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Secrets of WarAn investigation into the hidden secrets of war, from World War I to the Gulf War.
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EP26 "Invasion of Panama"Documents the surprise invasion of Panama by U.S. troops in 1989.
EP15 "Korea: Stalin's Secret Air War"An examination of the early years of the Cold War, when Americans sparred with Soviet pilots over the Yalu River.
EP19 "The Gulf War - Steel Rain"The stories of Operation Desert Storm that weren't told on the evening news.
EP12 "Balkans Tinderbox"The secret strife behind the Balkan states, from the single gunshot in Sarajevo that started World War I to the Nazi occupation in World War II.
EP28 "Vietnam: Alpha Strike"An examination of the air war waged during the Vietnam War.
EP22 "Super Guns"The development of the terrifying super guns.
EP7 "Tools of Deception"The use of camouflage and instruments of propaganda helped confuse the enemy both on and off the battlefield.
EP6 "Prisoners of War"An examination of the treatment of prisoners of war in the early 20th century.
EP25 "Churchill's Gambles"The man who embraced secret intelligence operations, deception and code-breaking as acceptable instruments of modern war.
EP3 "Women Spies of World War II"The secret world of women at war.
EP11 "Battle of Britain"The men and women who made victory possible in the battle of Britain.
EP27 "D-Day Deceptions"Misleading maneuvers and false information insured the secrecy of the D-Day invasion.
EP10 "The French Resistance"Members of the French Resistance aid the Allied effort after the fall of France.
EP8 "Prisoners of War"Sen. John McCain joins other POWs to reveal the techniques that helped them to cope, to communicate and, when possible, to escape.
EP21 "The Gulf War - Secrets in the Sand"An investigation into the clandestine operations by British S.A.S. Commandos and U.S. Special Forces during the Gulf War.
EP1 "World War I: Germany's Secret Gambles"The Germans employ a barrage of terrifying weapons during World War I.
EP4 "Weapons of the Shadow War"An investigation into the instruments of sabotage and clandestine operations used in war.
EP19 "Hitler's Secrets"Hitler's grand deception of Stalin, his extensive spy operations in America, and the eventual betrayal of his chief spymaster.
EP5 "Nazi Gold"The Nazis fund a war machine with possessions they steal from people expelled or executed.
EP6 "Battle of the Atlantic"Code breakers struggle to protect Britain from German submarines.
EP16 "Spies in the Sky"The evolution of aerial eavesdropping, photographic reconnaissance units and spy satellites.
EP2 "Shadows of the Six-Day War"Israeli forces, surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy, use covert means to rewrite the map of the Middle East.
EP24 "Israeli Intelligence"The super sleuths commissioned to gather military intelligence and execute hostage rescues.
EP23 "Japan: The Invasion That Never Was"Authors Norman Polmar and Tom Allen comment on new revelations about the planned U.S. invasion of Japan.
EP1 "German Intelligence in World War II"Examines the damaging internal feuds that took place within the Abwehr, Gestapo and the Reich Central Security Office during World War II.
EP13 "Vietnam: Hidden in Plain Sight"Secret methods used by the Viet Cong to outwit the U.S. troops.
EP11 "Secret Submarines of World War II"From silent one-man subs to U-boats on secret missions, both sides used secret submersibles of all shapes and sizes to conduct clandestine warfare in the war.
EP12 "Sitzkrieg: The Phony War"Spies, diplomats and opportunists take part in a secret sham of a war.
EP1 "Breaking the Japanese Code"The story of William Friedman, whose deciphering machines were used to crack the seemingly impenetrable Japanese codes.
EP4 "Mao's Secrets"The roots of China's conflict with Taiwan back to the Second World War.
EP16 "Chemical and Biological Weapons"Chemical and biological weapons, ranging from the mustard gas artillery shells used in World War I to the U.S. gas stockpiled in the Pacific during WWII and the Iraqi gassing of the Kurds.
EP14 "The Cold War: The Strangelove Factor"An investigation into the relationship between the Soviets and the Americans during the Cold War.
EP1 "Cambridge Five"Five disillusioned young men studying at Cambridge University in the 1930's are recruited by Soviet agents; they went on to become the most successful spies of the 20th century.
EP5 "Spy Planes"Examining the secret deployment of aircraft designed to spy from the sky, including the U-2 and the SR-71.
EP8 "Rommel's Enigma"Declassified evidence sheds light on Rommel's early advantages in North Africa.
EP9 "Cold War: Inside the CIA"An exploration of the role played by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War.
EP9 "Secret Weapons of the Third Reich"Examines why obtaining top-secret plans for rockets, jets and missiles was a high priority for spies on both sides during World War II.
EP2 "The Ultra Enigma"Recounts the British capture of a Nazi cipher machine which led to one of the greatest campaigns of deception in military history.
EP10 "Cold War: Inside the KGB"Exploring the activities of the Soviet state security agency - the KGB - during the Cold War.
EP3 "Psychological Warfare"The series about aspects of war focuses on the use of psychological warfare.
EP2 "Nazi Propaganda"The elaborate propaganda campaign behind the efficient Nazi war machine.
EP13 "Stalin's Spies"The lives of Stalin's secret agents, who spied loyally for their leader but were in turn spied upon by their paranoid dictator.
EP22 "Battlefield Deceptions"The reliance on tools of deception.
An investigation into the hidden secrets of war, from World War I to the Gulf War.
Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2000
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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