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Carnival EatsThere's lots to do at a carnival: playing the games, riding the rides, delighting in the noise and the neon. But for some, the best part of a carnival is the food, some of it unique to that milieu. "Carnival Eats" targets the culinary creations linked to American fairgrounds. Calorie-loaded offerings include rattlesnake, frog legs, or okra -- all deep-fried -- and a decadent sundae of eight doughnuts topped with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel, and don't forget the cherry! Host Noah Cappe, a novice cook, tries his hand at making some of the items.
S4, EP8 "Cheesy Rider"Noah visits the Prince William County Fair in Manassas, Va. and tries the Monumental Grilled Cheese and the Chesapeake Bay Poutine; at the Western Fair in London, Ontario, he dives into a Poutine Dog, the Bacaroni Bowl and Cherry Cheesecake Tempura.
S8, EP8 "You've Got Ale"Noah Cappe hits the Wisconsin State Fair, where a local brewery is serving a deep-fried combo of beer, brats and cheese curds; milk and cookies are inverted; a combination of onion rings and a grilled hot dog; cold brew coffee treat.
S3, EP8 "Bowls and Rolls"Noah visits the Norfolk County Fair in Ontario, Canada and enjoys the Thanksgiving bowl and butter bacon poutine; the Columbia County Fair in South Carolina serves gator nuggets with swamp sacue, the hog on a log and angel and devil dogs.
S3, EP13 "Meat and Mandarins"Noah visits the Eastern Carolina Agricultural Fair in Florence, S.C. and samples Calzagna and a deep fried philly blossom; Noah arrives at the Mountain Mandarin Festival in Auburn, Calif., and savors the Atomic Habanero Tots and The Big Yum.
S3, EP18 "Ice Cream Dreams"Noah Cappe samples ice cream sensations, from sweet to savory; whether the ice cream is piled on top of delicious homemade donuts or snuggling in-between bacon wafers, it will have one begging for more, brain freeze and all.
S4, EP6 "Jurassic Pork"Noah visits the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tenn. and tries Tennessee Hot Chicken and tastes Meme's Meatloaf Sammy; Noah enjoys the Three Little Pigs Melt and tries Buffalo Chicken Stromboli at the Pickaway County Fair in Circleville, Ohio.
S4, EP5 "Zacho Libre"Noah heads to the Eaton County Fair, where he samples the PB Battered Burger, then tries Pina Colada Shrimp Tacos, fried zucchini Z'achos and a Super Fried Strawberry Shortcake; Noah visits the Montgomery County Fair in Gaithersburg, Md.
S4, EP7 "A Guac to Remember"Noah visits the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver and gorges on the Big Pickle Dog, then samples the Colonel Katsu Bao, before trying the Deep Fried Margarita for dessert; Noah visits the LA County Fair in Pomona, Calif.
S9, EP12 "Sweet 'n' Savory Sensations"From a bratwurst topped with sauerkraut and apple pie to garlic enhanced doughnuts, these crazy combos sound so wrong but taste just right.
S9, EP11 "Pepper Popper Party"From hot dogs and burgers to pizza and onion rings, even a dessert, these pepper popper creations are on fire.
S9, EP14 "Six Degrees of Bacon"Noah Cappe goes hog-wild with fantastic porky delights made by amazing carnival cooks; whether it's grilled, smoked or even incorporated into dessert, it's time to pig out.
S2, EP13 "From Heatwave to Heartland"Caliente curls; chile relleno dog; mac and cheese bacon burger; cowboy beans; the Sunnyside burger; tropical tantalizer.
S9, EP5 "Cheese Please!"Melty, ooey-gooey carnival treats; truffle grilled cheese at the St. Paul Winter Carnival; the mac and cheeseball burger at the Kentucky State Fair; cannoli calzone; apple pie cheesecake.
S9, EP10 "Return of the Mac"Noah Cappe digs in to seven ooey-gooey versions of the classic American casserole; whether it's stacked in a sandwich, layered in a hot dog, rolled into a taco or topped with lobster, these mac and cheese creations are crave-worthy carnival treats.
