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SnappedEach episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases. A staple of Oxygen, "Snapped" has been airing since 2004 and has inspired spin-offs "Snapped: Killer Couples" and "Snapped: She Made Me Do It."
S26, EP19 "Helen Frazier"When an apparent slam-dunk murder investigation becomes muddied by convoluted stories, police discover their star witness is much closer to the murderer than they were initially led to believe.
S33 "Lennie Paul Tracey"When an eight-year feud between neighbors in Santa Clarita, Calif., ends in a violent confrontation that leaves one man dead, detectives investigate if the shooting was a tragic case of mistaken identity or a calculated murder plot.
S33, EP7 "Neal Zumberge"A feud between neighbors in the quiet suburb of New Brighton, Minn., turns deadly when one man's passion for local wildlife drives his neighbor to snap; investigators must determine whether the shooter acted out of self-defense or bitter revenge.
S33, EP6 "Joe Campbell"Serenity in the Montana mountains is shattered when a man is shot to death on his neighbor's land; detectives learn of an escalating dispute over trail access and reenact the shooting to discover if claims of self-defense match the evidence.
S33, EP5 "Betty Kirk"When a beloved Florida mother is found brutally shot to death and her newborn missing, investigators race against the clock to track down a mysterious visitor whose motives prove sinister.
S33, EP4 "Lisa Suter"Missouri police are called to the home of a prominent judge's daughter to find her husband dead on the couch; while the crime scene suggests a break-in, investigators uncover evidence of a scandalous murder plot driven by greed.
S33, EP3 "Susan Polk"Updates to an episode with new details and interviews; the son of a wealthy psychologist finds his father murdered and points the finger at his mother; investigators delve into the marriage, revealing darkness hidden behind a facade.
S33, EP2 "Betty Wilson"Analyzing the investigation into the gruesome murder of an esteemed Southern doctor; an anonymous tip leads police to uncover a pattern of lust, greed and a complex dynamic between twin sisters.
S33, EP1 "Bryan Miller"When two young women are brutally murdered in Phoenix, friends and family wait decades for answers; when advancements in DNA reinvigorate the case, police discover the killer has been hiding in plain sight.
S32, EP26 "Eric Christensen"When a beloved woman goes missing in Everett, Wash., police find that her apartment was the scene of a violent attack; unable to find her, investigators are led to a coven of modern-day wiccans and one witness who reveals the horrifying truth.
S32, EP25 "Amber Burch"When two men disappear in the quiet community of Clemmons, N.C., rumors swirl about a devil-worshipping couple and their house of horrors; an investigation leads police to discover there may be more than secrets buried in the backyard.
S32, EP24 "Darryl Williams"Halloween turns into a real-life horror movie when a single mother is gunned down on her way home from trick-or-treating by a costumed killer in Florida; detectives uncover an unexpected witness that helps reveal the monster behind the mask.
S32, EP23 "Michael Thomas"When a loving father is shot to death in front of his home by a masked gunman on Halloween night, Los Angeles Police must follow the evidence to determine whether this was a case of holiday hijinks gone awry or something far more sinister.
S32, EP22 "Kimmi Hardy"When an Iowa mother and her newborn son are reported missing, police race against time to rescue the pair and stop a maniacal woman from enacting a dangerous plan.
S32, EP21 "Sarah Andry"Rumors spread through a small town in Indiana after a well-known resident is found dead in his home after hosting a party; authorities investigate accusations from the partygoers to expose how a toxic love triangle turned deadly.
S32, EP20 "Cathie Grigsby"Coastal Texas is thrown into shock when a beloved retiree is found executed in his home; an unlikely witness comes forward and leads investigators to uncover a malicious murder plot.
S32, EP19 "Vanessa Cameron"After the body of a young San Antonio man is found dumped in a local cemetery, investigators retrace the victim's steps to untangle a web of deceit that begins with a heartless woman.
S32, EP18 "Tikisha Upshaw"When a beloved father and driven entrepreneur is fatally shot at a busy California intersection, authorities discover a recent business venture that led one partnership to turn deadly.
S32, EP17 "Doris Carlson"After responding to a frantic 911 call from a care-facility nurse who has discovered her patient with severe stab wounds and clinging to life, police receive an unexpected tip that reveals a group of killers inspired by greed.
S32, EP16 "Cheryl Lucero"After a demolition derby driver is found gunned down in his California auto shop, police uncover a dangerous love match that leads one woman to commit the ultimate crime.
S32, EP15 "Lulu Sosa"When Texas authorities learn of a murder-for-hire plot against an acclaimed boxer, they must devise an undercover sting operation and race against the clock to save his life and expose the remorseless mastermind.
S32, EP14 "Rosa Medina"A family demands answers when the body of an Arizona woman is discovered in a remote area of Texas; evidence left behind leads investigators to unravel a web of deceit until a shocking confession reveals the true mastermind.
