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BKFC: Knuckle Up
S3, EP12 "Slaveski vs Yosdenis Cedeno & more"Devin Gibson takes on Albert Inclan in Myrtle Beach, and then Andy Nguyen fights Veronika Dmitriyeva. Rounding out this hour with Macedonian Gorjan Slaveski vs Cuba's Yosdenis Cedeno.
S5, EP12 "The Flying Fist Night"Alberto Blas opens the show against Robert Armas, then Gee 'The Cutman' Perez fights Phillip Carroll. Rounding out this hour with James Dennis vs. Rene Rodriguez vs. Dillon Winemiller vs. Stephen 'Tomahawk' Townsel.
S6, EP1 "Nguyen vs Straus & More"Featuring exciting bare knuckle fight action Erick Lozano dukes it up with Francesco Ricchi, Brit battler Jake Bostwick takes on Isaac Doolittle in the squared circle, and Dat Nguyen battles Daniel Straus in a featherweight headliner.
S5, EP11 "Bloody Fun Night Out"Howard Davis takes on Eduardo Peralta, followed by Jake Bostwick in a fist fury with Erick Lozano, then Luis Palomino dukes it out with James Lilley in a BKFC lightweight title fight.
S5, EP10 "Four Fierce Fights"Fan favorite Leo Bercier opens the show against Willie Sears, followed by Dorian Long against Mark Johnson, Jordan Christensen vs. Kerry Lattimer, and Sawyer Depee takes on Gabriel Mota.
S5, EP9 "First Featherweight Title Fight"Featuring Bryce Henry vs. Billy Wagner, Lloyd Mix trades hands with Dallas Davidson, and the first ever BKFC featherweight title fight pits Kai Stewart against Louie Lopez.
S5, EP8 "Masson-Wong vs Starling & More"An exciting bare knuckle fight between Jeff Souder and Idrees Wasi opens up the show followed by Jake Masson-Wong vs Taylor Starling, and Ryan Braun challenges Andrew Potter.
S5, EP7 "Three Knuckle Fests Fire Up"Carlos Trinidad-Snake battles Elvin Brito, followed by Alonzo Martinez vs. Jeremy Sauceda in an epic battle, and wraps up with Sean Wilson vs. Brandon Meyer in a crazy knucklefest.
S5, EP6 "A Cruiserweight Battle in Omaha"A collection of battles featuring Jimmie Rivera vs. Tajikistan's Bekhzod Usmonov, Dakota Cochrane vs. Noah Cutter, and finishes things off with Houston 'The Asassin' Alexander vs. Jeremy Smith.
S5, EP5 "Fast Fists Faster Fun"The best of bare knuckle fighting featuring Dustin Pague vs. Wade Johnson, Brandon Bushaw vs. Rick Caruso, Trevor Loken vs. Brandon Allen and finshes off with Trukon Carson vs. LJ Hermrick.
S5, EP4 "Loco Soto vs. Goodjohn & More"Exceptional bare knuckle fights between Keith Richardson and Cody Jenkins, Doug Coltrane vs. Blake Lacaze, and finishes off with a battle between Tony 'Loco' Soto vs. Tyler Goodjohn.
S5, EP3 "Maestas vs. Winemiller & More"Two first-time female fighters knuckle up with Khortni Kamyron vs. Gabrielle Roman, then Marcus Edwards fights Action Jackson, and Mathew Maestas fights Dillon Winemiller in a crowd thriller.
S5, EP2 "Copeland vs. Rothwell & More"The best of bare knuckle fight action with Brandon Girtz vs. Christian Torres, Chris Camozzi vs. Dan Spohn, and topped off with heavyweight Josh Copeland fighting Big Ben Rothwell.
S5, EP1 "Perry vs. Rockhold & More"Featuring exciting bare knuckle fight action as two UFC veterans duke up, with Mike Perry fighting Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes welcoming Eddie Alvarez to the squared circle, and Christine Ferea defending her belt against Aussie Beck Rawlings.
S4, EP12 "Night of the Flying Fist"Zach Calmus opens the show in a heavyweight battle with Michael Furnier, then Kyle Wright fights Pat Casey. Rounding out this hour with light heavyweights David Simpson vs Jay Jackson.
