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Teen Mom: The Next ChapterThe casts of "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2" face the reality of parenthood at different stages.
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S1, EP34 "Reunion Part 2"The emotional reunion continues in part two as more moms join Nessa and Dr. Drew; Catelyn discusses the latest on the toxic fallout with her family, and "Teen Mom" fans weigh in with questions of their own; Dr. Drew has a one-on-one with Ryan.
S1, EP33 "Reunion Part 1"The moms sit down with Dr. Drew and Nessa; catching up on whether Ashley and Bar are still together, whether Jade's parents are still sober, and how Maci and Bentley are managing after Ryan's overdose; Leah opens up about the call with her dad.
S1, EP32 "Love Doesn't Go Away"Briana confronts Devoin after discovering he is gambling again; Maci attends Ryan's court hearing, while Jade's mom returns home from rehab; Cory returns, and he and Cheyenne tackle Ryder's questions about who she should call Dad.
S1, EP31 "High Hopes, Low Expectations"Catelynn and Tyler visit their daughter Carly who they placed for adoption 14 years ago but the visit takes a drastic turn.
S1, EP30 "I Don't Want to Be a Victim"Catelynn and Tyler are ecstatic when they find out they can see Carly, whom they placed for adoption 14 years ago, but family drama puts the visit on shaky ground; Leah revels in a new-found confidence following a pole fitness class.
S1, EP29 "Hurt People, Hurt People"Catelynn supports Tyler as he tackles the next step of his healing journey with a visit to the trailer he grew up in; Jade visits her dad in rehab; with Ryan in jail, Maci follows through on her promise to change.
S1, EP28 "My Biggest Heartbreak"Jade visits her mom in rehab and worries about her commitment to staying sober; Ryder has a difficult time with Cory away competing on The Challenge, so Cheyenne encourages her to talk to him about it.
S1, EP27 "Unbreakable"Ashley is left alone to care for Holly in Nevada when Bar learns he must serve two years of probation in California; Catelynn supports Tyler as he works on overcoming his childhood trauma; Leah and her daughters participate in a pride parade.
S1, EP26 "Six Is a Vibe"Cheyenne throws a groovy-themed birthday party for Ryder, and Jade and Briana come to Los Angeles to celebrate; Jade struggles to decide if she should visit her parents in rehab, and Cory breaks Ryder's heart when he leaves.
S1, EP25 "Tired of Playing Mama"Amber and Gary decide what precautions to take so their teenage daughter doesn't follow the same road; Ashley considers calling off the wedding; Briana is hopeful following therapy with Devoin but is blindsided when he goes to a strip club.
S1, EP24 "You Know the Stakes"Briana finds a suspicious lump in her underarm; Jade's parents leave for rehab while Cheyenne struggles with Ryder's sleep habits; Leah tries to help her dad get into rehab; Ashley is frustrated with Bar, who doesn't get his paperwork completed.
S1, EP23 "No White Flags"Catelynn is heartbroken when her family attacks her on social media; Sean plans a surprise for Jade; Zach and Bar discuss the beef between Cheyenne and Ashley; Maci is trying to be there for Ryan, but things take a turn when he gets arrested.
S1, EP22 "Playing With Fire"Jade and Cheyenne visit Briana and all eyes are on her and Devoin's relationship; the moms let loose, but drama between Ashley and Cheyenne takes center stage; Ryan tells Maci he is getting a divorce, and Maci tries to support him.
S1, EP21 "Strength Is a Mentality"Cory's daughter finally has her heart surgery; Cheyenne has a health scare with Ryder; Catelynn and Tyler have a talk with Nova about body safety and physical boundaries; Aliannah decides to write a book about her experience with muscular dystrophy.
S1, EP20 "Blood Moon"Catelynn and Tyler move into their new house; Maci has health issues that she thinks stem from her breast implants; Briana is overwhelmed when Devoin books a therapy session in Texas for them; Luis unexpectedly pops into see Stella.
S1, EP19 "Shooting Your Shot"Leah finds out that her ex-fiancé gave her a fake deed to their house; Brianna and Devoin go on a date; Ashley is worried that Bar won't complete his community service hours and will end up in jail for six years; Cheyenne sends Ryder to Michigan.
S1, EP18 "Who Raised You"Cate and Ty buy a new house; Jade shops for wedding dresses; Bri discovers Devoin's romantic feelings; Maci extends an olive branch to Ryan; Chey supports Cory and Taylor during their daughter's heart surgery.