S32, EP13 "Mary Bowles"When human remains are discovered by road workers in West Virginia, a decades-old missing person's case is reopened and investigators are left to unravel an extensive history of scams and violence, leading them to a malicious con-woman.
S32, EP12 "Candy Jo Webb"After skeletal remains are uncovered at a makeshift dumpsite in Fort Sumner, N.M., investigators are left to untangle a complicated family history that reveals the callous truth behind what happened.
S32, EP11 "Falicia Blakely"After three Atlanta men are gunned down in the span of three days, detectives connect the murders to two exotic dancers; knowing only their stage names, investigators race to find the women and uncover the motive behind this devastating crime spree.
S32, EP10 "Lynlee Renick"When a renowned Missouri snake breeder is discovered in a pool of blood, investigators believe his death was caused by one of his snakes; however, shocking evidence is found on scene, launching a homicide investigation that unveils a sinister plot.
S32, EP9 "Linda Leedom"When a local EMT dies in a suspicious house fire in Mississippi, investigators work for two years to expose the mastermind behind her death and uncover a greedy scheme from an unlikely source.
S32, EP8 "Patricia McMillion"After a welfare check is called in on a 53-year-old Texas man, police soon discover him shot to death in a Louisiana swamp that's 450 miles from his home; detectives devise a sting operation to track down his killer and reveal a vengeful murder plot.
S32, EP6 "Priscilla Bradford"When a prominent Florida optometrist is bludgeoned to death in his home, Melbourne police must investigate claims of self-defense; the evidence trail leads them to a young witness who reveals a wicked murder plot.
S32, EP5 "Connie Brown"After the bloody slaying of two men in rural South Carolina, a witness comes forward with information implicating her own family, leaving police to uncover if blood really is thicker than water.
S32, EP4 "Colleen Harris"California police receive a bizarre 911 call from an attorney who informs them of a death but won't share more details; an eerie feeling of déjà vu covers the investigation when detectives learn the details of a 30-year-old case in the same home.
S32, EP3 "Denice Smith"Crosby, Tenn., is shocked when a beloved father and pastor is found dead outside a ransacked house; police question if this was a robbery gone wrong until an unexpected witness comes forward to reveal the disturbing truth.
S32, EP2 "Judith Nix"After a loving father is found dead in the bedroom of his Oklahoma home by his ex-wife, Broken Arrow police must unpack a complex family dynamic and a loyalty based on greed in order to get answers.
S32, EP1 "Martha Beatty"Police believe that a dependable Florida man left town of his own volition when he fails to show up for work, but as years go by, town rumors lead police to unearth a gruesome crime.
S31, EP26 "Kimberly Bailey"A prominent private investigator is reported missing after he fails to return from a business trip; when the case goes cold, a former Russian spy assists the FBI in a sting operation to uncover the truth behind his disappearance.
S31, EP25 "Georgina Misener"After what appears to be a fatal road rage incident, authorities in Clifton, Ariz., follow a trail of recovered text messages that suggest this was no random attack, but instead a cold-blooded murder.
S31, EP24 "Barbara Holder"A Texas woman discovers her husband's brutally stabbed body in their ransacked home and police suspect he was the victim of a robbery gone wrong, but the investigation reveals a torrid love affair.
S31, EP23 "Donna Arroyo"When a loving father is gunned down in upstate New York, a hunt for the gunman crosses state lines; as several suspects are brought in, investigators must determine who's telling the truth to reveal the mastermind.
S31, EP22 "Kathryn Sinkevitch"Investigators follow a surveillance trail to uncover the events that led to the death of an Arizona man, who is shot in his garage before he is able to read the results of a paternity test.
S31, EP21 "Aria Armstead"A 32-year-old man vanishes in Fort Meyers, Fla., and police quickly link an abandoned, blood soaked vehicle to his case, but investigators must determine if this missing man is a victim or killer.
S31, EP19 "Hilma Marie Witte"Years after a beloved father is accidentally shot in his home, the family matriarch mysteriously vanishes; as a second investigation launches, a shocking confession reveals a family secret about how far a son is willing to go for his mother.
S31, EP18 "Purdie Clark"Texas Rangers are brought in to investigate the most recent death when a San Angelo, Texas, woman loses three romantic partners in the span of three years.
S31, EP17 "Judy Naylor"A 62-year-old man bails his stepdaughter out of jail for attempted murder and is soon found dead, but investigators learn his death may not be what it seems.
S31, EP16 "Sherra Wright"When a professional basketball star is gunned down in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn., the case goes cold for nearly a decade; after a new team of investigators takes over, it uncovers the missing murder weapon and a mastermind close to home court.
S31, EP15 "Teresa Kohnle"When a beloved family man dies in a house fire, his wife and children must grapple with his unexpected loss.