S9, EP6 "Super Sundaes"From the all-American Burst o' Freedom in Indiana and the sensational southern Deep Fried Banana Pudding Sundae in North Carolina to the meaty treats like the BBQ Split and the Chili Mac Attack Sundae in Florida.
S2, EP9 "Fully Loaded"BBQ baked potatoes; fries topped with lobster; double Decker colossal grilled cheese; ice cream sundae with funnel cake.
S9, EP17 "Super Sandwiches"Comedian Noah Cappe seeks out freak show worthy foods at carnivals and fairgrounds across North America; Noah Cappe tries imaginative midway bites that have made food the new epicenter of carnival delights.
S11, EP9 "The Hills Have Fries"Noah Cappe feels the brotherly love at the RiverRink Festival in Philadelphia with the ultimate crab fries; he checks out the South Florida Fair for the pizza supreme blossom and Las Vegas' Great American Foodie Fest for divine lobster 'n waffles.
S2, EP1 "From Livestock to Lemons"Noah visits the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and samples the Texas Chili Burger and the Big Texas Barbecue Baked Potato; Lemonade Days in Dunwoody, Ga., for the Rise & Shine Pizza; a sushi burrito; the wacky Funnel Cake Dog.
S3, EP16 "Feast and Fries"Noah visits the Paris Fair in Ontario, Canada for Her Majesty's Feast, meat pie poutine, the Dirtburger and Maddy Moo's Wrap Attack; the Washington County Fair in New York for Sugar Shack cotton candy, Bleu Ribbon Fries and the Twisted S'More.
S9, EP8 "Carnival Classics Gone Wild"Host Noah Cappe crosses the country in search of carnival classics gone wild! From a pumped up corndog at the Porter County Fair to an out of this world funnel cake-blooming onion mashup; candy apple gone crazy; a cotton candy burrito.
S1, EP4 "Portland Rose Festival & Got to Be NC Fair"Beef tongue tacos in Portland; donut Sloppy Joe in North Carolina.
S11, EP10 "There's Something About Bloody Mary"Noah Cappe tries new coastal classics at the LA County Fair in Pomona, like the caviar cream cake; Noah sinks his teeth into the bloody mary burger at the Macon County Fair in Illinois and fried maple cookies 'n cream at the Vermont Maple Festival.
S2, EP6 "From Chowchilla-Madera to Ciao!"Noah arrives at the Deep Pit Barbeque in Chowchilla, Calif., and tries the funnel cake cheeseburger and baja avocado taco; St. Michael's Italian Festival in New Jersey for zeppole; a cheesecake known as Cake 'n Bacon; The Hoboken Fat Boy.
S3, EP4 "Freak Show of Funnel Cakes"Noah samples funnel cakes from across the country; a funnel cake sundae in Ohio; a maple syrup-drenched funnel-fried bacon in Georgia; funnel cakes featuring pumpkin in Kentucky; apples in Pennsylvania; nacho cheese and jalapenos in California.
S2, EP3 "From Derby Day to Down State"Noah visits the Kentucky Derby Festival for a pizza called the Kentucky Hot Brown; Ozark-style loaded fries; funnel cake with pumpkin; fried cookie dough; Noah arrives at the South Texas State Fair to enjoy The Swamp Thing and Hush Kitties.
S3, EP14 "Everything's Better With Bacon"Noah Cappe travels from festivals to fairs across the country to seek out some of the best bacon dishes around.
S4, EP13 "50 Shades of Crepe"Noah heads to Vancouver to sample Canadian Poutine Stuffed Burger, Jerk Chicken Dumplings, and the Donuccino; Noah visits the Fryeburg Fair in Maine, where he tries the Pig Pile in Paradise and eats local favorites like a Lobster Roll.
S4, EP21 "The Heat Is On"From pleasingly piquant pretzels in California, to sweet and fiery desserts in New York, Noah gets up the courage to sample seven of the spiciest midway munchies from coast to coast.