S4, EP11 "Norfolk Night Out"Dimitri Angelini opens the show against Will Worley, followed by home-grown battler Britain Hart against Jenny Savage in a strawweight belt defense, and Reggie Barnett Jr takes on Daniel Alvarez.
S4, EP10 "London Falling Down"Mason Shaw takes on Lee Browne followed by Darren Hendry in a fist fury with Corey Harrison, then Chaz Wasserman dukes it out with Cedric Severac.
S4, EP9 "Fists Fly in London"BKFC makes its triumphant return to London featuring Connor Tierney vs Jake Lindsey, Rico Franco trades hands with Darren Godfrey, and a bloody good time was had between Terry Brazier and David Round.
S4, EP8 "Fight Fanatics Fists Fly"Young phenom Tyler Sammis fights Cody Schieve, followed by David Bosnick and Andrew Angelcor in an epic battle, and wraps up with Brandon Shavers vs Bryce Henry in a banging finale.
S4, EP7 "Three Knuckle Fests"An exciting bare knuckle fight between Tony Jenkins and Dillon Winemiller opens up the show followed by Dennis Labruzza vs Stephon Reese, and Duke Sensley challenges Joe Creer.
S4, EP6 "A Heavyweight title fight in the Bayou"A collection of battles featuring Brad 'Machine Gun' Kelly vs Kaleb Harris, Bobby Taylor takes on Wales' James Lilley, and Arnold Adams and Alan Belcher fight for the BKFC heavyweight title.
S4, EP5 "Fast Fists, Fast Fun"The best of bare knuckle fighting featuring Anthony Sanchez vs Derek Perez, Chevy Bridges vs Kevin Croom, Eric Dodson vs Gene Perez, and Josh Moreno battles Christian Torres.
S4, EP4 "Reyno vs Van Sickle & More"Exceptional bare knuckle fights between Jayme Hinshaw and Charisa Sigala, Will Santiago vs Noah Cutter, and finishes off with a battle between Gaston Reyno and Daniel Van Sickle.
S4, EP3 "BKFC Belt Battle & More"Former NFL defender Greg Hardy in his first bare knuckle battle against New England's Josh Watson, then John Dodson fights Jarod Grant, Austin Trout vs Diego Sanchez, and Lorenzo Hunt stalks Mike 'The Marine' Richman.
S4, EP2 "Loco' Soto vs Reid & More"The best of bare knuckle fight action with Trevor Loken vs Marcus Brimage, Devin Gibson vs Albert Inclan, and topped off with Tony 'Loco' Soto taking on Wayna Reid.
S4, EP1 "Four Phat Fights"Featuring exciting bare knuckle fight action as James 'Get Down' Brown fights Stevo Morris, Brandon Bushaw battles Paul Teague, Rober Armas vs Jakobi Lowry, and Jordan Weeks vs Murat Kazgan.
S3, EP11 "Palomino vs Shoaff & More"Exciting featherweights Louie Lopez and Howard Davis get it with a flash bang! Then watch a middleweight title fight between Francesco Ricchi and David Mundell followed by a lightweight title fight between Luis Palomino and Tom Shoaff.
S3, EP10 "Perez vs Fuller & More"Matt Russo takes on Brett Lowry followed by Jeremy Smith vs Leo Valdivia, and Guillermo Perez dukes it out with Rob Fuller.
S3, EP9 "Vicens vs Lybarger & More"Bryan Duran faces off against first time bare knuckle brawler Kobe Bowen, then Blake Davis takes on Will Dunkle and Cuban Christine Vincens fights MMA brawler Joceelyn Lybarger-Jones.
S3, EP8 "Beltran vs Alexander & More"Trinidad-Snake fights Riley, followed by Sean Wilson vs Kevin Croom in an epic battle, and wraps up with two combat sports legends Joey Beltran vs Houston Alexander in Nebraska.
S3, EP7 "Rodriguez vs Shutt & More"An exciting bare knuckle fight between Brandon Meyer and Shaine Moffitt opens up the show followed by Sarah Shell vs Audra Cummings and Drako Rodriguez challenges Will Shutt.
S3, EP6 "Ridge vs Wilson & More"A collection of battles featuring Sarah Click vs Jessica Borga, Travis Thompson vs David Diaz, followed by a slugfest between Joshua Ridge and Chancey Wilson.
