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Mark Rober's RevengineersFormer NASA engineer and current Apple engineer Mark Rober and his team take down the morally impaired with traps.
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S1, EP8 "Reckless Driver Revenge"Rober and team take on reckless drivers by unleashing a police robot targeting double parkers; they take their revenge to the next level by catching distracted drivers in the act and revealing them on the jumbotron at an NHL hockey game.
S1, EP7 "Fast Food and the Furious"The Revengineers get shocking revenge on inconsiderate fast food patrons by pseudo-electrifying cars that park in electric vehicle spots; they deploy a fake drive-through menu that raises prices on customers slow to order.
S1, EP6 "Attack of the Cell Foes"Mark and The Revengineers target rude phone zombies with pranks that exact payback on loud-cell talkers and inattentive text walkers.
S1, EP5 "Bike Thief Showdown"Mark tackles bike theft by challenging the Revengineers to a competition to see who can build the ultimate, unstealable revenge bike; the team hits the city streets to watch wannabe thieves try to make off with the booby-trapped bikes.
S1, EP4 "Office Creeps"Mark and team seek revenge on self-centered office workers by rigging the ultimate non-smoking area; they pay back office workers for rude elevator etiquette by taking them on the wildest and stinkiest ride of their lives.
S1, EP3 "Potty Fouls"Mark and The Revengineers target hygiene violators with a high-tech, remote-controlled wash station that shows no mercy; they give lazy dog walkers a taste of their stinky medicine when they fail to pick up after their dogs.
S1, EP2 "Movie Monsters"Mark and The Revengineers make movie night great again when they target rude theater-goers who disrupt the film on their cellphones; they target lazy patrons with their ruthless trashbot if they fail to throw away trash properly.
S1, EP1 "Attention Bad Shoppers"Mark and the Revengineers exact sweet revenge on inconsiderate shoppers who over-indulge on free samples at a booby-trapped farmers' market stand; they set loose a fleet of robotic shopping carts on lazy cart returners at a local grocery store.
Former NASA engineer and current Apple engineer Mark Rober and his team take down the morally impaired with traps.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2023
Genres: ComedyRealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (8 episodes)
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