S4, EP22 "Everything's Bigger and Better in Texas"From a giant BBQ stuffed baked potato at the Houston Livestock show, to a Forth Worth Tex Mex Burrito almost as big as the state itself, Noah discovers that everything is bigger, and yummier, in Texas.
S4, EP25 "'Tis the Season"Some favorite holiday dishes get the Carnival Eats treatment; Noah gets a Taste of Christmas in Pennsylvania; Noah discovers a To Die For Casserole in Michigan.
S2, EP7 "From Strawberry to Silver Dollar"Visiting the Brandywine Strawberry Festival in Pennsylvania for a crab cake/roast beef combo; Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, Calif., to sample the Sinfully Sweet Spicy Cheese Pretzel.
S4, EP1 "Some Like It Popped"Tearing into the Conevore, filled to the brim with smoked brisket, pork and chicken; eating the Ragin' Cajun hoagie before sampling a fried fruit tart and Big Banana Pop; the World Series Burger; chile relleno burrito; birthday cake popcorn balls.
S5, EP8 "Fry Harder"Noah experiences the All-Chicken Taco, Mexican Funnel Cake, Octopus on a Stick and Unicorn Popcorn at the San Diego County Fair; Noah visits the Tennessee Valley Fair and checks out the Pork Pie, the Cubano Y'all and the Mint To Be Funnel Cake.
S5, EP13 "Aporkalypse Now"At the Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas; Noah Cappe goes crazy for an Ube Funnel Cake and the Tamago Burger; a New England fall classic; The Final Round; a Kettle Korn ice cream sandwich.
S3, EP19 "Fusion Fiesta"Noah Cappe lifts the lid on the American melting pot to reveal some decadent, delicious results; when fair-goers meet fusion foods, the results can only be world domination.
S5, EP6 "Planet of the Funnel Cakes"Noah visits central California's Placer County Fair, the home of the World's Largest Funnel Cake; Noah visits the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa, for deep-fried peaches and ice cream and a Walking Fish Taco.
S5, EP18 "Noah's Favs"After trying almost 500 fairground foods, Noah Cappe becomes a midway culinary expert; now he shares his personal greatest hits by taking a trip down the memory midway of his favorite foods.
S5, EP23 "Beach Eats"Noah Cappe goes surfside for a coastal fairground adventure; he samples creative beach eats from midway vendors all around the country.
S5, EP10 "Eating Las Vegas"Noah Cappe investigates the Great American Foodie Fest in Nevada and gets lucky with some monster meat meals like the Katsu Curry Sandwich; at the Kittitas County Fair in Washington, Noah goes local with the Beefalo Burger and Hucklepeach Donuts.
S5, EP19 "Family Dinner"Host Noah Cappe takes a seat at the table for family dinner, carnival style; he meets the carnival cooks who put a twist on family favorites and transform them into fair food marvels.
S5, EP14 "Festival of Fries"Everyone's favorite side dish takes center stage as Noah Cappe celebrates over-the-top fries loaded with lots of toppings; Noah even tries a few toppings that only the craziest carnival cooks could create.
S5, EP21 "Local Legends"Regional specialties get a carnival upgrade on the midway; from sandwiches that put cities on the map to desserts representing an entire state.
S4, EP9 "Get Him to the Greek Pizza"Euro-fusion Greek pizza; Crabby Patty burger; deep-fried chili dog; Fluffernutter elephant ear pasty; beer-battered burger; Mississippi mud fry.
S5, EP7 "Grill Bill"Noah travels to the Barry County Fair for treats including the Big Kahuna, deep-fried cupcakes and the Volcano Taco; Noah visits the Alaska State Fair and tries regional favorites like Umiak, Alaskan Sausage Sundaes and Alaska Sourdough Bites.
S5, EP26 "Seafood Sampler"Noah Cappe dives into the fairground for some of the yummiest seafood snacks on the midway.
S11, EP13 "Midnight Bao-Boy"Noah Cappe gets a good start to his day at the Macon County Fair in Illinois with the Big Biscuit. Then, he takes a bite out of street food at the Ninth Avenue Food Festival in NYC and rings in the 4th of July at the Big Butler Fair in Pennsylvania.
