The Death Mask

S1, EP8 "The Death Mask"

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A violent break-in at Christmastime turns a festive home into a crime scene; though her throat is slashed while sleeping, Anita Yunk survives but her husband isn't so lucky, and detectives must untangle a cross-country drama to find a killer.

Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 66m
An Execution in Bigelow

S1, EP7 "An Execution in Bigelow"

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In small-town Arkansas, as his wife sleeps nearby, a larger-than-life personality is silenced when a killer fires a single bullet into his head; suspects include the victim's wife and a jealous neighbor.

Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
The Key to Murder

S1, EP6 "The Key to Murder"

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A young teacher's assistant is raped and fatally shot in the middle of the night; her roommate, awakened by the noise, calls 911 and reports it as a suicide, beginning an intriguing mystery of motive, heartbreak and a tragic discovery.

Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
Night Terrors

S1, EP5 "Night Terrors"

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A third grader wakes up to a nightmare, finding his mother stabbed nearly 40 times in her bed; the police suspect those closest to her as their investigation uncovers the shocking evil that crept inside her house that night.

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
A Monster in the Night

S1, EP4 "A Monster in the Night"

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A mother is shot to death while her young daughters lay asleep in the same room; baffled investigators wonder if an open door invited an intruder in, or if the killer is someone else she trusted who has been in the house all along.

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
Bad Blood

S1, EP3 "Bad Blood"

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In an upscale high-rise in Chicago, a successful businesswoman is murdered as her boyfriend sleeps beside her; investigators point a finger at the boyfriend, but an exhaustive investigation uncovers the surprising architect of her murder.

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
A Daughter's Drama

S1, EP2 "A Daughter's Drama"

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Questions are raised when a teenager awakens to discover her father, a popular high school drama teacher, stabbed to death in his bedroom.

Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m
Left for Dead

S1, EP1 "Left for Dead"

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A yearslong investigation into the killer of Johnia Berry, who is stabbed more than 22 times in her Knoxville, Tenn., bedroom while her male roommate escapes.

Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2022 • Oxygen True Crime • 44m