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HawkAn Iroquois Indian investigates cases for the New York District Attorney's Office.
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"Wall of Silence"A mute girl witnesses a teen's killing of a patrolman.
"The Theory of the Innocent Bystander"A thief double-crosses his partner after a brilliant, million-dollar heist.
"The Man Who Owned Everyone"Hawk probes a crooked, politically powerful construction tycoon.
"Some Devil Whispered in His Ear"A killer holds patrons of a bar hostage.
"The Shivering Pigeon"Mobsters arrange the execution of a stool pigeon.
"The Hands of Corbin Claybrooke"An art dealer creates a diversion enabling him to steal a Van Gogh.
"Game With a Dead End"A man kidnaps a woman in order to frame her boyfriend.
"Do Not Mutilate or Spindle (Pilot)"A psychotic wages a murder campaign against automation.
"Ulysses and the Republic"A friend's murder involves Hawk in international espionage.
"Blind Man's Buff"A man faking blindness kills cab drivers who have daughters.
"Thanks for the Honeymoon"Hawk seeks the woman who can confirm a murder suspect's alibi.
"How Close Can You Get?"A clever murderer stalks an actor playing "Hamlet."
"The Longleat Chronicles"A bookbinder's murder leads to a missing set of rare books.
An Iroquois Indian investigates cases for the New York District Attorney's Office.
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Wayne Grice, Kim Hunter, Beverlee McKinsey, Emily Prager, Scott Glenn, Billy Dee Williams, James Dybas, Robert Crean
Original Air Date: Sep 8, 1966
Genres: DramaTV Series
Playback: HD
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