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Getting Warmer with Kal PennActor and former White House aide Kal Penn explores solutions to the climate crisis with a dose of humor and optimism.
S1, EP1 "The Plastic Predicament"Kal Penn investigates the toxic relationship with plastic; in New Jersey, he meets Tom Szaky, whose company TerraCycle promises it can recycle things like cigarette butts and dirty diapers.
S1, EP2 "Cleaning Up Crypto"Kal Penn meets a self-proclaimed "crypto cowboy" in Texas who claims Bitcoin mining can help stabilize the state's troubled electrical grid.
S1, EP3 "How to Save a City"Protecting cities against increasingly extreme weather; from sea walls to oyster reefs, Kal Penn explores projects designed to protect New York City against the next Superstorm Sandy.
S1, EP4 "The Last Resorts"Kal Penn explores some of the more drastic Plan Bs aimed at fighting global warming or protecting populations from climate extremes; these include supercharging the oceans' ability to soak up CO2 and even managed retreat.
S1, EP5 "The Future of Water"Kal Penn explores how the western US can cope with a long-term megadrought and whether recycled wastewater is a solution to the world's limited water supplies.
S1, EP6 "How We Stay Cool"Kal Penn explores whether there's a sustainable way to meet the increasing demand for air conditioning and delves into the cost and benefit of the "cold chains," that keep food cold as it travels the globe.
S1, EP7 "Generation EV"Kal Penn travels to Nevada to visit the company building America's first closed-loop supply chain for electric vehicles and examines the industry's reliance upon a carbon-intensive supply chain.
S1, EP8 "Tackling Methane"Kal Penn explores the threat methane poses as it's released by everything from air conditioners to agriculture, and how strategies like regenerative agriculture can help tackle it.
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Actor and former White House aide Kal Penn explores solutions to the climate crisis with a dose of humor and optimism.
Original Air Date: Feb 1, 2023
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
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