S31, EP14 "Amber Andrews"A loving father agrees to give his ex-wife a chance to reconcile; when his loved ones can't reach him, an unexpected tip is brought to Oklahoma police that uncovers a toxic love triangle and horrific crime scene.
S31, EP13 "Sheila LaBarre"Police follow a lead in a missing persons investigation to a 115-acre farm, unearthing the site of a gruesome crime and a seductive killer that will go down in New Hampshire history.
S31, EP12 "April Quick"After a small-town man is found shot to death at a Missouri roadside park, the evidence trail leads detectives further into the man's complicated past where they uncover a wicked plot that no one saw coming.
S31, EP11 "Kimberly Kessler"When a beloved mother goes missing on her birthday, detectives are faced with several possible suspects before focusing on a co-worker with a shocking past who will do anything to hide their true identity.
S31, EP10 "Irenia Cotner"After a mother and son are brutally attacked during a home invasion, Illinois police chase down several leads; they uncover a shocking motive with an occult leader and her loyal followers at the center of the crime.
S31, EP9 "Carter Cervantez"An early morning apartment fire in Fort Worth, Texas, sparks a murder investigation when a young woman's body is found beaten and bound inside; detectives quickly work to solve the case and uncover an elaborate plot fueled by revenge and greed.
S31, EP8 "Rebecca Barker"A general store owner in Rusk, Texas, calls 911 and makes a harrowing confession, but as detectives dig deeper, they discover a disturbing pattern making them rethink the motivation behind the crime.
S31, EP7 "Willa Blanc"A retired nuclear physicist is reported missing and investigators discover he lived a reclusive life fueled by paranoia, but as detectives race to find him, they begin to wonder whether his fears were unfounded or if his worst nightmare came true.
S31, EP6 "Angel Sawyer"After a local antique shop owner is murdered in a seemingly random home invasion, North Carolina police discover there is more to the story when a web of lies and infidelity are revealed.
S31, EP5 "Susan Gigliotti"After gunshots ring out in rural New Jersey, police discover a beloved father shot to death and a vehicle taken from the premises; investigators must determine if this is a random act of violence or a murder plot spun from an ongoing dispute.
S31, EP4 "Angelina Hamrick"After an Air Force recruiter is found dead in a ditch near his Ohio home, authorities chase down several leads until the case culminates with a sting operation worthy of an international spy drama.
S31, EP3 "Joann Peterson"When a father in Spokane, Wash., is found shot to death in his vehicle, detectives work for years to unmask a vicious killer who isn't afraid to silence witnesses; they eventually uncover a long-kept family secret that breaks the case wide open.
S31, EP2 "Catherina Voss"A picture-perfect Navy family is shattered when the father is found shot to death after returning home from deployment; detectives are led to believe the crime is a tragic coincidence until a dark plan devised from lust and greed comes to light.
S31, EP1 "Shirley Nelson"When a prominent Santa Rosa, Calif., couple is found gunned down at the offices of one of the world's most popular cartoons, detectives are left to untangle the inner workings of a decades-long marriage.
S30, EP26 "Sheila Aidoo"When two Ghanian immigrants are discovered murdered in their upscale Maryland home, police are confronted with bizarre evidence that motivates them to take a closer look at the mystifying rituals of voodoo.
S30, EP25 "Angela McGraw-Hester"Investigators in Gresham, Ore., are left with a gruesome crime scene, an assailant on the loose and a missing child after the victim of a stabbing is able to call 911 in a last attempt to save her own life.
S30, EP24 "Karen Coleman"After the burned body of a local man is found in rural Missouri, the homicide goes unsolved for nearly two decades until a twisted murder plot is brought to light.
S30, EP23 "Patty James"Wilton Manors, Fla., investigators search for motives after a beloved father is found strangled and battered in his driveway, until an unsuspected confession reveals a complex web of deceit.
S30, EP21 "Patricia Brown"Robbery seems to be a plausible motive when a North Carolina man is found shot to death in a roadside ditch, but the case remains cold for years until a mysterious letter reveals a more sinister motive than anyone could have imagined.
S30, EP19 "Gloria Aiken"After leads dry up in a missing person case, detectives in Ennis,Texas, discover a severed body part at a nearby lake; after confirming the DNA match, they begin to uncover the rippling relationship that led to the death of a beloved father.
S30, EP18 "Priscilla Matula"Authorities are puzzled when a beloved Georgia grandmother is shot execution style, but as the investigation unfolds, a once close-knit family turns against itself.
S30, EP17 "Shelly Harmon"The body of a teen is found at a local party spot and theories surrounding her death spread, but the case goes cold for 30 years, until the investigation heats back up.
S30, EP16 "Marlene Johnson"When a beloved woman in North Carolina is found stabbed to death in her own home, investigators uncover an unnerving history of harassment carried out by a killer blinded by jealousy.
S30, EP15 "Candy Montgomery"Investigators work to uncover the truth behind a local church scandal in order to pin down a most unlikely suspect after a young Texas teacher is found axed to death on Friday the 13th.
