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Nick NewsA platform to inform and inspire young people by highlighting their voices in conversation as they address the most current national and global events.
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S4, EP2 "Crumbling Schools; New Orleans Marching Band; 3D-Printed Limbs; Soap of Hope; Uploads"Exploring the state of America's schools; New Orleans marching band; HS students create prosthetic limbs; a treatment for skin cancer.
S4, EP1 "Ads; Jump Rope Champions; 8th Grade Quarterback; Tech Sports & Uploads""Nick News" takes a deep dive into the world of advertising; World Jump Rope Championship; meeting the eighth grade female quarterback; looking at tech advancements in sports; uploads: kids in their own words.
S3, EP11 "Nick News Rewind ... Season 2023"Updates on some of the stories covered in 2023.
S3, EP10 "Christmas Traditions; Kids Paying It Forward; Racecar Phenom; Uploads"A look at the origins of Christmas traditions; kids do community service; meeting the youngest stock car driver racing with the pros; a visit to Sneaker Con.
S3, EP9 "Astrology; Climate Migration; Maui; Dog Surfing; Uploads"The resilient kids of Maui, Hawaii, after the August wildfires; the World Dog Surfing Competition; how a robot cooks a turkey; a deep dive into the origins of astrology; exoskeletons and uploads.
S3, EP8 "Migrants; Halloween; Ghost hunters & Uploads"Reporting on young migrants seeking a better life; activist kids; the origins of monsters; ghost hunters and technology.
S3, EP7 "Aliens; Space Camp; Hottest Summer; Uploads"Reporting on UFO sightings; a look at Space Camp's most famous graduate; analyzing the hottest summer '23 and the effects of extreme heat on kids' lives; plus Uploads: kids in their own words.
S3, EP6 "Oddly Satisfying; Rollercoasters; Sharks; Smithsonian's Attic; Friendship"Analyzing oddly satisfying videos; looking at why roller coasters can be therapeutic.
S3, EP5 "Inflation; Climate Trials; Robots; Teen Rodeo Girl"A deep dive into inflation; kids sue Montana for not keeping its word on protecting the environment; LGBTQ+ kids in their own words and a teen rodeo girl.
S3, EP4 "Social Media Ban; Tech Solutions to Housing; 1st Gen Families; Sean Does Magic""Nick News" reports on the banning of TikTok in Montana; looks at a group of kids choosing flip phones over smart phones and ditching social media; a look at tech solutions to housing; first generation Americans.
S3, EP2 "Alternative Learning; Kid Candids; AI: Pros & Cons; 7-Year-Old Sprinter"A student-run school in Massachusetts with candid testimonials from kids about daily life in school in America; AI: the good and the bad; Dakota White, the nation's fastest 7-year-old.
S3, EP1 "Food: Present and Future; Kid Candids; Misinformation & STEM"Discussing food insecurity and possible solutions; testimonials from kids across America about being a kid; a deep dive into deep fakes and misinformation in the media; STEM advocate, Temple Lester.
A platform to inform and inspire young people by highlighting their voices in conversation as they address the most current national and global events.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2021
Genres: Kids/FamilyNews/TalkTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (12 episodes)
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