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Masha's Karaoke and Songs
S1, EP31 "Cheerful Carnival"
S1, EP33 "About the Old Times"
S1, EP2 "Song of Animal Tracks"
S1, EP3 "Song of Jams"
S1, EP4 "Song of Friendship"
S1, EP5 "Song of Three Wishes"
S1, EP6 "Song of Skates"
S1, EP7 "Song About Cleanliness"
S1, EP8 "Song About Lonely Holiday"
S1, EP9 "Song of Hiccups"
S1, EP10 "Song of a Young Artist"
S1, EP11 "Coming Home"
S1, EP12 "Sweet Tooth's Song"
S1, EP13 "Song of Beauty"
S1, EP14 "Happy Birthday"
S1, EP15 "Like a Film"
S1, EP16 "Song of Past and Future"
S1, EP17 "Lullaby"
S1, EP18 "Mashketeers's Song"
S1, EP19 "Seven Musical Notes"
S1, EP20 "Song of Young Astronauts"
S1, EP21 "Monkey Around"
S1, EP22 "Aria 1"
S1, EP23 "Aria 2"
S1, EP24 "Song of World's Words"
S1, EP25 "Song of Funny, Sunny Life"
S1, EP26 "The Big Hike Song"
S1, EP27 "Mushroom Rain Song"
S1, EP28 "Snowmen 1"
S1, EP29 "Snowmen 2"
S1 "Masha's Santa Lucia"
S1 "Masha's Rigoletto"
S1 "All This Is Germany"
S1, EP30 "Hold on Paris"
S1, EP32 "Japanese Song"
S1, EP34 "Chinese New Year"
S1, EP35 "It's All Spain"
S1, EP36 "Everything Will Be Ok"
S1, EP37 "Fairytale East"
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Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2023
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY
Playback: HD
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