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Real World/Road Rules Challenge"Real World" and "Road Rules" alumni compete.
S23, EP12 "Operation Desert Scorn"The top three teams participate in the final in Namibia; two teams deal with weak links.
S24, EP1 "Rumble in the Jungle"Rivals arrive in Thailand; rookies cause trouble in the form of fights and hookups; one competitor must return home early.
S24, EP2 "New Girl"The rivals compete in a sexy challenge; one of the newbies freaks out when a hookup does not go as planned.
S24, EP3 "The Dark Knight Rises"A competitor explores his sexuality, and is mocked for it; veteran players fight, possibly prompting an early departure.
S24, EP4 "Mortuusequusphobia"A competitor's ex starts flirting with another, prompting a ketchup attack; a dangerous elimination.
S24, EP5 "What the Phuket?!"Homesick, a frustrated challenger lashes out; a voting mistake sends a hookup into elimination.
S24, EP6 "Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve"Competitors reveal their true feelings about each other, creating tension; a team's trustworthiness is questioned.
S24, EP7 "Crossing Jordan"Frank lashes out at Jordan, causing an uproar; a flirtation leads to a surprise hook-up; teams must trust each other.
S24, EP8 "Thrilla in Camila"A team is pushed by exes; a deliberations vote breaks an alliance; a player's motives are questioned.
S24, EP9 "Diemnesia"CT and Diem's romance ignites; the final guys challenge starts a war of intimidation among Johnny, Wes and CT.
S24, EP10 "True Colors"The losing female teams are desperate to secure their places in the final; Diem learns she has been manipulated.
S24, EP11 "Final Destination"The ladies work hard in the last elimination challenge; TJ throws a curve ball before the final.
S24, EP12 "The Island of Misfit Challengers"The teams must leave the luxury of the yacht to battle obstacles on Nightmare Island.
S25, EP1 "Live Free or Die"Competitors arrive in South America to find they are playing individual games.
S25, EP2 "Love in the Fast Lane"Close friends fight after a night of celebration; a budding romance ends.
S25, EP3 "The Thumbsucker"The house celebrates a fake wedding between contestants; a player is sent home before the bar crawl challenge.
S25, EP4 "Inadequate"A contestant's ego creates tension in the house; competitors go head-to-head.
S25, EP5 "Stripes"A rope swinging challenge is difficult for competitors; veterans are sent into eliminations.
S25, EP6 "Not So Trivial Pursuits"Tension rises between stubborn veterans and a confident rookie; the ultimate trivia test.
S25, EP7 "Pride Before the Wall"A rivalry comes to a head; a competitor attempts to pull off a move that is either bold or boneheaded.
S25, EP8 "Strike a Pose, There's Something to It"A challenger's hookup is revealed and an alternate romance is jeopardized by elimination votes.
S25, EP9 "Best Friends for Never"A friendship breaks apart as the game intensifies; a competitor suffers an injury.
S25, EP10 "Talk to the Hand"Two tough females are pitted against each other in an epic elimination round.
S25, EP11 "The $350,000 Pyramid"The players face another elimination in Chile before the final; the challenge begins in rough rapids.
S25, EP12 "A Walk in the Clouds"The final competitors are pushed to their limits on an active volcano.
S26, EP1 "Where Is the Love?"Contestants learn they will be competing against their exes; new flirtations cause jealous tendencies.
S26, EP2 "I Will Always Hate You"There is a budding romance in the house; tensions rise between veteren teams; a pair who cannot get over the past struggles to work together.
S26, EP3 "Love Sick"Diem's condition forces her and CT to leave the game; past rivalries resurface; veteran teams are in the hot seat.
S26, EP4 "Crazy Stupid Love"There are surprising hook-ups after a scandalous night out; one player has unrequited feelings of love for her partner.
S26, EP5 "Love, Sweat, and Tears"The ongoing feud between two power couples reaches a climax at eliminations, thereby causing strife in the house.
S26, EP6 "Love Hurts"A difficult challenge shakes things up for the exes; one couple reaches their boiling point; a player's reputation may hinder their game.
S26, EP7 "That's the Way Love Goes"The teams' confidence unravels after enduring a stressful trivia test; a power couple makes a risky move during nominations.
S26, EP8 "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"The teams must jump from fast-moving semi-trucks; a veteran couple attempts to manipulate the other teams to ensure their safety.
S26, EP9 "Total Eclipse of the Heart"The "Battle of the Ex-iled" reigning champions are revealed, and drama erupts, changing the dynamics of the game.
S26, EP10 "Lovers in the Dark"The first night time challenge brings the teams to new heights; a power couple tears apart their alliance.
S26, EP11 "Bye Bye, Love"As the teams travel to Norway, one player lashes out so badly, they may be sent home before the last elimination.
S26, EP13 "The Greatest Love of All"The remaining teams embark on the two-day final in an effort to win the prize money; contestants face brutal obstacles.