S11, EP12 "Steaks on a Plantain"Noah Cappe starts his midway adventure with the challenge burrito at the Big Butler Fair in Pennsylvania; it's off to the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey to sample jibaritos and the Macoupin County Fair in Illinois for the breakfast shoe.
S11, EP11 "Churro Dark Thirty"Noah Cappe enjoys the snacks at the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey, including the big dill stick, cheeseburger mofongo and a bacon chocolate churro; he tries surf and turf at RiverRink Fest Philadelphia and pizza dippers in medieval Oklahoma.
S11, EP8 "Wolf of Walla Walla Street"Noah Cappe heads to the Houston Rodeo for their cajun smoked tater; Noah visits the Clark County Fair in Nevada for some home cooking on a bun and goes back in time at the Medieval Fair of Norman, Okla., for the coronation of the crown cannoli.
S11, EP7 "Uncut Grape Gems"Noah Cappe visits the Washington County Fair in Utah for the Twisted Pickle Roll -- a deep-fried pickle sushi dream come true -- and has a little dessert in the desert with the Cookie Dough Dog. Then, he's off to the Clark County Fair in Nevada for Pretzel French Toast and the spicy Cheesy Carne Brick. Finally, Noah heads to the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee for their Southern Fried Softshell Sandwich, the Fiery Fiesta Funnel Cake and Grape Gems, a candy-coated fruity treat!
S11, EP6 "Silence of the Spams"Noah Cappe heads to the Vermont Maple Festival to dine on maple-infused carnival offerings; he celebrates the Mardi Gras Po'boy at the Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas and the stacked spam burger at the Riverside County Fair in Indio, Calif.
S11, EP5 "From Dusk Dill Donut"Noah Cappe takes on the dill donut sundae at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, a BBQ lumpia sandwich at the Washington County Fair in Utah and the cereal-infused Saturday Morning Pizza at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
S11, EP4 "Bring It Tur-On"Noah Cappe's tummy wins big at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Nevada with the chili cheese cake and the penne alla cone; he keeps cozy with a hot cocoa pretzel at Winter Fest OC and visits Tallahassee, Fla., for a shortcake stuffed candy apple.
S11, EP3 "The Corn Identity"Noah starts the day with breakfast nachos at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in Texas, visits the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee for street corn fritters and stops by the Riverside County Fair in Indio, Calif., for a colorful frozen treat.
S11, EP2 "Some Like It Hot Dog"Noah Cappe dines on the magically fun Carnival in a Cup at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, Ariz.; Noah tests his strength against the macho nacho grilled cheese at the South Florida Fair and the OC devil dog at Winter Fest OC in California.
S11, EP1 "Starship Scoopers"Noah Cappe tackles the scooperbowl sundae at the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival in Indio, Calif.; he visits the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the on-Pho-gettable burger and dines on royal treats at the Medieval Fair of Norman, Okla.
S10, EP8 "Under Texas Fries"Noah Cappe hits one of the biggest state fairs in the U.S. for Texas-sized carnival eats; he visits the State Fair of Louisiana for a new favorite food on a stick; his food tour continues with a hot cheesy float at the Arizona State Fair.
S10, EP7 "Natural Corn Grillers"Noah Cappe enjoys the newest offerings at the state fair of Louisiana, starting with mozza-ghetti, a cheesy take on the classic topped with meatballs and tomato sauce.
S10, EP6 "Doughboy Does Dallas"Noah Cappe tackles doughy delights at the state fair of Texas in Dallas, starting with the Dallas Hot, then the latest take on the classic carnival corndog.
S10, EP5 "The Hunt for Breaded Oktoberfest"Noah Cappe takes off to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, where the flavors are just as sky high as the balloons.
S10, EP4 "Pulp Kitchen"Noah Cappe is out at the Kansas State Fair to experience a well-brined plate of nachos.
S10, EP3 "Okla-hoagie!"Noah Cappe starts his journey out west to the Arizona State Fair; a beautifully grilled burger packed with flamin' hot cheese puffs; a Watermelon Taco.
