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Compare Fubo & Philo on price, features, channels and add-ons to see which is better for you.

Compare Fubo vs. Philo

Here’s a general look at both to help you determine which is the best streaming service for you.

Channel Count
Available Content
Sports & entertainment
Simultaneous Streams
Up to 10
Starting Price
*Prices may vary with taxes and fees.

Pros and Cons: Fubo vs. Philo

When talking specifically about finding a live TV streaming service to replace traditional cable TV, Fubo is the better option between these two. The Fubo channel count and content is closer to what you’d see from a traditional cable package, only much more affordable. Philo, on the other hand, does offer a unique option to cord cutters looking for a cable alternative. However, the product is very limited, doesn’t offer much customization and heavily relies on being cheaper as its primary feature.

Fubo is a more premium product with a price tag to match. Fubo plans are loaded with live channels (at least 185 live channels) and innovative features. If you were to compare the channels available on Fubo vs. Philo, the Fubo channel lineup is far superior with both their entertainment and sports content. Fubo also offers a lot of customization through multiple plans and add-on options. Plus, Fubo has an extensive video-on-demand library. While most streaming services have VOD content, Fubo has more than 40,000 TV shows and movies available via VOD each month as well as 55,000 live sporting events on the platform annually.

Philo is a unique option for cord cutters. It’s got just one cheap plan with a small channel count of somewhat niche but bingeable programming. It even has a few high-demand channels among its selection but is missing a lot of the key channels you’d expect to see from cable TV or a cable replacement streaming service. With only three add-ons to choose from, Philo doesn't have a lot of ways to customize your TV plan. Philo feels like a streaming service for cord cutters who want to watch TV but don’t really care about what they’re watching.

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Compare Fubo Pro plan vs. Philo

Let’s take a look at the differences between the popular Fubo Pro plan and a basic Philo account.

PlanPro planBase
Channels185+ channels70 channels
Monthly Price$79.99$25
Add-ons Available233
Free TrialYesYes
Multiple active streamsUp to 10Up to 3
Regional sports networks
Streaming from any device

Compare Fubo Channels vs. Philo Channels

While channel lineups can be adjusted, this channel comparison chart focuses on what’s available among the most-watched channels from 2023 in the Fubo Pro plan vs. a basic Philo account.

* Regional restrictions apply. Prices may vary with taxes and fees.

Complete Channel Comparison

See how the live channel lineups compare between Fubo Pro and a basic Philo account.

When comparing channel lineups for Fubo and Philo, there are far more differences than similarities. Fubo offers a wider variety of channels with live sports, top TV shows, popular movies and news coverage. Philo is definitely more focused on delivering a smaller lineup with very bingeable content. The big difference comes down to what fits your needs and the needs of your household.

The live channel lineup for Fubo is far more complete. Not only do they have 185+ live channels, they also have a majority of the most-watched channels from the past year. They have tons of live sports, including coverage for football, soccer, baseball, basketball and more. Plus, Fubo has popular news networks like FOX News Channel and MSNBC as well as popular entertainment channels like ION, FX, Hallmark Channel and USA Network.

The channel lineup for Philo is so much smaller and includes a lot of specialty networks. Philo doesn’t offer any major sports coverage. They’re also missing every major broadcast network like CBS and ABC, which means Philo users don’t have access to major primetime, daytime, or late-night shows. The biggest perk with Philo really does come down to the price. At $25 per month, are entertainment channels like Nickelodeon, MTV, Hallmark Channel, and a few others good enough value?

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  • Starting at 185+ live channels
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Space
  • Up to 10 simultaneous streams
  • Monthly price: $79.99-$99.99*

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*Up to date as of 6/8/2023