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Multiview Gets an Upgrade with Live Scores and Stats

When Multiview was released for AppleTV users in the fall of 2020, it was a hit – especially here at fuboTV. It unlocked the ability to watch up to four games at once on the same screen – a major victory for our soccer-viewing Tuesdays, as we bantered over who would advance to the knockout round of European competition, while football on the weekend with friends and family was forever changed. Never again would your favorite team get the short end of the screen-time stick.  

Beyond our own walls, there was consensus amongst our users that this was a game-changing feature – and not just for sports. Fans regularly paired their football games with Sunday night reality tv, their Saturday morning soccer matches with shows for the kids, and just about every sport with ever-necessary updates from their preferred news outlet.

How the next phase of Multiview came to be

It wasn’t long before we asked ourselves, “How can we make this powerful feature even better?”

Through surveys and interviews with our users, we knew that bringing the second screen to the TV would be valuable for sports fans. Those insights ultimately led to the launch of FanView, which enabled fuboTV users on Roku, FireTV, Smart TVs and web to track live scores and stats in the same screen as a live game.

Of course, we wanted to bring FanView to AppleTV as well. The trick was introducing FanView in a way that didn’t live separately from Multiview on AppleTV, but also didn’t detract from it.

Enter an engineer and designer – neither of whom worked on the original Multiview concept, but created a brilliant vision to fuse FanView into Multiview and evolve what our stand-out AppleTV engineering team had started.

From there, a cross-functional squad of front-end and back-end engineers, designers, and product set to work on unifying the ability to track stats and scores alongside your array of live games in Multiview. There were long days spent mapping the various user journeys, persistent demos from the AppleTV engineer on the front lines, and arguments over the best interaction flow for editing your Multiview setup.

The result is perhaps our most exciting work yet.

With the latest evolution of Multiview, users get the power to choose from even more.

Scoreboard to Quickly Add Live Games to Multiview

Our same standard – up to four simultaneous streams – can now be paired with a scoreboard, so you can track scores of games across the most-watched leagues. Adding a live game to Multiview has never been easier: simply select a game from the scoreboard to add the live stream to your screen.

Select a score tile to add that game to Multiview

Team and Player Stats

Did you miss who scored, want to see how your fantasy player is performing, or place a prop bet on the first team to 200 yards? All of that can be tracked on the same screen as your live games.

With most major sports, you can now monitor both team and player stats of the games you’re watching in widgets that sit next to the live stream. Whether it’s three live games and a player stats widget for your favorite team’s matchup, two live games with two stats widgets, or anything in between, the choice is yours.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the latest evolution of Multiview:

Our expanded Multiview feature is currently available for a subset of fuboTV subscribers and will be rolled out to everyone in the coming days.

What’s next at fuboTV?

We’re always searching for ways to take the live TV streaming experience to the next level – especially live sports. Over the past year, we’ve been focused on building new experiences that allow our users to interact in ways that are both fun and useful:

  1. Free-to-play games*: Test your knowledge during live games. Make predictions, play for points, and you could win a prize.
  2. FanView*: Get in on more of the action by viewing the latest scores and stats right alongside the live sports you’re watching.
  3. Fubo Sportsbook**: Watch, wager and win.

As we move forward, we’ll continue relying on you, our users, to integrate all of these experiences together in a way that’s easy to use, and evolve them to include what you need most.

We’re excited to bring you even more ways to watch and engage with live TV. Tell us what you think on Twitter @fubotv!

*available with select professional and college sports content

**live in Iowa and Arizona with more states to follow pending requisite regulatory approvals

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