S10, EP2 "How the West Was Yum"At the Kansas State Fair; chicken wings get a fair-friendly treatment at the Oklahoma State Fair.
S10, EP1 "The Wild Brunch"At the Ostrich Festival in Chandler, Ariz., sampling the Tacocolada; trying Amanda's green bean fries; Noah's first ever visit to the Colorado State Fair for a breakfast burger like no other and a rattlesnake corndog that's got a real bite.
S9, EP7 "The Dining"Host Noah Cappe visits two fall-tastic fairs for seasonal carnival treats. Fright Nights in West Palm Beach, Florida; Dreaded Chicken 'n' Waffles and The Toxic Dog. Local specialties like the Apple Cider Slider and Pumpkin Pie Cannoli.
S9, EP4 "It's a Wonderful Bite"The Winter Fest OC; west coast nuggets; sweet potato pile; the frozen banana cane; the breakfast funnel cake; the honey nut crunch burger.
S9, EP3 "Pretzella Queen of the Dessert"The Austrian alpine daug, a cheese-stuffed bratwurst in a hearty roll, topped with sauerkraut and potato salad; Swiss lava sandwich is a combo of melted cheese, cured ham, gherkins and mustard; chili cheese dog pizza.
S9, EP2 "Orange is the New Snack"Exploring the orange groves of California at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair; the bacon churro cheeseburger is a meaty mouthful sandwiched between two churros; spicy ramen fries combine crispy fries, crispy noodles and other tasty Japanese toppings.
S9, EP1 "The Postman Always Brings Rice"Noah heads to Hawaii for the Maui Fair where rice is always on the menu; traditional Hawaiian treats like the Laulau Feast and loco moco; cross cultural favorites like furikake salmon; jacked up fries; cannoli nachos.
S8, EP14 "Fairground Showdown"Host Noah Cappe visits California, home to some of the biggest and best fair in America; iconic Big Rib; Churro Dog made by Camille of Fabe's Churros; Chicken Charlie and his mind-blowing All Chicken Taco.
S8, EP13 "The King's Peach"Noah Cappe makes a visit to the Big Fresno Fair in California, where local legend Chicken Charlie has a triple treat stacked up on a stick; Southwest Georgia Regional Fair for the classic Georgia peach dessert served in a whole new way.
S8, EP12 "Fries in Disguise"Noah Cappe arrives at the Volusia County Fair in Florida, where two carnival classics get a makeover for the Cheesy Tater Corndog and the Black Forest Funnel Cake; fusion fair food with the Phorrito, Jacked Up Fries and Cannoli Nachos.
S8, EP11 "The Fryin' King"Noah heads to the Big Fresno Fair in California for the debut of some new fair foods, including the Flamin' Hot Chimichanga and Rainbow Shrimp Fries; new spin on the classic hot dog and one of the wackiest deep-fried desserts ever.
S8, EP10 "Gourmets of the Galaxy"The Iowa State Fair welcomes Noah Cappe with a trio of meaty masterpieces, but it's the Double Dutch Almond Funnel that has everyone jumping with joy; giant Jupiter Burger; spicy Solar Flare; sweet Space Coast Softball.
S8, EP7 "Dude, Where's my Carb?"Noah Cappe takes on the Porter County Fair in Indiana, where a pile of locally sourced pork is served three ways in a single dish; Pizza on a Stick; the Carrot Funnel Cake; then Noah's off to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.
S8, EP6 "Attack of the Mac and Cheese"Noah Cappe arrives at the Kentucky State Fair; the Mac Ball Burger, featuring deep-fried homemade mac and cheese; the Fried Green Frank, the Derby Pie Pop and the Southern Slaw Sammie; the Mac Attack Taco; Sunday Dinner Pizza; Grilled S'more Melt.
S8, EP5 "Jackie Hash Brown"At the world-famous Iowa State Fair, sampling some award-winning new food items; there's a new take on chicken and waffles and a massive meat meal all wrapped up to eat on the midway; the Pork-Tato; the Hash Brown Handful.