S30, EP13 "Sheila Graham-Trott"After a psychic dream leads detectives in Florida to the body of a missing nurse, the ensuing investigation uncovers a series of brutal betrayals exposing a vengeful killer fueled by jealousy.
S30, EP12 "Melanie Eam"The investigation of a young gamer's murder begins with his mother's heartbreaking 911 call but when detectives find a clue inside evidence left at the crime scene, the case turns into a multi-state search for a heartbroken suspect.
S30, EP11 "Lisa Dolph Hostetter"When a young woman is found mysteriously gunned down off a remote highway, Michigan detectives look into the victim's past for answers, uncovering a scandalous web of infidelity and betrayal.
S30, EP10 "Anne Plue Gates"The murder of an Arabi, La., man forces authorities to examine every possible lead as they eventually learn their prime suspect is closely tied to an open cold case in Indiana.
S30, EP7 "Daisy Gutierrez"A haunting text message leaves the family of a missing young man desperate for answers; as Chicago detectives work through multiple theories, they eventually unearth the shocking truth to his sudden disappearance.
S30, EP6 "Lori Isenberg"The search for a missing boater on Lake Coeur d'Alene turns sinister after a local newspaper uncovers a shocking story, forcing residents of the peaceful lake town to question their neighbors.
S30, EP5 "Theresa Ramirez"When a beloved plastic surgeon and his office manager are gunned down at work, detectives chase down several leads until they uncover one suspect hiding malicious intent.
S30, EP4 "Linda Dancer"The case of a beloved Kenosha social worker's murder resurfaces nearly a decade after leads run dry when an odd call from another state reveals the gruesome truth about a vengeful pack of killers.
S30, EP2 "Mary Ann Hughes"An investigation quickly turns cold in rural Tennessee when the body of a small-town farmer and businessman is found near a trash pile; the case is reopened 25 years later, hoping advances in technology will finally help close this cold case.
S30, EP1 "Angel Brown"After a father's life is tragically cut short in a car accident, the events that follow force Ohio investigators to race against the clock to prevent a murder-for-hire plot before it's too late.
S29, EP25 "Stephanie Thomas"The abrupt disappearance of a Henderson, Nev., husband and father of five brings to light accusations of infidelity and cover-ups over a two-year hunt for evidence and truth.
S29, EP24 "Delma Troy"All leads run dry after a former film star is found shot to death in his home, but as investigators continue hunting down a suspect, they learn that this Hollywood drama has more twists and turns than any blockbuster hit.
S29, EP23 "Denise Davidson"A beloved pediatric doctor is beaten and drowned in his own home; when detectives surveil a suspect, the waters are muddied by lies, suspects on the run, and an international manhunt.
S29, EP20 "Jenea Chance"An ordinary August day turns into a nightmare for the Bakersfield community when a local father is found murdered in a field; police are led down an unusual trail of evidence, leading to a killer caught on camera.
S29, EP19 "Jennifer Paeyeneers"Oklahoma detectives must untangle a twisted love triangle to discover the truth after a young man is shot in his own home.
S29, EP18 "Becky Machetti"After small-town newlyweds are found gunned down next to their car, Georgia detectives start a multistate investigation and discover just how far a criminal trio will go to prove itself.
S29, EP17 "Brenda Delgado"Dallas detectives are led on an international manhunt after a young dentist is shot to death at her apartment complex, leaving a trail of surveillance evidence and a deep conspiracy of lies.
S29, EP16 "Pamela Moss"When a prominent businessman goes missing, Georgia investigators race against the clock to locate him, uncovering a killer who will go to any lengths necessary to stay hidden.
S29, EP15 "Clara Rector"After a beloved Missouri barfly is found stabbed in his home, detectives spend years chasing down leads until a local pastor reveals a shocking confession from one of his parishioners, revealing a twisted desire and deadly secret kept for years.
S29, EP14 "Shirley Jo Phillips"An elderly woman's body is found dismembered along a rural road, sending Missouri detectives in search of answers.
S29, EP13 "Rosalina Edmondson"As investigators search for the vicious killer of a Navy yeoman in Kitsap, Washington, they come across the troubling realization that the victim may have expected his own demise.
S29, EP12 "Eunice Cristina Rodriguez"After a woman discovers her brother's brutally beaten body on his bathroom floor, Texas police follow clue after clue and weave together a tale of greed, deception and manipulation.
S29, EP11 "Angela Dickinson"An Alabama trucker is found shot in his home on the same day his wife is giving birth.
S29, EP10 "Rachel Kozloff"Detectives track down leads from rival biker clubs and scorned lovers to uncover the truth when a beloved biker is found shot to death in his Pennsylvania apartment.
S29, EP9 "Deborah Rudibaugh"The abrupt disappearance of a Colorado rancher prompts concerned friends to press investigators to dig up the truth hidden beneath his ranch's calm exterior.
