How to Watch American Idol on fuboTV
The indelible Katy Perry stars in the 19th season of the staple American Idol airing on Valentine's Day on ABC. JAMES ROSS/EPA

About the only thing about the last twenty years has been the consistency of Ryan Seacrest and Tom Brady on our television screens. Of course the former has been on every season of American Idol launching his career into so many other platforms. The later has been in every Super Bowl ever. (Might have to fact check that last bit of information.) Like the NFL championship, this show has become such an American institution. But even though it still feels crazy to say that the show is headed into its 19th season.

What TV Channel is American Idol Season 19 on?

The season premiere of American Idol will be shown on ABC at 6:30 p.m. ET. You can live stream NFL Games on fuboTV.

How to Watch American Idol on fuboTV

When: Sunday, February 14
Time: 8 p.m. ET
Live Stream: fuboTV (watch American Idol free with fuboTV)

By then Brady only had one Super Bowl ring. Now he has seven. Forgive us for the sports analogies. That is our bread and butter but if we do say so ourselves, the best thing about fuboTV on top of the most sports streaming in the market, there is an entertainment offering so everyone on the couch can watch their favorites. That's including locals so you don't have to miss the debut of Idol on ABC. Cupid's got nothing on these Valentine's Day plans.

This is the fourth season that the show has moved to ABC, airing originally on FOX. The cast from those seasons is back including one of the best to ever do it pop queen herself Katy Perry, pioneering funk and R&B legend of the Commodores and brilliant solo work Lionel Richie, and country superstar Luke Bryan. It's difficult to get a larger cross section of the music industry but American Idol has done it by bringing Bobby Jones back as a full-time mentor.

Last season started like usual but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it ended with a virtual showdown resulting in a win by Just Sam who sang a stirring rendition of Andra Day's "Rise Up." While the singers performed from their homes from the Top 20 to the finale last season, this season will proceed like usual with of course all of the safety protocols. Don't let anybody fool you by being surprised that this show is not a cultural force anymore. Sure it might not be reaching the 30 million plus viewers a night but it is still close to 10 which can compete well with any show on television.

Some of the performances to look forward to from the early previews of this season are from Claudia Conway who is the daughter of former counselor to the previous administration Kellyanne Conway. In her audition, Claudia talks about her upbringing in a political family and how music has been a constant in her life. Another highlight was 17-year-old Kentuckian Alex Miller who was an obvious delight to Luke Bryan and he sounds like he could hold down the any country hall with his bluesy twang that goes well beyond his years. Tune in with your Valentine this Sunday to witness more amazing talent that this show has consistently brought us going into almost two decades on the air.