S7, EP13 "Deep-Fried Inferno"Noah Cappe is ready to have his taste buds fired up at the Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association Carnival in New York with the Flaming Weck to the Five Alarm Fries and Backyard BBQ Burrito to Smash Potato Waffles.
S7, EP12 "Steak Out"Noah Cappe is in carnivore mode for the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo in Texas; From the Southwest Dog to the Show Hog, no one goes home hungry; a steak out in the form of the Spud Steak Sandwich; a midway mashup, the Apple Cheesecake Quesadilla.
S7, EP11 "Toastbusters"Noah Cappe makes short work of the Smoke Bomb and the French Toast Crunch Burger; Blue Bacon Cheesecake; the annual Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival has inspired sweet berry treats like the Pizza Berry Pie and the Strawberry Crisp Corn Dog.
S7, EP10 "Hawaii Fried Dough"Noah Cappe arrives in the Aloha State for the 'Iolani Fair; The school fundraiser fair in Honolulu features Hawaiian-style fried dough in the Malasada Ice Cream Sandwich and Sweet Roll Sliders; two mashups: the Cubano Pizza and the PB and J Dog.
S7, EP9 "Bite Club"The Cowboy Breakfast ends the day with the uniquely sweet Caramel Apple Tots; Noah challenges himself to the 5 Pounderito and tries the finger-licking Ice Cream Funnelwich.
S7, EP8 "The Devil Wears Pasta"At the Okeechobee County Fair, Noah samples hot-wing grilled cheese, a sweet bacon Devil Burger and strawberry margarita funnel cake; the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Texas has ooey-gooey pasta roses and homemade cinnamon rolls with bacon.
S7, EP7 "Seoul Dip Sisters"At the California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta, Noah samples a Korean twist on a French dip, a Diablo Dog, and the Supreme Samoa doughnut stack; the Henderson, Nev., St. Patrick's Day Festival has Blasted Irish Burgers and gold-infused Leprechaun Mac.
S7, EP6 "There's Something About Cherry"Noah Cappe arrives in Macon, Ga., for the International Cherry Blossom Festival; a pimento cheese-filled breakfast sandwich called the Up All Night, a pink pizza called the Macon Cherry Bomb and a trio of meat-filled midway munchies.
S7, EP5 "Rowdy With a Chance of Meatballs"Noah Cappe hits the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock to discover the Arkanstick, an ice-cream treat known as the Rainbow Roll, deep-fried piña colada, and sausage pizza corn hog.
S7, EP4 "Gordita, Pray, Love"Midway eats, like the Onion Ring Nacho Supreme and Cosmic Funnel Cake at the Pasco County Fair in Florida; the Sights and Sounds of Christmas in San Marcos, Texas.
S7, EP3 "Pretzel-a, Queen of Dessert"The OMG Pretzel Bomb and the Fried King Cake; a Wurstburger and a chocolaty Black Forest Float at the Oktoberfest celebration known as Wurstfest.
S7, EP2 "Citizen Candy Cane"Noah Cappe heads to the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair for a helping of Cajun treats, like Cajun boudin tacos and pecan pie pops; basking in the lights of the Aurora Winter Festival in Toronto.
S7, EP1 "Smokey and the Slamwich"Noah Cappe heads to the Arkansas State Fair for the Arkansas Slamwich, the Stuffed Thanksgiving Taco and more; a savory funnel cake called the Chick 'N' Cake, deep-fried rice pudding and other delights.
S6, EP13 "A-Frying in Winter"Saint Paul Winter Carnival; the Nordic Waffle Pizza and the super-indulgent Biergarten Cupcake; Lil' Corn Cakes and an ooey-gooey S'Mores Chimney Stack.
S6, EP11 "Hot Dog Time Machine"Jack's Cosmic Dog; the Catfish Sundae; the Pumpkin Cheesecake Pop; spicy fare at the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix, Ariz.
S6, EP10 "Fight Club Sandwich"Knock-out fruity feasts at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City; Strawberry French Toast Burger and slurps the Way Better Strawberry Shake; Maryland's Towsontown Spring Festival; a Poppin' Lobster Dog; Japanese street food.
