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Bossy BearOverly enthusiastic extrovert Bossy Bear and thoughtful introvert Turtle make the perfect team for navigating silly childhood adventures in their Koreatown-inspired city of Pleasantburg.
S1, EP28 "Ultra Shell Returns; Cham Cham Champion; Sing Your Voice Out"Ultra Shell and Wonder Bear make their triumphant return but struggle to help everyone in need; Bossy gets carried away when playing a new game; after losing his voice, Bossy must do the one thing he's terrible at, which is being quiet.
S1, EP29 "The Shiniest Shell; Match Set; Dad's Day Off"Turtle and Bossy keep Turtle's shell extra shiny for a photo; Bissy and Ginger twin for a day.
S1, EP30 "Bee Very Careful; Time Flies When You're Having No Fun; Toy Vs. Toy"Bossy is stung by a bee and decides that he's never leaving the house again.
S1, EP31 "The Worst Bad Day Ever; Chef Cindy's Kitchen; Deer Pressure"Bissy recruits Bossy and Turtle to help make Ginger's day better; Cindy's favorite toy is destroyed.
S1, EP27 "A Card Days Night; Boom Boom Super Regret; A Tight Squeeze"Bossy must learn to be less over the top when making cards for his friends; Bossy has an opportunity to trade away all of his toys for one of Chipper's new toys; Turtle worries he'll be the reason his team loses a relay race.
S1, EP26 "Candle With Care; Happy Froofenfröögle!; The Winter Gift Swap"After accidentally destroying the Hanukkiah, Ginger and friends try to fix it before the holiday begins; Bossy and friends bring a Reindeerlanden tradition to their friend Roller; Bossy tries to draw the best gift at the school's Winter Gift Swap.
S1, EP25 "Save the Planet; Keytar Allstar; The Adventures of Randy Rock"Bossy and Turtle team up to track down a littering culprit to save the planet; Bossy wants to play the keytar but quickly realizes practicing is a lot harder than he thought; Turtle struggles to have fun with a class project.
S1, EP24 "The Clean Team; The Thinkybubble Boxen; Bubble Bubble Bossy and Trouble"Bossy and Turtle teach Honey Bear how to work together on a cleanup team; when Chipper announces her move, her friends find a way to preserve their memories together; Bossy and Turtle blow the perfect bubble and try to keep it from popping.
S1, EP23 "By the Book; Antlerless; If the Boot Doesn't Fit"After Bossy loses Turtle's library book, Bossy must find it before Turtle has to pay the price; Bossy and Turtle try to help Roller regain his confidence after losing his antlers; Bossy outgrows a pair of boots, making him want to shrink.
S1, EP22 "President Bossy; Super Flock Snooze Fest; Commander Crumble"When Bossy runs for class president, he wins by making impossible promises; Bossy, Turtle and friends learn the consequences of staying up late; Bossy races to fix one of Turtle's accidentally broken toys before he finds out.
S1, EP21 "Battle of the Besties; When Lemons Give You a Mess; Do the Kite Thing"Bossy and Turtle learn how to compete against each other for a change; Bossy and Turtle learn how to open and run their first lemonade stand; Bossy tries to make a traditional kite on his own terms.
S1, EP19 "Pick and Chew; Mr. Bossy and Mr. Turtle; Dance Like Everyone's Watching"Bossy, Turtle, and Bissy are overwhelmed when Mom and Dad let them order at a pizza place; Miss Elky lets Bossy and Turtle take over for the day; Turtle is afraid to dance in front of a huge crowd.
S1, EP18 "Nightmare on Sweet Street; Monster Mess; Fall Bestival"Bossy struggles to tell his friends he's scared to trick-or-treat at a haunted house; Bossy and Bissy battle a monster-sized mess; Bossy and Turtle find themselves at the wrong fall festival.
S1, EP17 "Birthdaze; Squid 'n Play; Board to Tears"Bossy comes up with a plan to celebrate his birthday every day; Bossy and Turtle invited Saddiq to take part in International Bestie Day traditions; when Turtle gets a new skateboard, he grows too scared to use it when Bossy has an accident.
S1, EP16 "Lil' Kimchi King and Kween; Don't Go Miss Elky; Doctor Chipper"Turtle wants to win the Lil' Kimchi King & Kween Contest, but he squares up against Honey Bear; when Bossy believes Miss Elky plans to leave, he tries to convince her to stay; Bossy, Turtle, and Roller help her face a fear of real doctors.
S1, EP15 "Latke Lark; Game Plan; Hand Me Downer"Bossy and Turtle rush to win enough tickets for the biggest arcade prize; after Mom asks them to hand down a toy to Cindy, Bossy realizes it may not be that easy.
S1, EP14 "Dad's Big Surprise; Scout's Honor; The Magic Word"Bossy and Bissy try to make an errand day with their dad fun; Bossy and Turtle lead Miss Elky and others on a hike but refuse to ask for help; Mom reminds Bossy to use the magic word "please," but Bossy starts to use his new power all over town.
S1, EP4 "Bossy's Super Social Saturday; Center of a Tension; Cart-tastrophe"Bossy and Turtle agree to two parties at the same time and end up overcommitting themselves; Bossy and Turtle have their first sleepover; Bossy schemes for himself and Turtle to get new Boom Boom Super Satang cards.
Overly enthusiastic extrovert Bossy Bear and thoughtful introvert Turtle make the perfect team for navigating silly childhood adventures in their Koreatown-inspired city of Pleasantburg.
Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2023
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (14 episodes)
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