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Fish Life
"Motion"Aside from dolphins, sharks, manta rays and whales, there are the other more humble and discreet creatures of the sea.
"Sea Deserts"On the beach or underwater, the sand is a place teeming with life.
"Color Codes"A exploration into the reasons behind the many colors of fish.
"Sea of Love"The many different facets of sexual behavior and reproduction in the undersea world.
"Coral Theatre"Dating back over 200 million years, coral reefs are places of habitat, food supplies and mutual aid.
"Hazards of the Sea"Hazards in the ocean are more often under cover than where most would expect.
"The Invisibles"Numerous marine creatures that have developed camouflages playing on color, shape and even posture.
"Feeding"An examination of the ocean's food chain, from the smallest to the biggest.
"The Odd, the Weird, the Unusual"How marine animals' appearances, behaviors or sizes can initially appear strange.
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Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2018
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