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American PresidentsBrit Hume tells the story of the United States in 46 episodes, focusing on the men who served in the White House.
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S1, EP45 "Donald Trump"A wealthy businessman and television star wins the most shocking election since Dewey vs. Truman on the promise to reform immigration, ignite the economy and change the ways of Washington.
S1, EP44 "Barack Obama"America's first African American president comes to power with a failing economy at home and protracted war abroad.
S1, EP43 "George W. Bush"The winner of a legally contested election, just 9 months into his presidency, is faced with the deadliest attack on U.S. soil since WWII.
S1, EP42 "Bill Clinton"The 46-year-old former Arkansas governor and Rhodes scholar rides to victory by telling America, "it's the economy, stupid."
S1, EP41 "George H. W. Bush"The last American president to fight in World War II tries to keep "a shining city on upon a hill" lit with 1,000 points of light.
S1, EP40 "Ronald Reagan"Lookomg at a movie star turned president who was not taken seriously by the nation.
S1, EP39 "Jimmy Carter"Looking at a president who came face to face with inflation, the energy crisis and hostages in Iran.
S1, EP38 "Gerald Ford"The only president to never be elected tries to restore faith in the office.
S1, EP37 "Richard M. Nixon"After a successful first term and a landslide victory in his second election, Richard Nixon becomes the only U.S. president ever to resign.
S1, EP36 "Lyndon Baines Johnson"Taking over under the most dire of circumstances, Lyndon B. Johnson accomplishes far more than people expect.
S1, EP35 "John F. Kennedy"The first president born in the 20th century brings a sense of royalty to the White House but meets a tragic end.
S1, EP34 "Dwight D. Eisenhower"This war hero and general may be best remembered for the warning of his farewell Presidential address.
S1, EP33 "Harry Truman"Just 109 days after assuming office, Truman makes the most monumental military decision ever, but his true legacy may be how he guided America through the first years as a new world power.
S1, EP32 "Franklin Delano Roosevelt"Related to 11 former presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt tackles two of the greatest challenges in modern American history: World War II and the Great Depression.
S1, EP31 "Herbert Hoover"A wealthy businessman and former Secretary of Commerce is faced with America's greatest economic crisis.
S1, EP30 "Calvin Coolidge"Known as "Silent Cal."
S1, EP29 "Warren G. Harding"His campaign slogan, "Return to Normalcy," proved to be a success to a war-weary country.
S1, EP28 "Woodrow Wilson"A leader of the Progressive Movement.
S1, EP27 "William Howard Taft"He starts off as Teddy Roosevelt's right-hand-man, up until his actions lead Roosevelt to break a promise and run against him.
S1, EP26 "Theodore Roosevelt"An assassination leads to his presidency, where his greatest achievements will be in conservation.
S1, EP25 "William McKinley"The dominant political figure of his generation.
S1, EP24 "Grover Cleveland"In his second non-consecutive term, Cleveland saves the economic system during what would be known as the worst labor strife in U.S. history.
S1, EP23 "Benjamin Harrison"The last civil war general elected president goes on to enact the Sherman Antitrust Act.
S1, EP22 "Grover Cleveland"The First Democratic President since the Civil War will go on to be the only president in history to serve two non-consecutive terms.
S1, EP21 "Chester Alan Arthur"The assassination of President Garfield will lead Chester Alan Arthur to sign in The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act.
S1, EP20 "James A. Garfield"A battle between the stalwarts and half-breeds results in the death of the nation's new president.
S1, EP19 "Rutherford B Hayes"A candidate in one of the nation's most disputed elections wins the presidency and begins the efforts that lead to civil service reform.
S1, EP18 "Ulysses S. Grant"A war hero helps bring about the ratification of the 15th amendment.
S1, EP17 "Andrew Johnson"The first president to be impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act.
S1, EP16 "Abraham Lincoln"A lawyer who is known as the Great Emancipator.
S1, EP15 "James Buchanan"A bachelor throughout his entire presidency plays a role in the crash of 1857.
S1, EP14 "Franklin Pierce"From losing his son at the start of his term, to getting rejected by his own party, Franklin Pierce goes down in history as one of the worst presidents.
S1, EP13 "Millard Fillmore"An accidental president enforces the Fugitive Slave Law and signs on the compromise of 1850.
S1, EP12 "Zachary Taylor"A hero from the Mexican-American War goes on to be the nation's 12th president and has no political background.
S1, EP11 "James Polk"A slaveholder plays a major role in the expansion of U.S. territory through the Mexican-American War.
S1, EP10 "John Tyler"The first president born as a U.S. citizen embarks on his greatest achievement: the annexation of Texas.
S1, EP9 "William Henry Harrison"An American military officer's future becomes shorter than expected.
S1, EP8 "Martin Van Buren"Martin Van Buren is known as the architect of the modern Democratic Party, and he faces the global economic disaster in 1837 that his predecessor left for him.
S1, EP7 "Andrew Jackson"One of the most controversial presidents in the U.S. strengthens the power for all the American presidents with his dominating force.
S1, EP6 "John Quincy Adams"John Quincy Adams' accomplishments as president of the U.S. are few and far in between, but his future becomes bright once he loses his reelection.
S1, EP5 "James Monroe"James Monroe's presidency is known as the era of good feelings, but his greatest achievement is called the Monroe Doctrine.
S1, EP4 "James Madison"Known as the father of the constitution, Madison is forced to begin the War of 1812 with one political party on the line: the Federalists.
S1, EP3 "Thomas Jefferson"The primary author of the Declaration of Independence ends his disastrous presidency while risking the American economy to avoid war in France and Britain.
S1, EP2 "John Adams"A lawyer from Harvard who is leading the movement for independence struggles during his presidency to keep the U.S. out of war in France.
S1, EP1 "George Washington"America's first president faces a challenge larger than a British army starting a country.
Brit Hume tells the story of the United States in 46 episodes, focusing on the men who served in the White House.
Original Air Date: Feb 1, 2023
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