S29, EP8 "Francine Stepp"When an Oklahoma teen finds her mother and father murdered in their family home, detectives uncover bizarre photos and use new technology to reveal a dynamic duo at the center of the heinous crime.
S29, EP7 "Mary Jacoby"After a soon-to-be-wed scrapyard owner is killed, Texas detectives must chase down every lead and conduct hundreds of interviews in order to find the truth hidden behind lies, betrayal and broken hearts.
S29, EP6 "Karen Clowers"When the loving wife of a Vietnam veteran is found dead in a highway commuter lot, Missouri detectives work to chase down the mastermind of a twisted murder-for-hire plot.
S29, EP5 "Crystal Gregoire"Investigators must determine if they are looking for professional killer, or if they are being told lies from someone in the victim's inner circle, when a Tennessee man who was rumored to have connections with the mob is murdered.
S29, EP4 "Samantha Wohlford"When a young Texas father is abducted without a trace and later found murdered, Titus County investigators follow a trail of cellphone records and internet history to reveal a dangerous conspiracy fueled by a manipulative mastermind.
S29, EP3 "Gail Gash"After detectives discover a fire chief's dismembered torso in his own barn, they rush to find his wife.
S29, EP2 "Susan Monica"While investigating a missing Oregon handyman, police stumble upon human remains and are left searching a crime scene straight out of a horror movie.
S29, EP1 "Porsche Humphery"When a well-liked young man in Milwaukee is found shot to death inside his locked home, detectives must piece together his final days through a network of friends and lovers to expose a killer's desire to kill what they couldn't keep.
S29 "Notorious: The Cleveland Strangler"The stories of five women who suffered vile abuse while trapped inside the home of a prolific serial killer from which they eventually escaped.
S29 "Notorious: The Girl in the Box"Colleen Stan relives what it was like to be kidnapped and imprisoned in a box, and how she escaped.
S28, EP26 "Jennifer Clark"When a man goes missing in rural Barnesville, Ga., investigators try to determine if he left on his own or if foul play occurred.
S28, EP25 "Mary Ann Bragg"After a Georgia father is discovered bludgeoned by a hammer in his own bedroom, it takes years for detectives to nail down if this murder is connected to a series of online romances or a case of mistaken identity.
S28, EP24 "Latoya Woodard"When a devoted father is found brutally stabbed to death in his Florida home, detectives turn their focus to the picture-perfect family who appear to have it all.
S28, EP23 "Lynn Boyd"After a well-known business owner is found dead in his Lake Orion apartment, investigators are left untangling a web of lies to uncover a deadly duo looking to get rich quick.
S28, EP22 "Debra Banister"When two sisters' husbands turn up dead within weeks of each other, Florida detectives investigate whether the cases are linked.
S28, EP21 "Minnie Salinas"Police race for answers after a school teacher is found murdered in her San Antonio, Texas, apartment; while lies and betrayals come to light, the case goes cold, but one detective refuses to give up.
S28, EP20 "Carol Carlson"When a Kapowsin, Wash., mother is discovered murdered on her couch in a compromised position, investigators must piece together all the evidence to determine if this was a random crime of opportunity or a facade to humiliate the victim.
S28, EP19 "Janeene Jones"Allegations of real estate fraud and rumors of murder have Sarasota Police on the trail of a criminal whose final plan to evade trouble lands her in the very hands she tried to avoid.
S28, EP18 "Virginia Hyatt"When a Texarkana square dancer is gunned down on the steps of her home, detectives follow a trail of surveillance footage leading straight to the killer.
S28, EP17 "Donna Trapani"After a beloved town librarian is gunned down, investigators discover that this murder-for-hire gives a whole new meaning to a broken heart.
S28, EP16 "Princess LaCaze"When the last real cowboy is found dead at home, detectives dig in and are hard-pressed to find anyone who'd want to see this loving father murdered; a closer look at his nearest confidants unravels a heinous plot twisted by love and money.
S28, EP15 "Rose Kuehni"As investigators dig deeper into a man's disappearance, they realize his recent online presence may be a charade.
S28, EP14 "Debra Hartman"A 14-year-old girl discovers her wealthy father brutally executed in their home late at night; the investigation proves that not everything is as it seems, uncovering love affairs, possible connections to the mob and a twisted journey to justice.
S28, EP13 "Sandra Jonas"When Idaho family members return home from a church gathering, they find dinner burned to a crisp, a missing fiancée and signs that a brutal crime has been committed; all leads point close to home as detectives begin their investigation.
S28, EP12 "Dana Flynn"The twisted story of a heinous murder plot in Kansas; rife with betrayal and deceit; in an exclusive interview with someone personally involved in the crime, hear a riveting account of the deadly scheme.
