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Afternoon Snack
S1, EP9 "Afternoon Snack""How deepfakes undermine truth and threaten democracy" by Danielle Citron; "The myth of Sisyphus" by Alex Gendler; "What happens to people's donated eggs and sperm after they die?" by Ellen Trachman.
S1, EP10 "Afternoon Snack""The history of poker: Bluffing, betting, and busting" by James McManus; "How gaming can be a force for good" by Noah Raford; "How poetry unlocked my superpowers" by Keenan Scott II.
S1, EP1These salamanders snack on each other; why people should make useless things; how rollercoasters affect the body; inside the mind of a master procrastinato; a brief history of chess; four billion years of evolution in six minutes; A king cobra bite.
Rerun Air Date: August 2, 2024
S1, EP11 "Afternoon Snack"Let your garden grow wild, Rebecca McMackin; if you're an adult mayfly you'll probably die before the end of this video, Luke M. Jacobus; the case for free, universal basic services, Aaron Bastani.
S1, EP7Carolyn Freiwald discusses the hidden history found in teeth; Jeff Dekofsk looks at whether math was discovered or invented; Mary Ellen Hannibal explains how to help save the monarch butterfly; Sally Frampton on what people did before anesthesia.
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Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2022
Genres: News/TalkTV Series
Playback: HD
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