Looking for the best live TV service?

Compare Fubo & cable on price, features, channels, and add-ons to see which is better for you.

Compare Fubo vs. Cable TV

Here’s a general look at both to help you determine which is the best live TV service for you.

Channel Count
None required
Cable box required
Cancellation Policy
Flexible, no fee
Fee varies with contract
Local Broadcast Channels
Yes, at no extra charge
Yes, with broadcast TV fee
Starting Price
*Prices may vary with taxes and fees. Price for average cable is based on the average cost of the base plans for 5 major cable companies, Cox Communications, Dish Network, Optimum, Spectrum and Xfinity, and includes the average broadcast TV fee and rental cost of a single set-top box.

Pros and Cons: Fubo vs. Cable

Cable is the staple of the industry, so the pros and cons are pretty well-known already. Fubo is considered one of the top cable replacement options today. It can compete with cable's channel lineup and still offers the significant savings and unique flexibility of a streaming service.

Fubo is a premium product for streaming and costs a lot less overall vs. cable TV. Fubo plans are loaded with live channels (at least 185 live channels) and quality features. It’s worth noting, Fubo has a lot of channels included in their most affordable plan, and many of those channels are among the most-watched channels of 2023. Fubo also includes the local broadcast for ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in most markets without an additional broadcast TV charge, a hidden fee commonly found on a cable TV bill. One of the biggest benefits with Fubo over a cable TV provider is their flexibility. Since there are no contracts or long-term commitments, you can change your plan, add or drop upgrades, or cancel anytime without a financial penalty.

The biggest gripe with cable TV has always been its pricing structure. Standalone pricing for live TV is usually difficult to decipher and oftentimes shrouded within complicated bundles of unwanted benefits or sales prices with contractual obligations. Most cable providers forcefully funnel new customers into a multi-year contract for a bundle service with phone lines, a fixed internet speed, a narrow channel lineup and other unavoidable features with fees. This doesn’t even get into setup costs and frustrations like cable box rentals and installation charges.

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Compare Fubo vs. Cable

Let’s take a look at the differences between the popular Fubo Pro plan and a cable company’s average base plan.

PlanPro planbase plan
Live Channels185+156+
Base Plan Price$79.99$74.40*
Average broadcast TV fee$0$18.37
Average equipment rental cost$0$7.43/mo. per device
No installation fee
Free trial
No cancellation fee
Regional sports networks
*Average cost of the base plans for 5 major cable companies, Cox Communications, Dish Network, Optimum, Spectrum and Xfinity.

Compare Fubo Pro Channels vs. Basic Cable Plan

There are a lot of overall similarities between Fubo channel lineup and your average cable channel lineup. This chart compares which networks are available in the Fubo Pro plan vs a cable company’s average base plan. Note, this is a very general outlook since availability varies with each cable company.

* Regional restrictions apply. Prices may vary with taxes and fees.

Complete Channel Comparison

See how the live channel lineups compare between Fubo Pro plan and a cable company’s average base plan.

When it comes to comparing the overall channel lineup for Fubo and your average basic cable plan, it can be hard to tell the two apart. Fubo has a lot of the same channels you can get with cable at a very comparable price. The biggest difference has to be how the channels are distributed across plans, specifically for the Fubo Pro plan vs your average basic cable plan.

When it comes to overall channels, the Fubo Pro plan definitely delivers a lot of popular TV channels, especially for sports. Fubo includes sports networks like NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network, TUDN, and others right in their base plan. Popular sports channels like these usually find themselves in more expensive, higher-tier plans with cable services. This base plan access makes Fubo a top destination for users looking for better coverage of top sports, specifically for the NFL, college football, and major soccer leagues. With Disney XD, Nick Jr., Freeform, and others also included in their base plan, Fubo has a great channel lineup for families without needing a special plan or add-on.

The average cable TV lineup obviously varies with the provider in your area. However, there are a few consistencies across most providers. For example, most providers have a Broadcast TV fee for access to the local ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC broadcast channels in your area. It’s very rare to find a basic cable plan that includes NFL Network, Big Ten Network or CBS Sports Network, forcing most customers into a sports add-on or more expensive plan. Most major cable providers do at least have the WarnerMedia networks. The average basic cable plan also rarely includes complementary channels for specific types of entertainment. For example, you can easily get Disney Channel with a basic plan. However, if you want Disney Junior too, you’ll need to pay for a premium upgrade.

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  • Starting at 185+ live channels
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Space
  • Up to 10 simultaneous streams
  • Monthly price: $79.99-$99.99*

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*Up to date as of 6/8/2023
Average prices and fees for the cable providers are cited from Cabletv.com.