S1, EP17 "Reunion Part 2"Leah discusses why she broke off her engagement; Amber expresses her anger at the court's custody decision; Cate details how she feels about her open adoption; Ashley and Bar explain his warrant that escalated to extradition.
S1, EP16 "Reunion Part 1"Emotions run high when Briana declines to sit with the rest of the moms on stage; Jade and Sean are happier than ever; Cheyenne and Zach give an update on his court proceedings; Dr. Drew encourages Devoin to get help for his gambling addiction.
S1, EP15 "Patient Love"Cheyenne throws her dream wedding; a car accident puts Ashley's and Holly's lives at risk; Briana gets stuck in Florida when Hurricane Ian derails her plans to travel to the wedding; Jaylan and Leah are not as happy as they should be.
S1, EP14 "Admit What You Have Done"Cheyenne realizes she forgot to buy Zach a ring with only days to spare before their wedding; Briana meets with Devoin's mom to discuss his gambling addiction but instead they end up fighting.
S1, EP13 "Pumping the Breaks"Briana breaks up with Bobby; Amber struggles with her new visitation schedule for her son; Cheyenne plans a romantic date with Zach before their wedding; Tyler seeks therapy to help him deal with the sexual abuse that he experienced as a child.
S1, EP12 "Beautiful Chaos"Amber goes to California to visit her son James; Sean feels pressure to get a job after looking at a wedding venue with Jade; Cheyenne tries to enjoy her bridal shower; Catelynn and Tyler celebrate 16 years together.
S1, EP11 "You're His Keeper"Briana's boyfriend Bobby comes to visit while Leah talks to her daughters about ways to be proactive since Roe v. Wade was overturned; Maci tries to educate her kids about anti-racism; Cheyenne is frustrated when Zach learns he may go to jail.
S1, EP10 "Co-parenting Rocks"Catelynn is hospitalized so Tyler is left juggling the three kids; Briana moves out of her mom's house; Amber is devastated and shocked with the state in which Andrew left her house; Jade is super emotional on Kloie's first day of school.
S1, EP9 "You Guys Mated"In light of the shootings in Uvalde, Maci talks to her kids about gun violence; Leah is ready to plan a pregnancy; Ashley, Bar & Holly move to Nevada; Catelynn is in shock when she has ot explain to Nova why she placed Carly up for adoption.
S1, EP8 "Welcome to Adulthood"Sean plans a weekend that will change Jade's life forever; Catelynn worries Vaeda has hearing issues; while Briana decides it's time to move out of her mom's house; the whole cast is in shock when Amber loses the custody battle for her son, James.
S1, EP7 "I'm Tired But I'm Fired Up"In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, Maci talks to Taylor about getting a vasectomy; Ashley wants to go to nursing school, but fears that the environment will hurt Bar's sobriety; Cheyenne is still dealing with the aftermath of the accident.
S1, EP6 "Teen Mom Sisters for Life"Catelynn invites all the moms to go on a glamping trip in Florida to celebrate Amber's birthday; Maci and Catelynn are surprised when Ashley doesn't go; the verdict on Amber's custody case with James still looms; Jade gets awkward vibes from Leah.
S1, EP5 "Make Good Choices"Cheyenne supports Cory as his newborn daughter Maya is born with a heart condition. Amber is officially done with her probation. Bentley wants social media but Maci worries about predators that lurk online. Briana gets a mental health diagnosis while Catelynn sets new boundaries with her mom and Tyler finally gets a vasectomy.
S1, EP4 "Your Body Your Choice"Leah moves into her new house and is willing to have a baby with Jaylan; Cheyenne & Zach look for a new house; Briana celebrates Stella's graduation.
S1, EP3 "Give Yourself a Little Slack"Briana plans a trip to see her estranged father; Cheyenne struggles with the aftermath of the shooting incident; Maci celebrates Bentley's 13th birthday and fears the bowling alley will trigger her PTSD; Catelynn has surgery.
S1, EP2 "You Go Do You"Catelynn's anxiety rises when she notices her daughter's head is flat on one side; Jade is nervous to meet Jenelle while Sean shops for an engagement ring; Briana's stress puts a toll on her mental health.
S1, EP1 "Wishful Thinking"Amber, Catelynn, Maci, Cheyenne, Leah, Briana, Ashley and Jade come together and start a group chat to stay in touch; Briana wins the lawsuit against a former cast member.
The casts of "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2" face the reality of parenthood at different stages.
Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2022
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: 12
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