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The Real Murders of Los AngelesIn the City of Angels, everyone is striving for the unattainable high life, and some are willing to kill for it.
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S1, EP10 "Teacher Tragedy"While investigating the murder of a mild-mannered retired teacher found bludgeoned to death in the bathtub of his Hollywood home, detectives discover a cache of secret letters that could spell out a deadly motive and lead them to a monster.
S1, EP9 "Killer Casting"A young woman with film industry dreams disappears after leaving her home for a movie audition, leaving detectives to navigate Hollywood's murky underbelly in search of a treacherous serial predator.
S1, EP8 "Murder on the Menu"When a popular restauranteur disappears, investigators must rely on a patchwork of witnesses and a local journalist to uncover treacherous secrets… all of which leads them to a grisly killer with an unappetizing M.O.
S1, EP7 "Blue Bloodshed"When a recently engaged Manhattan Beach police officer is gunned down during a routine traffic stop, detectives rely on the eyewitness account of a traumatized young boy to track down a cold-blooded killer.
S1, EP6 "Dark Side of the Lens"When a well-liked Hollywood cameraman is brutally murdered in his home, detectives trace a tangled web of lies that leads them to yet another body and a killer who will do anything to realize the California dream.
S1, EP5 "Blood, Sweats, and Tears"After a man mysteriously dies in his doctor's office, a routine call from a life insurance company plunges investigators into a twisted world of mystery, money and murder where they must unravel a complex web of lies and false identities.
S1, EP4 "Once Bitten"The shocking murder of a Van Nuys newlywed goes cold for 23 years until detectives bent on justice revisit the brutal evidence, including a bite mark on the victim's arm that leads them to the most unlikely killer.
S1, EP3 "Tunnel of Terror"Detectives are plunged into a world of occult worship and shadowy characters as they try to solve the brutal murder of a promising UCLA student found butchered in a railroad tunnel with a diabolical reputation.
S1, EP2 "Final Photograph"When a beloved model, actress and former Los Angeles Raiderette cheerleader vanishes in broad daylight after leaving her Hermosa Beach home, a media frenzy engulfs the entire city as detectives embark on a desperate search for a sociopathic killer.
S1, EP1 "Murder on the Marquee"After the proprietor of the thriving Silent Movie Theater is viciously gunned down in his own lobby, the LAPD leans on luck, a hit TV series and its vast network of informants to uncover a conspiracy to commit murder.
In the City of Angels, everyone is striving for the unattainable high life, and some are willing to kill for it.
Original Air Date: Oct 6, 2023
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: 12
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (10 episodes)
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