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Judge Karen's CourtJudge Karen Mills-Francis returns to syndication with this new version of her show, in which she adjudicates real-life, small-claims disputes. The former Florida county judge allows litigants to cross-examine witnesses in some cases, and ends each episode with a segment called Ask Judge Karen, in which she responds to videotaped queries from viewers.
EP8 "Bonzo and the Hound Dog"Michael, a clown and Elvis Presley impersonator, sues his talent agent for unpaid dues; Jason claims he was never paid by the clients because Michael showed up drunk and insulted the kids.
EP27 "Hey Cuz! Wii in a Dispute!"Herve Ambwa sues his cousin, claiming he sold his beloved Wii gaming console; Irvin, however, swears it was stolen.
EP55 "Dog Days!"A tiny dog's owner takes its sitter to court.
EP12 "Fish and Hammer"Best friends Earl and Demoun brawled over stolen sushi; Demoun smashed Earl's TV and car window, and now Earl wants repayment.
EP29 "The Party is Over"Yuri and Bryan were good friends living the party life, until he promised her a photobook that failed; now they're in court over it.
EP10 "Car Troubles"Reprudentia sues a fellow Cameroonian countryman for the $5,000 she gave him to buy her a car; Kuji says he got her the car, but was unable to contact her to make the delivery.
EP11 "Clash of the Cousins"Dolly Parton impersonator Charlene sues her cousin for the return of a loan; Tiffany claims that Charlene gave her the money free, with no repayment required.
EP2 "Hair Divas in a Hairy Dispute!"James sues Carle over salon rental fees that have not been paid.
EP55 "I Was Sold a Lemon and Squeezed for My Money!"A car sale between coworkers started off sour, turned bitter and ended with a sweet old lady.
EP15 "Your Dog-Watching Daughter Trashed My House!"After his niece house-sits, a man returns to a house full of drugs and damages.
EP11 "Your Fleas Made Me Flea!"Attacked by fleas, a woman sues her ex-roommate.
EP27 "The Christian Crusader"Friends Matt and James sue their other roommate, David, who became a violent religious fanatic, slinging shoes and punching faces.
EP9 "My Wife's Online Addiction Is Causing Us Friction!"A man sues his wife for loving her social-networking site more than she loves him.
EP22 "Please Stand By"Rosa called TV repairman Michael to come fix her big-screen TV; she claims that he took the TV and never brought it back, and now she wants her money.
EP23 "The Boozin' Borrower"Amanda is suing her former best friend, who she claims squandered thousands of her dollars on bail bonds, haircuts and a new car.
EP3 "Seething Sisters!"A woman tries to scam her sister out of $3,000.
EP2 "You Broke My Heart, So I Broke My Lease!"A woman breaks a lease after catching her roommate and boyfriend in the act.
EP8 "Hubby's Wild Ways Cause Wedding Woes!"Carol is suing her husband for the money that he took out of her bank account for his wild bachelor party; Marion argues it was a joint account, and he had every right to use the money.
EP30 "I Lost My Lifelong Friend Over Some Lousy Loans!"Laura sues her ex-friend and workmate for a loan; Caylee says Laura offered money without any obligations.
EP61 "I Was Too Drunk to Sign So Don't You Whine!"A man tries to get out of repaying a loan by saying he was drunk when he signed the promissory note.
EP49 "Hello Dolly! Goodbye Money!"A Dolly Parton look-alike sues cousins for repayment of a loan and brings in a Sophia Loren look-alike as a witness.
EP20 "On The Road"Darious demands repayment after his cousin got caught speeding in his car, borrowed money to go to clubs and allowed a neighbor to move her stuff into his home.
EP26 "Pay Back My Loan or Sleep With Me?"A co-worker turns into an obsessed stalker when a woman does not repay a loan.
EP4 "Baby Mama Is Giving Grandma Drama!"A woman causes drama with her child's birth father's mother, seeking payment for a car loan; the baby boy is caught in the middle.
EP14 "Gambling the Friendship"Daryl sues his former friend for missing belongings that he believes were sold to fuel Rashain's gambling addiction; Rashain claims someone else stold the items.
EP18 "Love Bites"Kent loaned Elizabath five grand to help pay for her dental work, but now he is suing her for repayment of the loan.
EP53 "Doesn't Take an Einstein ..."Bunny and Benny need Judge Lynn's advice, as one wants compensation from the other due to a failed experiment.
EP36 "A Real Shaggy Dog Story!"Shaneequa could no longer care for her precious pooch Fendy, so she decided to sell the Yorkshire terrier to a friend -- but, she claims, the friend never paid.
EP6 "Beating the Bank"Nigel says his beat got stolen, remixed and resold with his permission; he wants money back from producer Daunte; a special guest witness weighs in.
EP16 "Heckling the Plaintiff"Comedian Allan Cunningham sues a former fan for the money she owes him for a private party; Sandra claims that Allan deliberately insulted her family and ruined the party.
EP21 "One Door Closes"A homeowner who may need a behavior renovation takes a contractor who may be as crooked as a bent nail to court.
EP23 "Relationship Renovations"A kitchen renovation between siblings creates a recipe for disaster; brother and sister, Ronald and Rhonda, go to court.
EP9 "Buyers Are Liars"Melvin sues a real estate broker for a bogus electric bill and lost rent, claiming she stole his identity to pay her bills; Jacqueline categorically denies Melvin's claims.
EP28 "The Party is Over"Judy is suing her niece for 12 months of unpaid rent; Cassandra says there was never a deal to pay any rent, and she is devastated that her aunt is dragging her into court.
EP51 "You Dropped the Ball at the Exotic Erotic Ball!"Dawn, a high-end exotic dancer, sues her former talent manager for unpaid wages, stolen items and hotel costs; Stegen argues that because he never got paid by the organizers he was not obligated to pay Dawn.
EP43 "Did the Party Princess Ruin the Party?"Richard argues that Tanya tried to leave his child's birthday party early so he had every right to stop her.
EP40 "My Gambling Boyfriend Drained Me Dry!"A former couple argues whether a girlfriend loaned money or if she was funding her gambling boyfriend to rake in the profit.
EP31 "Oh Man! You Ripped Off My Boy Band!"Accusations of embezzled funds put a band's future in jeopardy.
EP7 "Biting the Hand That Feeds You"Priscilla sues her disabled mother for the money she borrowed to purchase a wheelchair; Dora is shocked that her own daughter would file a suit against her after all the love and support she's shown throughout her life.
EP3 "All in the Family"Natasha sues her younger sister for damages to her home caused by wild parties; Cara-Lynn denies being solely responsible for the damage done to the home, claiming her sister was there partying too.
EP19 "My House My Couch"Christopher sues his brother, who punched his tooth out; the brother claims Christopher started the fight, so he is not responsible for damages.
EP34 "Turning Her Freak Off"Before Pablo was Stephanie's ex, their relationship was all about sex; however, her change in hormones caused issues, and now they are in court.
EP31 "The Tale of Two Sisters"Silcray claims her younger sister stole her belongings; Sylvia is shocked and appaled that she'd be accused of such claims after taking her sister into her home.
Judge Karen Mills-Francis returns to syndication with this new version of her show, in which she adjudicates real-life, small-claims disputes. The former Florida county judge allows litigants to cross-examine witnesses in some cases, and ends each episode with a segment called Ask Judge Karen, in which she responds to videotaped queries from viewers.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2010
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
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