S28, EP11 "Laurie Bembenek"Former police officer Laurie Bembenek is found guilty of murdering her new husband's ex-wife; years later, new evidence comes to light that changes everything.
S28, EP10 "Christine Roush"The body of an unidentified female is found within a forested nature center in Bloomington, Ill; investigators must scramble to piece together her fractured life and try to determine just how familiar her killer may be.
S28, EP9 "Jerrie Lynn Acklin"The mysterious disappearance of a beloved nurse leads Arkansas investigators down a twisted path of familial betrayal; as detectives hunt for the missing woman, evidence upturned along the way points toward deadly foul play.
S28, EP8 "Nancy Siegel"After a John Doe's body is found at a Virginia park, investigators track a killer who has a long history of wrongdoing.
S28, EP7 "Debra Henderson"A chance for love brings an Oklahoma woman to rural Texas, but her quick disappearance has investigators following a paper trail that will expose the treachery of greed.
S28, EP6 "Linda Culbertson"An attorney is murdered, and a trail of obsession and jealousy emerges.
S28, EP5 "Letti Strait"Letti Strait was found guilty of her ex-husband's murder 12 years after the crime.
S28, EP4 "Wanda Haithcock"When the body of a beloved father is discovered in a South Carolina home, detectives uncover a toxic love affair that had deadly consequences.
S28, EP3 "Celestine Payne"The identity of a Jane Doe found dead in a New Jersey park holds the key to unraveling a tangled web of fraud and murder that spanned years and pulled in multiple victims along the way.
S28, EP2 "Barbara Cameron"Death hits close to home when a Mississippi father of four is brutally killed on his own front porch; soon, a mother and son turn against one another as detectives work to untangle a murky tale of he said she said to close in on a killer.
S28, EP1 "Karina Rafter"While investigating the tragic murder of a devoted father in Virginia, detectives must work their way through several disturbing theories and contentious family dynamics to get to the heartbreaking truth.
S27, EP27 "Sante Kimes"The mysterious disappearance of an elderly New York socialite leads to the investigation of Sante Kimes and her son, Kenny.
S27, EP26 "William Rouse"The truth behind the brutal deaths of a prominent and wealthy couple in Libertyville, Ill., remains dormant until 15 years later when a new police task force exposes a murderer who let money remove the sense of consequence.
S27, EP25 "Cindy Campbell Ray"When a successful Texas lawyer and his wife are executed while sleeping in their bed, Houston police team up with a private investigator, who gets dangerously close to a killer, to uncover a greedy mastermind who proves that privilege can be deadly.
S27, EP24 "Thomas Gilbert, Jr."An investigation into the murder of a New York businessman zeroes in on a family member whose plush lifestyle launches a tabloid frenzy; a closer look reveals the suspect's inner demons calling the greedy motive into question.
S27, EP23 "Maria Hernandez"The American dream of a hard-working immigrant is cut short when he is violently murdered with a hatchet in the streets of a Las Vegas suburb; investigators sift through lies and follow a bloody trail to uncover the shocking truth.
S27, EP22 "Olicia Lee"A former ladies' man has a change of heart when he falls for a pious day care worker, but when his body is found floating in a creek, detectives discover there's more to their relationship than meets the eye.
S27, EP21 "Annette Cahill"The deadly beating of a young man in West Liberty, Iowa, sits unsolved for 25 years, until cold case detectives are approached by an unexpected witness.
S27, EP20 "Betty Broderick"A powerful lawyer and his new bride are slain; detectives try to track down a scorned socialite, and they unearth twisted tales of adultery, restraining orders and alleged abuse.
S27, EP19 "Janice Bonnell"Sleepy Seadrift, Texas, is unnerved by the death of a local landscaper after evidence at the scene of an apparent hit-and-run points to a deceptive killer with a dangerous past.
S27, EP18 "Dayna Jennings"When a beloved grandfather in Federal Heights, Colo., vanishes without a trace, the ensuing investigation exposes disturbing secrets that were lurking behind closed doors as police body cam footage reveals the deadly truth.
S27, EP17 "Nena Bolton"Small town McNeil, Ark., is grief-stricken after a retired sheriff is suddenly shot to death; when the case appears to be closed, a killer strikes again, and another local hero is struck down.
S27, EP16 "Cynthia Phillips"A family man is gunned down on the side of the road in a small town in Texas, and detectives unearth a perpetrator who's hiding more than one shocking skeleton in the closet.
S27, EP15 "Sarah Vercauteren"As Pennsylvania police investigate the gruesome murder of a grandmother in her own home, detectives sort through a web of lies and nefarious activities before ultimately going toe to toe with a cold-blooded killer.
S27, EP14 "Suze Adams"After a hardworking mother is trapped and killed in a California house fire, investigators sift through multiple theories to figure out who could have ignited the deadly blaze.
S27, EP13 "Marie Hilley"After a bizarre account of suspected false identity is reported, authorities uncover a long history of an evasive criminal and launch a nationwide hunt to catch a killer who uses Southern charm as a weapon of deception.