S27, EP1 "There Will Be Blood"The cast arrives in Turkey, and learns they will be competing alongside their families; a scandalous hookup occurs; brothers clash.
S27, EP2 "Bad Blood"Players must face their fears; one team begins to crack under the pressure; personal attacks lead to an emotional meltdown.
S27, EP3 "Camilanator: Judgement Day"A shocking twist changes the whole game; two players end up in the hospital following a dangerous challenge.
S27, EP4 "Corneesa"Cara Maria's ex enters the game with his brother; a veteran confronts her rookie hookup, and hears difficult confessions.
S27, EP5 "A House Divided"The divide between the veterans and a team of rookies comes to a head; KellyAnne's allegiance sets another veteran off and their insults cross the line.
S27, EP6 "Dirty Little Secret"One team's performance falls apart when they fail to communicate during the challenge; Bananas pulls a jaw-dropping move that makes the entire house question his loyalty.
S23, EP9 "The Chronicles of Nanyia"Two teams break down during a deep-diving competition; the entire house is involved in a brawl.
S23, EP10 "A Woman Scorned"Teams do anything they can to secure a spot in the finals.
S23, EP11 "I Like to Move It, Move It"The final four teams fight for a spot in the Final Challenge in Namibia.
S39, EP22 "Battle for a New Champion: Countdown Begins"TJ sets his sights on the next generation of Challenge Contenders who all have competed before but are to yet to claim victory; getting to know the contenders as they spend the night before battle.
S39, EP21 "Reunion Part 2"There was no shortage of betrayals, backstabbing and blindsiding this season.
S39, EP20 "Battle for a New Champion: Reunion Part 1"The battle is over and now it's time for phase four - closure; Maria Menounos returns to uncover what went down behind the scenes of this season's chaos.
S39, EP19 "Battle for a New Champion: Only One Gets the Crown"The final six contenders compete for a place amongst the most esteemed competitors.
S39, EP18 "Battle for a New Champion: The Beginning of the End"The final seven contenders enter the Final, where they must face the three levels of the game again.
S39, EP17 "Battle For a New Champion: Feel the Bern"The remaining contenders fight to secure their chance to become the next Challenge Champion.
S39, EP16 "Battle For a New Champion: Family Knows Best"A chaotic selection divides the house, forcing one contender to choose between their closest allies.
S39, EP15 "Battle For a New Champion: Welcome to Conquest"The game intensifies as the contenders enter a new phase, leading to shocking new twists.
S39, EP14 "Battle For a New Champion: Don't Let TJ Decide"The end of Chaos is near and with alliances on the brink of collapse, a grueling minifinal awaits.
S39, EP13 "Battle For a New Champion: El Saboteur"Chaos continues as a new alliance threatens to shift the power dynamics in the house.
S39, EP12 "Battle For a New Champion: A Legend Returns"A contender finds they are on the outs in their alliance as another tries to change a power dynamic.
S39, EP11 "Battle for a New Champion: My Own Worst Frenemy"One contender is shocked when their so-called alliance nominates them for elimination.
S39, EP10 "Battle for a New Champion: Feeling Used"The contenders soar to new heights in a sky-high challenge, with an outcome that makes one contender question their alliance; a decorated champion brings the heat in the elimination.
S39, EP9 "Battle For a New Champion: A Banana Split"Cracks in the alliances show themselves as one contender works to flip the house vote.
S39, EP8 "Battle for a New Champion: Struggling to Hold It Together"A rigorous and exhausting challenge sees one contender give their blood, sweat and tears for the win; an intense night out finds a contender in the firing line after another reaches their boiling point.
S39, EP7 "Battle for a New Champion: So Flip Floppy"In a move of desperation, one contender tries to prove his loyalty to his alliance by betraying his other friends; love is in the air as one of the couples take their relationship to a new level.
S39, EP6 "Battle for a New Champion: The Big Mistake"Head on down to your local bingo hall because we're playing BINGO - Challenge Style. Contenders get down and dirty, and tensions mount as they wrestle for power. Another Champ enters, hoping to end one Contender's dream and stea.
S39, EP5 "Battle for a New Champion: Countdown to Chaos"The game is flipped upside down as contenders learn they have to face challenge champions in the arena; one contender worries that a member of her own alliance is after her.
S39, EP4 "Battle for a New Champion: I'm Coming Out"A water challenge tests the contenders' swimming abilities; one contender celebrates her truth and coming out to her fellow contenders, while another struggles with temptation in the house.
S39, EP3 "Battle for a New Champion: It's A Matter of Semantics"After betraying their alliance, one contender does damage control; love is in the air as two contenders get to know each other; an argument disrupts the house, putting two contenders in the spotlight for the house vote.
S39, EP2 "Battle for a New Champion: Two Lungs, One Heart, Can't Lose"The contenders go out on a limb, and some are left hanging as they continue to work together; with a house divided by nations, lines are beginning to be drawn; one contender hopes their allegiances will keep them safe.