S6, EP9 "Beauty and the Beef"Texas-sized treats at Rodeo Austin; Kobe beef Rodeo Austin burger and the massive Stuffed Chop; Pima County Fair in Tucson, Ariz., for a shrimp stick featuring sweet Gulf shrimp and fruity cereal; The Big Rib; brain-numbing Nitro Whip.
S6, EP8 "Mocktail"Manatee County Fair in Palmetto, Fla.; the Pizza Supremo Burger and the Ulti-Melt Burger; Sandia Loca; Kentucky classics at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, Ky.
S6, EP7 "There Will Be Bacon"Bacon and Bourbon Fest in Wellington, Fla.; Stuffed Crust Bacon-Za; Peanut Butter Pork Donuts that hit the sweet and salty spot; ThurtenE Carnival at Washington University in St. Louis, where he gets his fill of delicious school spirit.
S6, EP6 "Planet of the Dates"Arabian Nights-themed Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival in Indio, Calif.; Churro Dog; Clay County Agricultural Fair; Cubano Dog; Hawaiian Typhoon.
S6, EP5 "Eggs Men"Hoggetown Medieval Faire in Gainesville, Fla.; smoked bison burger and the wild boar leg; Rodeo Austin for some weird treats like Armadillo Eggs, Cookie Dough Dream and a road trip to deliciousness called the I-35 Chili Jar.
S6, EP4 "Requiem for an Ice Cream"Greater Gulf State Fair in Mobile; Dirty Bird turkey leg and a ride on a crazy midway mash-up, the Mothership; Firefighters' Indian River County Fair in Vero Beach, Fla; the Breakfast Buzz Burger; the Strawberry Lemonade Stick.
S6, EP3 "Mad Snacks: Berry Road"Texas Renaissance Festival; Sir Francis fry dog and the crown jewel; Plant City, Florida; berry delicious carnival treats at the Florida Strawberry Festival; strawberries make a surprise appearance in savory treats like the sweet brisket taco.
S6, EP2 "Dates on a Plane"Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival; fire fingers kartwheel and the sonoran fire dog; palm date shake; Pensacola Interstate Fair for some Flori-Bama fun; crabby tots and the love me tender pizza; queen of funnel cakes.
S5, EP22 "Tons of Taters"Ingenious fair vendors use the humble potato to create some amazing and original midway food offerings.
S5, EP20 "Nacho, Nacho Man"Corn chips, cheese and loads of toppings are the base of a simple Tex-Mex dish, but the carnival cooks can get pretty creative; some of the wackiest and wildest nacho combinations on the midway.
S5, EP17 "Bayou Bites"In Texas and Louisiana, the bayou fairgrounds are full of rich and tasty food; crawfish, alligator and frogs are all on the menu as host Noah Cappe wades through the swamp to try unusual carnival fare.
S5, EP12 "The Waffle Truth"The Circleville Pumpkin Show in Ohio, where pumpkin stars in treats like Pumpkin Chili Dogs and Fall Favorite Taffy; Southern favorites including True Grits and Banana Split Pudding Bites are at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh.
S4, EP12 "The Good, the Bacon, the Ugly"Texas State Fair in Dallas; bacon-tilla; chicken-fried lobster; carrot cake roly; deep-fried sweet potato pie; Oakland County Fair in Davisburg, Mich.
S3, EP9 "Dumplings and Pumpkins"Noah visits the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee for dead heat tacos, the bacon blast and the belly buster Philly cheesesteak; the Erin Fall Fair in Ontario, Canada serves up Ag Ladies apple dumplings, pork belly sliders and crackle lanterns.
There's lots to do at a carnival: playing the games, riding the rides, delighting in the noise and the neon. But for some, the best part of a carnival is the food, some of it unique to that milieu. "Carnival Eats" targets the culinary creations linked to American fairgrounds. Calorie-loaded offerings include rattlesnake, frog legs, or okra -- all deep-fried -- and a decadent sundae of eight doughnuts topped with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel, and don't forget the cherry! Host Noah Cappe, a novice cook, tries his hand at making some of the items.
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