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Bondi Ink Tattoo CrewBondi Ink is a tattoo reality series which follows the running of a successful tattoo studio in world-famous Bondi Beach.
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S2, EP9 "Strength in Numbers"Jimi hosts an art exhibition that gains exciting but unsettling attention. Teneile works with internationally renowned guest artist, Karlee Sabrina. Van receives the call he's been waiting for all summer.
S2, EP8 "Onwards and Upwards"An unexpected visit lifts Teneile's spirits and a guest spot by tattoo superstar, Lauren Winzer, brings much-needed energy into the business. Van gives himself a tattoo for the first time and the team is shocked by the results.
S2, EP6 "Shifting Focus"Wendy has a hard time being away from the business while JT's focus shifts to a pressing family matter. The crew is thrilled when Ellie returns to the custom studio.
S2, EP5 "While the Cat's Away"The crew is sent spinning after learning about the business troubles. Megan creates a master plan to save the day, then takes a much-needed weekend off to explore Sydney. The boys pull a prank on Jess that goes horribly wrong.
S2, EP1 "Great Expectations"Megan Massacre is called in to help with the handling of Bondi Ink when JT and Wendy have a newborn baby at home and are predicting an upcoming busy summer season.
S1, EP8 "Picking Up the Pieces"Wendy makes a decision without including Mike and he's dealt another blow at the hands of Megan; Ellie and Giorgia make a big move; Wendy sends Shaun off for tattoo boot camp.
S1, EP7 "Time to Tap Out"Ellie and Giorgia lean on each other after a tough week; Moses learns a lesson after a work out with world champion, Steve McKinnon; Megan shows signs of being overworked and burnt out.
S1, EP6 "Take a Breath"Bondi Rescue boys Maxi and Jesse pop in for a tattoo while Shaun has a change of heart; a VIP party with celebrity clients, The Stafford Brothers provides a much needed excuse to blow off steam.
S1, EP5 "New Chicks, Old Tricks"Ellie, Giorgia and Megan get a dose of girl power when Teniele Napoli visits; Giorgia doubts herself when given her first client; Shaun is at it again, resulting in a violent blowup.
S1, EP4 "Slow Burn"A birthday party, a move and a superstar artist keep Wendy on her toes; Mike works out with celebrity client, Jeff Fenech; tensions between Shaun and Giorgia reach a boiling point.
S1, EP3 "Big Apple Hits Bondi"Mike calls in superstar Megan Massacre to join the team; Shaun continues to make life difficult.
S1, EP2 "Not How It's Done"Mike brings in a new apprentice and Shaun is not happy about it; Shaun decides that he's not going to make things easy for Mike or his new apprentice.
Bondi Ink is a tattoo reality series which follows the running of a successful tattoo studio in world-famous Bondi Beach.
Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2015
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVMA
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (12 episodes)
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