S27, EP12 "Mary Bruno"The peaceful life of a retired North Carolina couple is shattered when a husband's body is found in his own garage, leaving investigators to sort out fact from fiction with the help of his wife.
S27, EP11 "Blanche Taylor Moore"When a small-town preacher is hospitalized with a mysterious illness, North Carolina police uncover a string of suspicious deaths centered around a Burlington woman who has a hidden dark side.
S27, EP10 "Wendi Mae Davidson"When an airman from Lee, Maine vanishes only four months into his marriage to a country girl from West Texas, it triggers a multi-agency investigation that exposes a darker side to southern hospitality.
S27, EP9 "Sylvia White"When a prominent insurance salesman is gunned down on a country road in Kinston, North Carolina, a 20-year-old secret comes to light and casts a shadow on a killer's flawless reputation.
S27, EP8 "Kayla Nelson"An investigation into the disappearance of a devoted father leads Arkansas police to a shocking crime scene, the search for answers reveals gang threats, and a killer that's willing to go to great lengths to escape justice.
S27, EP7 "Notorious: Hollywood Ripper"A killer escapes his past and finds a new hunting ground in a city of dreamers; in 2019, after a decadelong hunt across four police departments, Michael Gargiulo, known as "The Hollywood Ripper," faces trial for brutally murdering three young women.
S27, EP6 "Jamie Grachek"A home invasion turns deadly on Easter night; as Ohio authorities hunt for the assailant, they discover that the attack may not have been as random as first thought.
S27, EP5 "Judith Singer"After a young California father is ambushed on the steps of his own home, Santa Clara detectives uncover a complex murder plot that ultimately leads them to an unexpected mastermind who's been hiding in plain sight all along.
S27, EP4 "Rebecca Smith"When the half-dressed, partially frozen body of a Navy veteran is found lying in a ditch, rumors and lies will challenge detectives' efforts to lay bare the truth behind the chilling death.
S27, EP3 "Carleen Charlie"After a wrathful killer strikes a small Alaskan village, investigators must untangle a truly twisted romance to find out what led to this rage-filled stabbing.
S27, EP2 "Kimberly Baldwin"After a devoted father is found murdered in his home, Indiana investigators learn just how manipulative and deadly a person's envy can be.
S27, EP1 "Jaclyn Martin"When Jaclyn Martin's life of comfort is jeopardized, she orchestrates the killing of her husband, a beloved neighborhood bar owner.
S26, EP26 "Kristen Durgan"The disappearance of a devoted father reveals a treasure trove of family secrets and exposes a twisted plot driven by greed.
S26, EP25 "Sahara Fakhir"When a beloved family man is found brutally murdered in his home, authorities must follow a trail of clues that exposes a strange and unlikely killer guided by gluttonous urges that led to murder.
S26, EP24 "Joy Aylor"After the brutal attack of a single mother in her own home, authorities work for two decades to uncover an unlikely criminal who uses the power of lust as a deadly weapon.
S26, EP23 "Pamela Hupp"Mother found dead; another woman targeted; two mysterious crimes tied together with a shocking common ground; excessive pride proves to be the downfall of one sinful perpetrator trying to preserve their reputation.
S26, EP22 "Lorraine Hunter"Truck driver is found shot to death in the cab of his semi; detectives in California follow a trail of deceit to uncover a killer who will stop at nothing to walk free.
S26, EP21 "Susan Baker"Police unearth evidence that leads them to the ruthless killer of a well-known mechanic, who is found floating in a Tennessee river.
S26, EP20 "Betty Neumar"The cold-case shooting of a Norwood, N.C., man leaves his family shattered and without answers; after two decades pass, the investigation resumes only to uncover mysterious deaths spanning a half century.
S26, EP18 "Tracie Miles"When a Kansas woman is found murdered in her home, investigators fear her missing teenage daughter has met with a similar fate; they scour the area for clues until rumors guide them to an unlikely mastermind.
S26, EP17 "Stephanie Olson"After a single mother is found murdered in her Kentucky home, detectives follow a twisted trail littered with lies to identify the mastermind behind this vicious killing.
S26, EP16 "Jennifer Morrisey"After a man is found executed in his home, police go down a winding road of greed, drugs and heartbreak to uncover a spiteful murderer.
S26, EP15 "Behind Bars: Sheila Davalloo"Convicted murderer Sheila Davalloo tells her story in a prison interview; includes a look at the crimes that put her behind bars, details from her past and a possible connection to a cold case.
S26, EP14 "Hope Schreiner"To solve the sudden and violent murder of a retired landscape architect, investigators weed through information about a disgruntled neighbor and an illicit affair only to find that seeds of resentment are often planted close to home.
S26, EP13 "Hazelynn Stomps"After a woman reports that she and her husband were attacked by a pair of assailants, authorities in Oregon launch an investigation into the crime and unravel a complex scheme.
