Cracking the Code

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Cracking the CodeRevealing the greatest codes known to humanity and the brilliant minds that manage to solve them.
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S1, EP8 "The Human Code""The Human Code" reveals the rollercoaster ride of cracking humanity's most complex and important code, the Human Genome; unraveling its secrets pushes modern science to its very limits.
S1, EP7 "The Code That Won the Great War"An encrypted German telegram could save Britain in its darkest hour; a team of eccentric geniuses attempts to decode the message in time, even if revealing its contents may forever damage Britain's relationship with its ally, America.
S1, EP6 "The Cold War Code"America's top-secret team of codebreakers cracks the Soviet Union's unbreakable code to unmask spies at the very highest levels of government.
S1, EP5 "The Gang Code"Criminal gangs across the world use highly encrypted phones to stay under the radar; the police are always one step behind until a team of investigators works out how to turn the phones against the criminals and catch them red-handed.
S1, EP4 "The Lost Civilization"The deciphering of a mysterious ancient language and the unlocking its secrets is a 50-year obsessive journey that rewrites history.
S1, EP3 "The Japanese Super Code"A naval officer with a penchant for crosswords attempts stop the Japanese onslaught and turn the War in the Pacific in America's favor following the horror of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
S1, EP2 "The Killer Code"The desperate bid to break the complex coded messages of the Zodiac, America's most mysterious serial killer.
S1, EP1 "The Mob Code"Armed with just a pencil and paper, suburban mother Elizebeth Friedman cracks the codes that bring down the mob, save countless lives in World War II, and prevent a Nazi invasion of America.
Revealing the greatest codes known to humanity and the brilliant minds that manage to solve them.
Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2022
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: M 15+
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (8 episodes)
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