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Me & MickeyMickey Mouse invites preschoolers to laugh and play along as he talks about everyday topics; featuring silly games and challenges.
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EP10 "Nighty Night Routine"Time to get ready for bed! Join Mickey as he shares his nighttime routine, brushing his teeth, and doing some stretches at the end of his Mickey-riffic day.
EP30 "Getting Ready for a Camping Trip"Mickey and Minnie are getting ready for a camping trip and they need help packing snacks, sleeping bags, a first aid kit and a tent.
EP15 "Rainy Day Roar"It's raining outside and Mickey wants to spend the day doing arts and crafts; Mickey shares how to make a panda bear from different materials around the house.
EP48 "Winter Solstice"Celebrating the shortest day of the year; spending time outside in nature with Mickey and strolling through his backyard.
EP8 "Animal Adventure Challenge"Viewers help Mickey figure out what different animal sounds his communicator has recorded.
EP13 "Slime Time"Slime time arrives, and Mickey can't wait to play with slime; he mixes slimes together, adding charms and glitter and making it all go crunch.
EP13 "Super Silly Dance Party"Mickey shows some of his silly dance moves at a party.
EP35 "100 Things"Mickey shares what 100 pancakes, presents and birthday cakes look like.
EP27 "Birthday Cake"Mickey bakes a birthday cake, makes a birthday wish and blows out the candles.
EP20 "Mickey's Halloween Routine"Mickey shares his Halloween routine.
"May Day (Lei Day)"May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i; Mickey celebrates some of his favorite May Day traditions.
EP34 "Pirate Play"Helping Mickey captain his pirate ship and search the high seas for Minnie's hidden treasure.
EP52 "New Year's Eve"Mickey and Minnie say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year.
EP4 "Polka Dot Dance"Twist and jump along with Minnie and Mickey as they Polka Dot Dance the day away.
EP1 "Magic Show"Magican Mickey can't wait to perform a mystifying magic show.
EP35 "Snowman Fun"Joining Mickey and Minnie for some outdoor winter activities.
EP11 "Staring Contest With Mickey"A fun game involves keeping one's eyes on Mickey the longest and being ready for surprises.
EP26 "Birthday Boogie"Mickey plays and sings "Happy Birthday" on his musical birthday mat.
EP16 "Children's Day"Celebrating the Japanese holiday, Children's Day; Mickey shares some of his favorite traditions: mochi, carp streamers, and a special story.
EP40 "Birthday Painting"Mickey is trying to finish coloring Minnie's birthday painting, but he needs help finding his crayons and mixing colors together before she arrives.
EP22 "Mickey's Sandcastle"Enjoying the sound of the ocean waves and building a sandcastle with Mickey.
EP30 "Holiday Scavenger Hunt"Tis the season to help Mickey find items from some of his favorite winter holidays - Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, hidden around his home.
EP46 "Dreidel Play"Happy Hanukkah; Mickey shares some of his favorite Hanukkah traditions, including playing a fun game of dreidel.
EP2 "Jump Dance Wiggle Freeze"Mickey teaches the steps to his new favorite dance full of jumping, dancing and wiggling.
EP19 "Mickey's Train"Mickey is a co-engineer of his backyard train.
EP20 "Rubber Chicken Rescue"Mickey rescues the rubber chicken from the top of the slide.
EP32 "Music Mash Up"Mickey's band doesn't require instruments.
EP14 "Spot the Differences"Mickey needs help cleaning up his home; each time he cleans, Mickey takes before and after pictures of all the cleaned rooms, to try to spot all the differences.
EP8 "Farm Tour"Mickey shows some of his favorite farm animals.
EP10 "Backyard Garden Tour"Mickey plants his Earth Day seed and spends some time with flowers, bees and ladybugs on a garden-rific day.
EP23 "DIY Card Making"Today Mickey shares how to make a Thank You Card to show appreciation and a Birthday Card to celebrate someone's special day.
EP36 "Mickey's Favorite Halloween Moments"Mickey thinks Halloween is de-fright-ful; Mickey shares some of his favorite silly and spooky Halloween moments.
EP33 "Campfire Story"Mickey and Minnie tell a silly, spooky campfire story.
EP39 "Birthday Party Game"Mickey and Minnie play birthday games; there will be a birthday balloon game and dancing.
