Won't Be Beat

S1, EP4 "Won't Be Beat"

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It's win or go home for the Polars in the state tournament; as the team looks toward a seemingly bright future, horrific tragedy strikes the North Minneapolis community; the neighborhood is searching for answers.

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2023 • Showtime East • 45m
Until We Can't Be Beat

S1, EP3 "Until We Can't Be Beat"

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Football and election season become intertwined as North High marches toward the championship; the coaches go on the offensive to defeat a vote to defund the Minneapolis Police Department; all eyes are on Election Day and the state tournament.

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2023 • Showtime East • 45m
We Get Better and Better

S1, EP2 "We Get Better and Better"

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The North High Polars try to redeem themselves after a heartbreaking loss; an upcoming vote threatens to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department; the season hangs by a thread; the coaches must stage a comeback on multiple fronts.

Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2023 • Showtime East • 43m
Day by Day

S1, EP1 "Day by Day"

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In the wake of George Floyd's murder, tensions run high in Minneapolis; at North High School, football coaches are working endlessly to earn a championship and keep their kids safe; they're all police officers.

Original Air Date: Jan 06, 2023 • Showtime East • 46m