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New on fuboTV for Apple TV: Watch more at once with Multiview

We’re always keeping tabs on what our subscribers want, and what consumers in general have come to expect from their streaming services. Bottom line, our users want to follow multiple games, live and at the same time. That’s especially true for sports fans. Now, as college football’s Big 10 season kicks off and we’re enjoying a heavy sports calendar (plus a big news cycle and lots of new entertainment shows), we set out to make sure our customers can watch it all—without having to constantly flip between channels.

Introducing Multiview 2.0

Today, we’re proud to debut the totally redesigned Multiview for Apple TV. Last year, we quietly introduced the feature, which allowed subscribers to watch two live channels at the same time. Now, users can max out their screen real estate (and attention spans) by adding up to four live channels to one screen.

We believe fuboTV is the only live TV streaming service (that’s “vMVPD” in industry-speak) that allows our customers to watch four channels at once. We’ve also made Multiview easier to discover, with an intuitive interface, and far more customization options.

How it works

  • You can enter Multiview mode in a couple ways. Select “Watch in Multiview” in the options menu for any live program. Or, swipe up while watching one channel, and press and hold on another one to add it to the screen.
  • To add even more channels, use “Add channel” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Customize your Multiview experience by pressing and holding on a channel. Options include removing the channel, changing the channel, moving it to elsewhere on the screen, or watching in fullscreen.

So what’s next?

We’re rolling out Multiview starting today and all subscribers will see it in the coming days. We believe Multiview 2.0 sets the foundation to build upon better experiences on Apple TV and, of course, we will work to bring it to our other apps and supported devices. Expect updates and upgrades as we continue to introduce new ways for our customers to watch TV the way they want to. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think about Multiview. Reach out to us on Twitter @fubotv.

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