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What in the World?
S1, EP4"How Tsunamis Work" by Alex Gendler, "Whoever Builds Something Here Will Be Rich Beyond Measure" by Fabio Pacucci, "How to Grow a Glacier" by M. Jackson, "How Light Technology is Changing Medicine" by Sajan Saini, "How Do Ocean Currents Work?" by Jennifer Verduin, "What Makes Volcanoes Erupt?" by Steven Anderson, "If Superpowers Were Real: Immortality" by Joy Lin, "The Science of Symmetry" by Colm Kelleher and three more.
S1, EP5The one thing stopping jellyfish from taking over. The life cycle of a neutron star. The 4 greatest threats to the survival of humanity. Could human civilization spread across the whole galaxy? Cicadas: The dormant army beneath your feet.
S1, EP6 "What in the World?"The probability of freezing one's body and coming back to life; how binary code works; Zeno's Dichotomy Paradox; the size of a mole; invisibility as a superpower; exploring light as particle or a wave; how folding paper can get someone to the moon.
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Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2022
Genres: News/TalkTV Series
Playback: HD
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