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Storm HuntersMark Robinson takes on some of the most dangerous storms ever captured on film.
EP9 "Ultimate Risk"Mark, George and a team of scientists explore the world's largest and most active lava lake.
EP10 "Uphill Battle"Mark battles a fever while attempting to fulfil a childhood dream.
EP1 "Tornado Terror"The hunters encounter a unpredictable tornado on their last day.
EP2 "Nature's Fury"The hunter's trip through Tornado Alley during a busy season.
EP14 "Peak Intensity"Mark hikes Mount Washington and battles one of the most dangerous mountains in the world at its peak intensity.
EP6 "1,000 Year Storm"The Witches of November, cold powerful storms, rip across the Great Lakes.
EP2 "Shear Strength"Mark and his team chase tornadoes in Canada.
EP21 "Landfall!"Jaclyn experiences her first category four tropical storm, Hurricane Matthew.
EP7 "The Fires of Fort McMurray"A year after a record number of deadly twisters in Tornado Alley, Mark and Jaclyn return to the midwest in search of more extreme storms.
EP23 "Blizzard 2016"A white monster charges up the Eastern Seaboard, and 80 million citizens are in its path; Mark battles the forces about to overwhelm heavily populated places in America.
EP12 "Lake of Fire"George encounters deadly wildlife and challenging elements before descending into Marum Volcano in the South Pacific.
EP27 "Polar Quest"Mark and Jaclyn visit the Arctic to learn about its inhabitants and hopefully meet a polar bear.
EP3 "Shifting Winds"Mark and Jaclyn make their annual trek to Tornado Alley and this time they are looking for more than severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. They also want answers as to whether Climate Change is causing changes to Tornado Alley.
EP22 "Hurricane Havoc"Jaclyn and Mark join George Kourounis on a journey to Nepal where they witness the devastation by the 2015 earthquake and see the reconstruction efforts.
EP20 "Fight or Flight"After an exhaustive chase through Tornado Alley, the team is forced to make a decision.
EP4 "Outbreak: Part 1"The team breaks their own records on a tornado chase.
EP5 "Outbreak: Part 2"The team follows a supercell thunderstorm.
EP1 "The Height of Ruin"Jaclyn and Mark join adventurer George Kourounis on a journey to Nepal.
EP5 "The Best of Storm Hunters"Chases and risks revisited.
EP11 "Heartache & Hope"Mark and Jaclyn research the 2013 EF5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma.
EP19 "True North Strong"The team chases avalanches in B.C., twisters in Saskatchewan and hurricane scale storms in Newfoundland.
EP17 "Too Close for Comfort"The team winds up a little too close to the danger zone during a chase.
EP1 "Ferocity in Florida"Mark and Jaclyn prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew in Florida.
EP18 "Knowing the Enemy"Jaclyn and Mark track down ferocious weather in the hope of learning more about the hidden forces in the skies.
EP2 "Height of Ruin Part 2"While in Nepal, observing the impact of the 2015 earthquake, the Stormhunters get news that takes their trip to the next level; they contend with mountainous terrain, bad weather and altitude sickness in their quest to see Earth's highest mountain.
EP8 "Dangerous Waters"Mark braves the North Atlantic Ocean during lobster fishing season.
EP15 "Into the Core"One year after witnessing a record number of deadly twisters in Tornado Alley, Mark & Jaclyn return to the Midwest in search of more extreme storms. The hunt challenges their relationship with Mother Nature, as well as with each other.
EP3 "Monster Hurricanes"Hunters head into destructive and deadly hurricanes.
EP16 "Perilous Pursuit"Mark and Jaclyn encounter destructive tornadoes and ferocious winds when pursuing extreme weather.
EP24 "Relentless Winter"Mark and Jaclyn chase extreme winter weather as Nor'easters with hurricane-force wind gusts and record snowfalls hammer Atlantic Canada.
Mark Robinson takes on some of the most dangerous storms ever captured on film.
Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2013
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Playback: HD
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