S26, EP12 "Brandy Stutzman"The murder of a U.S. airman leads Las Vegas investigators down a twisted path to one woman's offbeat oasis and ties to an unusual fan club.
S26, EP11 "Valerie Nessler"When a deadly rumor is stirred up among friends and acquaintances, it sets off an explosion of brutal violence so gruesome that not even a house fire can hide the truth.
S26, EP10 "Tyler Block-Patton"When a welfare check on a local real estate tycoon reveals a gruesome murder scene, investigators must sift through alleged drug use, revenge and a case of mistaken identity to uncover a bombshell of a killer.
S26, EP9 "William Dennis"The horrific murder of a young mother on Halloween night sends California investigators on the hunt for a costumed killer.
S26, EP8 "Cynthia Alvarez"As Halloween approaches in southern California, a family of three mysteriously goes missing; during their search for answers, investigators unearth a haunting message that points to murder.
S26, EP7 "Deborah Perna"When a man is found shot to death on a suburban street, a wild investigation commences, featuring a high-speed car chase, dangerous gang members and a twisted murder plot that betrays family loyalties.
S26, EP6 "Frances Truesdale"The 1988 roadside murder of a man in Virginia sends investigators down a path fraught with doubts and dead ends, until a long-buried secret is unearthed hundreds of miles away revealing decades-old secrets.
S26, EP5 "Janice Dodson"Newlyweds Bruce and Janice Dodson go on a hunting trip that ends with the shooting death of Bruce; investigators track a muddy trail of bullet holes, deception and dirty laundry left by a devious murderer.
S26, EP4 "Debra Dillard"A young mother of two on her way to a birthday party is gunned down on the side of a rural highway; the ensuing investigation reveals fraying within a tight-knit family.
S26, EP3 "Nancy Khan"An investigation into the murder of a business manager and expectant father leads Texas detectives to a spiteful killer in a seedy underworld.
S26, EP2 "Beverly McColm"After police discover a philanthropic entrepreneur shot dead in his home, a surprise visit from a stranger attending his funeral takes detectives down an unexpected path to reveal a sweet yet deceptive killer.
S26, EP1 "Kathryn Briggs"A decorated soldier falls in love with a beautiful model online; tragically, after he returns home from serving two tours overseas, he's brutally murdered in his own home; a web of deceit unfolds as the picture of an unlikely killer emerges.
S26 "Extended Edition: Jennifer Morrisey"Featuring extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S26 "Extended Edition: Hazelynn Stomps"After a woman reports that she and her husband were attacked by a pair of assailants, authorities in Oregon launch an investigation into the crime and unravel a complex scheme.
S26 "Extended Edition: Stephanie Olson"Featuring extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S26 "Extended Edition: Brandy Stutzman"Featuring extended scenes and never-before-seen content; the murder of a U.S. airman leads Las Vegas investigators down a twisted path to one woman's offbeat oasis and ties to an unusual fan club.
S24 "Notorious: The BTK Serial Killer"Self-named killer B.T.K. murders 10 people over 17 years, all while taunting Wichita, Kan., police and media before being exposed as family man and churchgoer Dennis Rader; in an exclusively acquired interview, he reveals what drove him to do it.
S23 "Notorious: Kristen Gilbert"Police believe nurse Kristen Gilbert may have committed up to 60 murders at a hospital in Massachusetts; some say an affair drove Gilbert to murder while others think her narcissism caused the death of these innocent patients.
S23 "Notorious: Ted Bundy"In the 1970s, Ted Bundy murders at least 36 young women; glamorized as a handsome, well-educated killer who outsmarted the law, Bundy may have been an evil genius or a con artist posing as privileged to hide the monster in plain sight.
S23 "Notorious: Charles Cullen"Nurse Charles Cullen is one of America's most prolific serial killers; police say he may have murdered up to 400 victims; Cullen claims he acted mercifully to end their pain; an in-depth look into the case reveals the truth behind his motives.
S23 "Notorious: Aileen Wuornos"An in-depth look at the complexities of the case against Aileen Wuornos, the woman branded as America's first female serial killer; questions still revolve around her claim of self-defense and whether or not she got the justice she deserved.
S13, EP13 "Selena: The Death of a Superstar"The tragic murder of world-renowned music artist Selena Quntanilla-Perez by her number on fan, Yolanda Saldivar.
S11, EP10 "Jodi Arias"An in-depth look into the disturbing murder of Travis Alexander.
S11, EP9 "Jodi Arias"An in-depth look into the disturbing murder of Travis Alexander.
Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of the cases. A staple of Oxygen, "Snapped" has been airing since 2004 and has inspired spin-offs "Snapped: Killer Couples" and "Snapped: She Made Me Do It."
Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2004
Genres: DramaRealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
12 seasons available on demand (192 episodes)
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