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FrosinoneItalian Serie B SoccerFrosinone Calcio, commonly known as Frosinone, is a professional football team based in Frosinone, Italy. Founded in 1912, the club has a long and storied history in Italian football. Frosinone boasts a successful track record in various football leagues. In recent years, the team has primarily competed in Serie B, the second-highest tier of Italian football. However, they have also experienced periods in Serie A, the top-flight division in Italy. Throughout its existence, Frosinone has enjoyed several notable achievements. In the 2014-2015 season, under the management of coach Roberto Stellone, the team secured promotion to Serie A for the first time in its history. This achievement marked a significant milestone for the club and garnered national attention. In terms of stadium infrastructure, Frosinone plays its home matches at the Stadio Benito Stirpe, which has a seating capacity of over 16,000 spectators. The stadium provides a vibrant atmosphere for both players and fans. Frosinone's colors are yellow and sky blue, which are reflected in their team logo and kit. The club's nickname, "Ciociari," refers to the region of Lazio where Frosinone is located. Over the years, Frosinone has attracted a dedicated fan base that passionately supports their team. The club has fostered rivalries with other regional teams, creating an intense and exciting atmosphere during local derbies. With a rich history and a strong presence in Italian football, Frosinone Calcio continues to strive for success on the pitch. Their commitment to excellence and determination to reach new heights make them a respected force in Italian football. Keywords: Frosinone Calcio, Frosinone, Serie B, Serie A, Stadio Benito Stirpe, Ciociari, Italian football, Roberto Stellone, Lazio, yellow and sky blue.