S39, EP1 "Battle for a New Champion: Teamwork Makes The Perfect Work"After a wet and wild night in the arena, the contenders learn that they will have to play together as a team; relationships form as they move into the house.
S38, EP21 "Ride or Dies: Reunion Part 2"The Ride or Dies settle unfinished business; a familiar face makes a surprise appearance.
S38, EP20 "Ride or Dies: Reunion Part 1"Maria Menounos is back and so are the dreaded daggers.
S38, EP19 "Ride or Dies: The End of the Ride"A brutal final elimination sends one pair out of the game just before the last push of the final.
S38, EP18 "Ride or Dies: The Hours"An injury threatens one pair's fate in the game, a gruesome feast brings out the competitive eater in one player and the tensions between a Ride or Die pair leads to an explosive argument.
S38, EP17 "Ride or Dies: Riders on the Storm"With four pairs of Ride or Dies remaining, TJ reveals the shocking details of their grueling 100-hour final challenge; Nany and Bananas struggle to communicate efficiently, putting them at risk.
S38, EP16 "Ride or Dies: Friends or Froze"With the final challenge quickly approaching, players worry that they have let a champion skate by for far too long; the winning pair is conflicted on which team they should nominate for elimination.
S38, EP15 "Ride or Dies: Knot a Problem"The remaining pairs hoping to earn their spot back in the game must face off in a classic Challenge elimination. Ride or Dies must quickly readjust to a change in the game. One pair of Ride or Dies makes a risky decision.
S38, EP14 "Ride or Dies: Terrorist of Love"A nighttime challenge terrifies the challengers; Jordan and Tori's volatile relationship reaches a breaking point; TJ stuns the players with a twist they never saw coming.
S38, EP13 "Ride or Dies: Blind Faith"Nany and Kaycee struggle with being on opposite teams; one player faces consequences after burning her vote instead of trying to protect her Ride or Die at all costs.
S38, EP12 "Ride or Dies: Frenemy of the State"After multiple losses, one team realizes that they must come together to win; after losing his Ride or Die in the last elimination, one player feels vulnerable to danger while another player must count on their Ride or Die.
S38, EP11 "Ride or Dies: Nelly: Ride (or Die) Wit Me"Nelson finds himself frustrated, powerless, and paranoid that he has no voice on his team; Nurys worries that her relationship with Jordan will alienate Tori and place a target on her back; TJ's favorite challenge sends the players spinning out.
S38, EP10 "Ride or Dies: Dancing on My Own"With the "Ride or Dies" now on opposite teams, friendship and loyalty are put to the ultimate test; a high-adrenaline challenge will separate the lions from the scaredy cats.
S38, EP9 "Ride or Dies: Split Decision"The challengers make it to the halfway point and TJ stuns them with a game-changing twist; Tori and Jordan's complicated relationship is thrown for a loop when one catches feelings for another player; winning power tears a pair apart.
S38, EP8 "Ride or Dies: Born to Ride or Die"After a season of big moves, one pair of "Ride or Dies" finds themselves in the crosshairs of numerous teams; one player must choose between new love, old friendship, and playing a smart game.
S38, EP7 "Ride or Dies: Deep Web"The political game intensifies as a web of deception causes problems for one crafty player; the Peaking Blinders challenge puts brainpower and endurance to the test; a blindside leads to a shocking elimination round.
S38, EP6 "Ride or Dies: Come Michele or High Water"Michele and Jay find themselves in the hot seat after making controversial decisions; they hope for a win to survive; one player finds out that the man she was interested in has a girlfriend at home; she seeks comfort with someone else.
S38, EP5 "Ride or Dies: Get Rich or Ride or Die Tryin'"A budding friendship is torn apart by betrayal; one player fears that she has made an enemy out of badass Laurel; Veronica reminds everyone why she is a dangerous force in the game.
S38, EP4 "Ride or Dies: O'liv'n on the Edge"A terrifying challenge is a must-win for a pair after their public betrayal paints a target on their backs; at-risk players plot with the winning pair to keep themselves safe.
S38, EP3 "Ride or Dies: A Bumpy Ride"Strength and endurance are tested at the Build Me Up challenge; Tori and Jordan try to make sense of their breakup; one player stumbles into messy territory when he flirts with multiple women; a Double Decker Hall Brawl stuns everyone.
S38, EP2 "Ride or Dies: Friend or Faux"A duo joins the game and shakes things up; Tori gets candid about her mental health; the players compete in a balancing act; Turbo holds on to old grudges while making new ones.
S38, EP1 "Ride or Dies: Don't Die for Me Argentina"The competition begins as a romantic rendezvous creates a love triangle; a cocky competitor makes enemies; a mole is revealed.
S38 "Ride or Dies: Ready to Ride"Three teams of veterans scope out the competition; T.J. Lavin offers a sneak peek.
"Real World" and "Road Rules" alumni compete.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 1997
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (44 episodes)
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