildly unprepared for the responsibility; Principal Nichols is desperate to ingratiate himself into the teachers' inner circle.
S1, EP21 "Six-Tween Candles"Dee Dee is excited to celebrate her birthday, but her friends and family are so wrapped up with trying to surprise her that Dee Dee feels forgotten and winds up spending her special day with a new girl who has just moved to town.
S1, EP20 "The Square Root of Teddy"When P.S. 38 is hit with the dreaded standardized testing, Teddy receives a perfect score and is exposed as a math genius; as Teddy's success is exploited, Francis struggles with his identity as the smartest kid in sixth grade.
S1, EP18 "Kindness Wars"When Artur saves Nate's life, Nate finds himself deeply indebted to his greatest foe; to even the scales, Nate engages in a war of kindness, unbeknownst to his opponent, Artur; Kim Cressly trains Francis to channel his inner Kim.
S1, EP17 "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave"Nate and Francis discover the Pope family schedule while on spring break.
S1, EP16 "The Curse of the Applewhites"Nate's gym grade is on thin ice and the only thing that can save him from the humiliation of repeating 6th grade gym is something he swore to hate for eternity.
S1, EP14 "The Future Is Fuzzy"Nate hopes to spin a newfound gift into a bright future but soon discovers there's no fast track to success; Dee Dee worries a new actress is stealing her spotlight.
S1, EP13 "Ghostly Coven of Man Witches"To dodge a science test, Nate concocts a plan to shut down PS 38 by pretending that it's haunted; as he and his friends set the stage, they get locked in the school with a coven of man witches.
S1, EP12 "Randy's Mom Has Got It Going On"Martin's desire to dive into a relationship with Randy's mom blinds him to countless red flags, while Nate struggles to co-exist with maniacal Randy who has now infiltrated every aspect of Nate's life.
S1, EP11 "'Til Death Do We Rock"Nate is asked to give up center stage as lead singer of "Fear the Mollusk" for his sworn enemy, but he won't give up that easily and neither will Martin.
S1, EP10 "Game Over"When Nate finds himself accidentally responsible for the cancellation of an entire species, he must save a pregnant lizard from the clutches of P.S. 38's latest homeec teacher.
S1, EP9 "Best Laid Cell Plans"When Francis gets an emergency cell phone, the gang makes major plans for it, but even the best laid cell plans can go wrong.
S1, EP8 "Wilderness Warriors"While on a school camping trip, Nate is determined to win the Wilderness Warrior Award, Dee Dee uses her acting skills to cope with anxiety, and the teachers hatch a plan to steal an eagle egg.
S1, EP7 "Time Disruptors"A local legend comes to life as Nate and his friends prepare for an epic party; Nate's awesome plans may be foiled as a mysterious presence stalks the students, and Francis disappears for hours at a time over at Jefferson.
S1, EP6 "Belles a Ringin'"While buying romance novels for a heartbroken Ellen, Nate discovers they are total cash cows; under a pen name, he writes a bestselling graphic novel using the people in his life as inspiration until it catches up to him.
S1, EP5 "The Pimple"Nate gets his first pimple, deems it lucky and blesses P.S. 38 with his zit.
S1, EP4 "CATastrophe"When Nate pairs with Jenny on a school project, he hopes to prove his awesomeness to her, but his phobia of cats threatens to destroy his cool image; Ellen sets out to cure Martin of a deeply ingrained phobia of his own.
S1, EP3 "Valentine's Day of Horror"Nate decides that on Valentine's Day, he will finally profess his love for his dream girl in the form of a grand gesture, but the day of love quickly turns into a nightmare.
S1, EP2 "Go Nate, It's Your Birthday"To remedy Nate's subpar birthday celebrations, Martin lets Nate borrow his credit card with rules that may have been open to interpretation.
S1, EP1 "The Legend of Gunting"Nate has multiple detentions, but this time he is only one detention away from a fate only whispered about in the halls of P.S. 38; the unhinged new kid is determined to become Nate's prank partner.
Nate Wright and his misfit group of friends tackle new adventures, face epic challenges and unleash their boundless imaginations at P.S. 38.
Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2022
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY7
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