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Fairly OddParents: A New WishWhen 10-year-old Hazel Wells tries to run away from home, she finds out her weird neighbors, Cosmo and Wanda, are fairy godparents in disguise.
S1, EP9 "Lost and Founder's Day Pt. 1 & 2"Dev's dad, tech magnate, Dale Dimmadome creates an app designed to track kids wish energy at the annual Founder's Day Festival, but Hazel is showing up as an anomaly thanks to Cosmo and Wanda; Dev is caught in the cent.
S1 "Work Her Magic"Fed up with Angela's work life imbalance, Hazel wishes she could be her mom's assistant in order to spend more time with her.
S1 "Battle of the Dimmsonian"With Dev's new fairy granting wishes, Hazel and Dev battle it out dueling wish-style during a spooky night at the museum.
S1 "A Date to Remember"Hazel must out-matchmake Cupid himself or her parents' memories will be erased forever.
"The Treble With Rivals"Hazel accidentally erases music from the earth when she awakens a rivalry between the school band and orchestra.
"Dig a Little Deeper"Hazel wishes to be a geologist, but finds herself in hot magma with a civilization of subterranean rock monsters.
"Operation Birthday Takeback Pt. 1 & 2"When Vicky takes over Dev's birthday party as part of her personal money-making scheme, Hazel stages a Home Alone-style takedown to save the day. Cosmo, Wanda, and Peri discover Dev's dad has been investigating Hazel.
"The Haunting of Wells House"After several paranormal incidents in the Wells Home, Marcus investigates using his fancy devices and doodads.
S1, EP8 "Peace of Pizza; A New Development"Dev refuses to participate in Kindness Day at school, so Hazel summons a few intergalactic diplomats to keep the peace; Hazel must work with her nemesis, Dev, on a class project and discovers a softer side to the meanest kid in school.
S1, EP7 "Prime Meridian Love; Stanky Danky"Hazel rewrites the book when she wishes the main character from her favorite Manga graphic novel into the real world; Hazel befriends a walking, talking, dumpster named Danky after learning about humans harmful effects on the environment.
S1, EP6 "Weird Science; Mystery She Wished"When Hazel's science project doesn't work Cosmo and Wanda to alter the laws of science; Hazel wishes she could solve the mystery of the missing landlady.
S1, EP5 "28 Puddings Later; Trial and Hair-ror"When Hazel tries to make Pudding Day at school fair for everyone, she accidentally starts a pudding apocalypse; When Hazel wishes her hair had spirit for a school contest, she finds it has more personality than she bargained for.
S1 "Cookie's Court"After losing Hazel to Cosmo and Wanda during the Wish Trials, Cookie returns for revenge.
When 10-year-old Hazel Wells tries to run away from home, she finds out her weird neighbors, Cosmo and Wanda, are fairy godparents in disguise.
Original Air Date: May 21, 2024
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (5 episodes)
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