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Accomplice to Murder, With Vinnie Politan
S2, EP2 "FL v. Chavis & King - Groomed To Kill?"The confession by teenagers Alex and Derek King that they bludgeoned their father to death is called into question after the family friend who turned the boys in, Ricky Chavis, is revealed to be a pedophile who wanted Alex to himself.
S1, EP2 "FL v. Gutierrez"Paula Gutierrez fell in love as a teen with Nestor 'Chino' de Jesus; his manipulative and abusive behavior turned their romance into a nightmare that ended with Paula facing life in prison for a murder that she didn't commit.
S2, EP6 "KY v. Monroe - Bourbon, Bullets, And Betrayal"Vicki and Gerald Monroe's dream of owning and operating a Louisville bar together came to a tragic end when Vicki found her husband shot dead and the cash register emptied in an apparent robbery.
S2, EP5 "GA v. Crowder & Stanton - The Tomato Patch Murder"Sixty-four-year-old Thurman Martin ruled his family with an iron fist, brutally beating anyone who dared stand up to his emotional and physical abuse. Then one day he vanished, his family telling police he'd left with just a few changes of clothing.
S2, EP3 "GA v. Neuman - Death At Daycare"Although Hemy Neuman is on trial for executing Rusty Sneiderman in the parking lot of his son's daycare, the prosecution turns on their star witness, Rusty's wife Andrea, who they suspect to be the real mastermind behind her husband's death.
S1, EP3 "MS v. Edmonds"Tyler Edmonds was just thirteen when he confessed to helping his half-sister Kristi Fulgham kill her husband, Joey; did he really commit murder, or was he just one more in a long line of men that Kristi had manipulated to do her bidding?
S2, EP1 "TX v. Lopez - Faith No More"The prosecution claims Darrin Lopez executed Jamie Faith to be with high school sweetheart Jennifer Faith, with whom he had an online BDSM affair; the defense argues Jennifer exploited Darrin's trust and PTSD.
S2, EP4 "FL v. Trexler - The Hairdresser, The Hitman, And The Grandmother"The cold-blooded murder of Ron Stovall - chased down and executed inside his own home - had all the signs of a mob hit. After a criminal with alleged ties to organized crime was arrested with the murder weapon, police thought they had their man.
S1, EP7 "FL v. Leppert"Toby Lowry and his 15-year-old girlfriend Morgan Leppert murder an elderly disabled man.
S1, EP6 "OH v. Jenkins"Tonica Jenkins has a talent for manipulating people to get what she wanted.
S2, EP7 "FL v. Malarik - The Winn Dixie Murder"When Sherri Malarik was found dead in a Winn Dixie parking lot, police suspected her husband Greg was involved. But it would take twenty years & the confession of his accomplice & former lover Jennifer Spohn before he was finally charged with murder.
S1, EP5 "SC v. Poole"After her husband Brent was murdered, Renée Poole's multiple affairs and secret life as a stripper makes her the main suspect in his death.
S1, EP4 "SC v. Robertson"Investigators compared the gruesome scene of Earl and Terry Robertson's death to that of the Charles Manson murders; how the quiet and mild-mannered Meredith Moon became an accomplice to one of South Carolina's most horrific crimes.
S1, EP9 "GA v. Duke"Former Miss Georgia contestant Tara Grinstead vanished without a trace in 2005; Ryan Duke, the man arrested for her murder over a decade later, may have been manipulated into confessing by an accomplice who better fits the profile of a killer.
S1, EP10 "OH v. Wagner"Eight people from the same family are shot execution style as they sleep; the investigation uncovers a plot involving an entire household and leading to the trial of the only person from that family who says had nothing to do with it.
S1, EP8 "TX v. Dillingham"Kristi Koslow's relationship with her stepmother Caren and her father Jack Koslow is strained.
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Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2023
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
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