S3, EP5 "Barnett vs Herrera & More"The best of bare knuckle fighting featuring Bobby Taylor vs Gabe Freyre. Watch Jarred Warren fight Jay Jackson, and Reggie Barnett Jr defends the interim bantamweight belt against Geane Herrera.
S3, EP4 "Richman vs Doolittle & More"Josh Copeland battles it out with Levi da Costa, Chris Camozzi goes toe to toe with Bubba McDaniel, Brandon Girtz fights Jake Linsday, and we wrap it up with Mike 'The Marine' Richman vs Isaac Doolittle in a title semi-final fight.
S3, EP3 "Davison vs Slaveski & More"Exceptional bare knuckle fights between Louie Lopez and Dylan Schulte, Jenny Savage vs Veronika Dmitriyeva, and finishes off with a battle royal between Dallas Davison and Gorjan Slaveski.
S3, EP2 "Dodson vs Villar & More"The best of bare knuckle fight action with Eric Dodson vs Nick Villar, Jamie Hinshaw vs Cassie Robb and Brad Kelly takes on combat sports veteran Isaac Vallie-Flagg.
S3, EP1 "London Calling!"Featuring exciting bare knuckle fight action from London as John Hick takes on Ellis Shepherd, Jake Bostwick fights Chris Fishgold and Danny Christie takes on Terry Brazier for a bloody good time.
S2, EP12 "Stewart vs Crowder"Kai Stewart takes on Rusty Crowder in Montana, then Josh Dyer fights the legendary Joe Riggs. Finally, the inaugural Strawweight fight for the division belt between Britain Hart Beltran and BKFC Thailand women's title holder Fani Peloumpi.
S2, EP11 "Ferea vs Starling & More"Jeremy Smith and Donald Sanchez get this episode started with a loud bang! Then watch John Dodson vs Ryan Benoit and Christine Ferea defend her flyweight belt for the first time against Taylor 'Killa Bee' Starling.
S2, EP10 "VanZant vs Sigala & More"Quickly rising bare knuckle star Connor Tierney takes on Joe Elmore followed by Paige VanZant vs Charisa Sigala, and Mike 'Platinum' Perry vs Michael 'Venom' Page.
S2, EP9 "Warren vs Escoboza & More"Up and comer Rynell Ryley faces off against first time bare knuckle brawler Heinrich Coorssen, then Jared Warren takes on JoMi Escoboza and Jarod Grant fights Reggie Barnett Jr.
S2, EP8 "Diaz vs Ricchi & More"Howard Davis fights Jimmie Rivera, followed by Uly Diaz vs Frandesco Ricchi in an epic battle between friends, and wraps up with the fight between Louis Palomino vs Elvin Brito for the welterweight title.
S2, EP7 "Belcher vs Tate & More"An exciting bare knuckle fight between Quentin Henry and Sawyer Depee opens up the show followed by Martin Brown vs Robbie Peralta and Alan Belcher challenges Frank Tate in Louisiana.
S2, EP6 "Dyer vs Cochrane & More"An incredible collection of fights featuring Carlos Trinidad-Snake vs Tyler Jacques, Ryan Braun vs Jett Jones, a fired up Houston Alexander taking the squared circle to Jay Fish, followed by a slugfest between Josh Dyer vs Dakota Cochrane.
S2, EP5 "Mundell vs Lane & More"The best of bare knuckle fighting featuring Jay Jackson vs Terry Janoski. Watch David Mundell vs Julian Lane, and Arnold Adams defend his heavyweight belt against Dillon Cleckler.
S2, EP4 "Hunt vs Riggs & More"Timmy Mason battles it out with Drew Angelcor, Louis Lopez goes toe to toe with Rusty Crowder, and Lorenzo Hunt defends his title against Joe Riggs.
S2, EP3 "Lilley vs Pellerano & More"Exceptional bare knuckle fights between Howard Davis and Josh Wright, Tom Shoaff vs Bruce Lutchmedial, James Lilley's first BKFC bout vs Adam Pellerano, and Frank Tate battles Joey Beltran.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2022
Genres: SportsTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (44 episodes)
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