EP36 "Feeling Blue"Mickey has days when he feels sad, so he shares different things he does that help him feel better.
EP14 "Drawing With Mickey"Exploring one's creative and artistic side by drawing along with Mickey.
EP5 "Me & Mickey Music Video"Mickey makes a music video.
EP18 "Hide and Seek"Mickey and Minnie play a fun game of hide and seek.
EP6 "Music Makers"Mickey shows how to make music using the body.
EP24 "Vacation Routine"Mickey is getting ready for vacation and he could use help packing for his day at the beach.
EP9 "What's in Mickey's Backpack?"The first day of school is here; Mickey gets ready by taking breaths and packing his backpack to help make his first school day a Mickey-riffic one.
EP26 "Digging for Dinos"Join your Jurassic pal, Mickey, for a dino-rific search in his backyard.
EP3 "World of Color and Shapes"Mickey asks for help spotting different colors and shapes as he tries to find them all.
EP25 "Mickey's Surprise Room"Minnie is house sitting for Mickey and he leaves clues behind to find his new vlog room.
EP11 "Funny Camera Filters"Mickey plays pretend with funny filters on the camera; there are so many ways to play, like being a monkey, a pig or a rubber chicken.
EP3 "Lunar New Year"Celebrating Lunar New Year's with Mickey and sharing favorite foods and silly jokes; receiving a special surprise from Mickey.
EP18 "Good Morning Story"Mickey reads one of his favorite stories, "Bounce Bounce Ball," about Pluto and his special ball.
EP23 "Pillow Mountain"Mickey climbs his way to the top of Pillow Mountain for the best view of the glowing stars.
EP47 "Getting Ready to go Outside"Mickey needs help getting ready to go outside on a chilly day to play in the snow.
EP24 "Birthday Scavenger Hunt"Mickey needs help finding birthday gifts hidden around the house by his closest pals.
EP3 "Valentines Day DIY"Joining Mickey to celebrate Valentine's Day together by making a homemade Valentine's card and sharing a sweet treat.
EP29 "Thank-Fall"Mickey and Minnie have a thankful day full of fun.
EP21 "A Shark Story"Mickey shares the story of Zip, a shark who wants nothing more than to do a flip, but he doesn't know how.
EP28 "Birthday Tea Party"Mickey hosts a surprise birthday tea party for Minnie; everyone celebrates with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.
EP25 "Birthday Balloon"Mickey wants to surprise Minnie with a birthday balloon.
EP31 "Minnie and the Christmas Starfish"Mickey reads one of his favorite holiday stories, "Minnie and the Christmas Starfish."
EP51 "Reading a Watch"Mickey needs help learning how to count the numbers on his watch.
EP44 "Decorating For Christmas"Mickey decorates his Christmas tree with ornaments and counts down to turn on the Christmas lights.
EP41 "Diwali with Minnie"Mickey and Minnie are excited to share some of their favorite Diwali celebrations; tasty samosas, diya lights, a colorful rangoli and festive fireworks.
EP21 "Diwali"Oh joy! Mickey shares how he celebrates the festival of lights, Diwali, and needs your help your help to make it a bright and joyous day!
EP15 "Fashion Fun"Mickey and Minnie get ready for Donald's matching colors party.
EP12 "Playing With Bubbles"Mickey plays with bubbles.
EP1 "Mickey's Morning Routine"Mickey goes through his morning routine.
EP19 "Balloon Race"Two balloons are even better than one, and what's even better than that is a balloon race; Mickey and Minnie race their balloons through obstacles in the backyard.
EP1 "New Year"Mickey can't wait to celebrate New Year's; it's time to countdown, share a new goal and wish each other a Happy New Year.
EP2 "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"Dancing with Mickey to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes."
EP17 "Hot Diggity Halloween Tour"A sneak peek-a-boo tour of Mickey's Halloween decorations, as he gets his spooky and silly decorations ready before the gang arrives.
EP9 "Find a Rainbow Day"Coloring rainbows together with Mickey on Find a Rainbow Day and searching for the triple rainbow.
EP12 "What's in Mickey's Fridge?"Mickey reveals some of his favorite nutritious snacks and foods in his refrigerator.
Mickey Mouse invites preschoolers to laugh and play along as he talks about everyday topics; featuring silly games and challenges.
Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2022
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY
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