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Face's Music Party

Face hosts and VJs, playing modern pop hits and revamped nursery school classics to create the ultimate music party.

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S1, EP13 "Mega Party"

Face is hosting their biggest party yet, and this one is a celebration of all their friends at Nick Jr.! Get ready to party with characters from lots of Nick Jr. hits while singing songs kids already know and love.

S1, EP12 "Family; Big Cats"

Face introduce some of their family members and show how family is an important part of life and music; Face talk about lions, tigers, jaguars, and all sorts of big cats and the musical sounds they make.

S1, EP11 "Jungle; Wild West"

Face is in the jungle and there are lots of songs about this place; there are tons of songs about cowboys and cowgirls to dance along to.

S1, EP10 "Transportation; Rain"

Face shows the audience its favorite songs about transportation, whether that's cars, trains, planes, or buses; Face shares some rainy songs with the audience to celebrate that kind of weather.

S1, EP9 "Space Party; Circles"

Face explores all things outer space with the help of three out-of-this-world songs; wheels, drums and buttons are all circles; circles are everywhere, including in some of Face's favorite songs.

S1, EP8 "Dogs; Bass"

Face shares top songs about dogs; Face shares songs sung with deep voices.

S1, EP7 "Shake; Wind"

There are lots of songs about shaking it to the groove, and Face is here to share them; Face shares songs about the wind and how musical it can be.

S1, EP6 "Sun; Food"

Face searches for the perfect summer jam while they share their favorite songs about summer; everyone loves to eat, and just like everything else, there are lots of songs about it; Face shares their top three songs about food.

S1, EP5 "Heroes; Night"

The world is full of heroes that save the day just by being themselves; Face shares songs and talks about what it means to be a hero; Face shows their favorite bedtime routine songs.

S1, EP1 "Friendship; Bugs"

Beloved Nick Jr. mascot Face plays modern pop hits and revamped nursery school classics in a highly interactive live-action/animated music variety show.

Face hosts and VJs, playing modern pop hits and revamped nursery school classics to create the ultimate music party.
Original Air Date: Jun 3, 2022
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (10 episodes)
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