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Little Lord FauntleroyAn 11-year-old American learns he is the heir of the Earl of Dorincourt.
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S1, EP6Cedric and his mother prepare to leave the castle; the new Lady Fauntleroy demands that Lord Dorincourt gives a party for her son, D'Arcy; Cedric's friends, Mr. Hobbs and Dick, travel all the way to London with some very important news.
S1, EP5 "Episode 5"A bogus pretender to Ceddy's birthright appears.
S1, EP4Having warmed to Cedric, Lord Dorincourt decides to throw him a party so that he can meet all his neighbors; the party is a great success, but the arrival of a mysterious American woman causes an upset.
S1, EP3One of Lord Dorincourt's tenant farmers is threatened with eviction; Cedric is touched by his plight and implores his uncle to help; Cedric also sees the full extent of the poverty and suffering caused by the tenant's living conditions.
S1, EP2Having reluctantly left his friends and Lord Fauntleroy in America, Cedric arrives in England; Cedric's Uncle, Lord Dorincourt, disapproves of his mother and will not stand her presence at the castle; instead, she settles at Court Lodge.
S1, EP1Following the life of Cedric, an ordinary boy living in New York in the 1880s; when a lawyer from England arrives with some news for Cedric and his mother, their lives take an unexpected turn.
An 11-year-old American learns he is the heir of the Earl of Dorincourt.
Original Air Date: Jan 1, 1995
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (6 episodes)
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