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S2, EP8 "Guest House Glow Up"Jenni Yolo turns a rustic guest house into a colorful getaway by using a bold blue paint, concrete countertops, and incorporating two custom DIYs; inspired by her clients' love for the city, Jenni fills the space with plenty of Milwaukee charm.
S2, EP7 "A New Bedroom Before New Babies"Jenni Yolo elevates a bland bedroom into a terracotta haven and creates an office nook in her client's closet; designing a custom bed frame, showstopping light fixture and adding wallpaper, Jenni gives her clients a space they'll never want to leave.
S2, EP6 "Teenager's Dream Room"DIY expert Jenni Yolo and her husband David channel their inner teenager to create the ultimate hangout space for a 13-year-old; together, they push creative boundaries, remodeling two spaces separated by a secret door disguised as a bookcase.
S2, EP5 "A Bold New Kitchen for a Buddy"Jenni Yolo transforms a friend's kitchen to reflect his bold personality and Venezuelan heritage; the two create pottery together while the crew attempts something they've never tried before -- a method to marry backsplash tile and wall treatments.
S2, EP4 "Family Room Facelift"Jenni Yolo overhauls her nephew's living room, which is filled with a hodgepodge of design trends, to create a timeless space; using wallpaper, a chain-link gallery wall and faux-fireplace, Jenni gives him a warm and inviting place for his family.
S2, EP3 "Retro Kitchen Remodel"Jenni Yolo turns a young family's blank space kitchen into the bold kitchen of their dreams; she takes a risk with plum-colored cabinetry, checkerboard flooring and her most daring DIY yet.
S2, EP2 "Complementary Spaces"Jenni Yolo designs two rooms to give a family of four an office and play space they'll love; inspired by midcentury modern design, Jenni steps out of her comfort zone with a chevron ceiling, era-appropriate art and a custom designed wallpaper.
S2, EP1 "A Fresh Green Slate"Jenni Yolo is taking on a young couple's uninspired addition into a retreat-worthy guest room; by applying new techniques with limewash paint and installing a DIY laundry hanging rack, Jenni creates a jungle-like oasis in just three days.
S1, EP9 "A Modern Approach to a Victorian Design"In three days, Jenni Yolo helps a family turn their Victorian border house into a chic home where their kids can read, play and practice music, and she also gives them a bold entrance and library filled with rich colors and personalized art.
S1, EP8 "Making Space for Quality Time and Dining in"Jenni Yolo helps a young and busy couple make space in their new home, creating a traditional, formal dining room for sharing meals and spending time with their two young daughters and extended family.
S1, EP7 "Entertaining Again"After being isolated during most of the pandemic, a doctor and her wife are ready to entertain again; inspired by their love of wine and gardening, Jenni Yolo redesigns their kitchen to create a warm and inviting space.
S1, EP6 "Bachelor Pad in Need of a Bachelor Office"Jenni Yolo helps a young Milwaukee bachelor turn his house a home, transforming one of his spare bedrooms into a cozy, green office with beautiful hardwood floors to inspire him to pursue his photography career and music passions.
S1, EP5 "Caution Drop Zone Ahead"Jenni Yolo helps a couple turn their living room from a drop zone of junk and old furniture into a space where they can hang out together; inspired by an old wallpaper store, Jenni creates a fun and cozy room over the course of a weekend.
S1, EP4 "Two Worlds Apart"Jenni Yolo designs a living room for a couple of empty nesters with three adult children; she wants to create a space to celebrate their cultural backgrounds where they can continue to entertain friends and family.
S1, EP3 "Reclaiming Your Space"In three days, Jenni Yolo rescues a living room overrun by kids' toys using dramatic design choices and creative storage solutions; Jenni creates a custom fireplace for little money and a thrifty shopping trip yields an amazing find.
S1, EP2 "A Sister Act of Kindness"Jenni Yolo sets out to transform her younger sister's dark duplex kitchen in only three days; stepping outside her comfort zone in some areas, Jenni makes some bold design choices in hopes her sister is blown away.
S1, EP1 "A Bedroom Oasis"Jenni Yolo remodels her friends' bedroom into an oasis that provides an escape for the parents of four children; Jenni uses DIY-friendly techniques to transform the space including a custom wallpaper and a faux-denza.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2022
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