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Food for Thought
S1, EP8 "Food for Thought"1) One of the world's oldest condiments ----- Dan Kwartler; 2) The unsung heroes fighting malnutrition ----- Shruthi Baskaran-Makanju; 3) A transparent, easy way for smallholder farmers to save ----- Anushka Ratnayake; 4) How humanity got hooked on coffee ----- Jonathan Morris; 5) The greenhouse-in-a-box empowering farmers in India ----- Sathya Raghu Mokkapati; 6) The next big thing is coming from the Bronx, again ----- Jon Gray; 7) How you can make a fruit fly eat veggies ----- Greg Gage.
S1, EP1How sugar affects the brain; a guerrilla gardener in South Central LA; teach every child about food; got millet? How marketing could improve the lives of African farmers; will the ocean ever run out of fish?
S1, EP9 "Food for Thought"1) How a team of chefs fed Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ----- José Andrés; 2) The wheat field that could change the world ----- Guntur V. Subbarao; 3) How we can help hungry kids, one text at a time ----- Su Kahumbu; 4) How biochar removes CO2 from the air -- and helps farmers thrive ----- Axel Reinaud.
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Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2001
Genres: News/TalkTV Series
Playback: HD
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