Shattered Hearts

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Shattered HeartsA look at doomed love triangles, controlling relationships and dangerous romantic obsessions that end in murder.
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S1, EP10 "A Cult of Personality"A devout Pentecostal woman falls under the spell of a narcissistic preacher until his abusive tactics break that spell, sending her on a mission to save her children from his sadistic wrath.
S1, EP9 "Electronic Witness"A transgender woman moves to North Tyler, Texas, hoping for a fresh start, but instead, she's shot four times in her car; police find her phone at the scene, which may prove to be the main witness in solving this case if they can guess the password.
S1, EP8 "Don't Marry Randy"Ten years after losing his second wife and divorcing his third, Randy Roth marries his fourth wife, Cynthia; Cynthia drowns while on a family getaway, turning Randy into either the unluckiest husband or a cold-blooded wife killer.
S1, EP7 "Twisted Prophet"Shy and religious, Netta McKoy finds love with an old crush, Pastor Peter Moses Jr; the pair decides to move in together, but several women already live in his house.
S1, EP6 "The Missing Gun"An Indiana man finds his girlfriend dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot; there is no gun at the scene; police suspect murder; as they investigate, they uncover a trail of dark secrets and deadly betrayals.
S1, EP5 "Frenemies"A pregnant woman's murder leads investigators through a convoluted labyrinth of bizarre conspiracy theories, betrayed friendships and a covert affair; when it all unravels, the truth proves to be far stranger than fiction.
S1, EP4 "Mother Knows Death"Lisa Carlson chafes at living on her in-laws' property in rural Washington; her husband always takes his mother's side, and money troubles plague the couple; Lisa ends up dead in a lewdly staged scene, and cops hope a recording will crack the case.
S1, EP3 "Chats, Cats, and Killers"A recently divorced woman's quest for love ends in horror when a coworker finds her dead at home; as police investigate, they learn that the victim was active in online chat rooms, opening up a worldwide web full of suspects.
S1, EP1 "Jealousy Kills"North Carolina college student Latrese Curtis's gruesome stabbing death spurs an investigation that reveals her secret double life and exposes a toxic environment of lies, jealousy and murderous rage.
A look at doomed love triangles, controlling relationships and dangerous romantic obsessions that end in murder.
Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2022
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1 seasons available on demand (9 episodes)
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