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Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesWith roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way "dives" enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best "greasy spoon" eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods.
S28, EP24 "Tasty Traditions"In Seattle, a funky spot makes their name with scratch-made Russian piroshki; a joint in Kona serves up a bite of culture with their authentic Hawaiian cuisine; in Chicago, an old-school Jewish deli dishes out their specialties cafeteria-style.
S24, EP7 "Succulent Sandwiches"In Oakland, killer cheesesteak and off-the-chain chicken; in Modesto, Calif., pastrami on pretzel bread and root beer pulled pork; in Key Largo, Fla., a seafood staple servin' up a sandwich that's become a local legend.
S23, EP7 "Beef It Up"In Minneapolis, Minn., steak and braised beef sandwiches; in Atlanta, a fish specialty and pastrami hash; in Plymouth, Mass., cheesesteak pretzels and a twist on traditional shepherd's pie.
S22, EP7 "Globe Tasting"In Bakersfield, Calif., Latin-fusion favorites like Basque lamb tacos and popcorn pork; in Northfield, N.J., grandma's pizza and homemade pappardelle pasta; in Phoenix, dumplings and coconut Asian pork.
S24, EP10 "Smoked, Grilled and Fried"In Miami, wild boar sausage and house-cured bacon; in Modesto, Calif., tacos and a sweet and savory waffle; in Stockton, Calif., an ex-NFL player slinging wings that score with the sauce.
S25, EP2 "Asia, Africa and India"In Los Angeles, house-made hot dogs and pork adobo piled onto grilled cheese; in San Francisco, chicken jambalaya; in Minneapolis, tikka masala and naan.
S29, EP1 "From Pork to Pasta"Guy Fieri digs into everything from pork to pasta on this trip; in Chicago, a real-deal Italian spot with righteous ravioli and dynamite deep dish; an authentic Hong Kong barbecue experience served alongside all the classics.
S26, EP1 "Belly Up to Barcelona"Guy Fieri heads to Barcelona, Spain; a homey spot serving Galician-style octopus and soup; a grab-and-go sandwich place serving sausage and sauces; a family-owned place serving traditional dishes like rabbit and snail.
S28, EP2 "Delicious Discoveries"This trip, Guy Fieri uncovers some surprising culinary discoveries; in Columbus, Ohio, a hidden gem tucked away in a grocery store serves out-of-bounds Nepalese-Tibetan specialties.
S29, EP5 "Pretzels, Pork and Paella"Guy digs into everything from pretzels to paella; in Bozeman, Mont., a five-star take on breakfast with a Mexican pork masterpiece; in Little Rock, Ark., a microbrewery serves elevated pub grub; a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant serving up paella.
S45 "Triple D Nation: Wraps and Rolls"Guy Fieri has an East Coast experience as he stops by a food truck in Orlando, FL, that's rollin' out perfect pastrami. Then in Charlotte, NC, a hot dog haven is branching out of the bun, and an O.G. Triple D alum is dishing out tacos and crab puppies.
S27, EP13 "College-Town Champs"Guy's rolling into college towns; in Columbus, Ohio, a pierogi paradise dishing out their specialties and a barbecue truck smoking premiere pork; in Boulder, Colorado, a legit Thai joint serving knockout noodles and off-the-chain chicken.
S45, EP21 "Stuffed, Sandwiched and Souped"Guy Fieri's getting stuffed and sandwiched; in Los Angeles, a taco truck goes big with the birria; in Bend, Ore., it's Polish-palooza with lights-out pierogis; in Milford, Ohio, an elevated diner is spicing up its chicken sandwich.
S17, EP1 "Tacos And Tots"In Denver, homemade Tater Tots, pork rinds and a pastrami sandwich; in Tacoma, pork shoulder tacos, elk sliders and Tater Tots stuffed with parmesan cheese.
S19, EP7 "From Meatballs to Lollipops"In Miami, Fla., loaded chimi burrito and lobster lollipops; in Sandy, Utah, Canadian bacon and potato croquettes and white bean and steak pizza; in Salt Lake City, ten ounce meatballs.
S20, EP2 "Stuffed and Twisted"In Monterey, Calif., lasagna and minestrone; in Boston, panini that will satisfy both meat and veggie lovers; in Jackson, Wyo., chicken pot pie and homemade soups and pretzels.
S23, EP5 "Homeland Favorites"In Richfield, Minn., tacos al pastor and carnitas tamales; in Denver, lamb ribs and a unique dessert specialty; in Atlanta, shrimp and grits and biscuits and gravy.
S21, EP1 "Roadtrippin' in Beantown"An all-Boston smorgasbord; in Allston, two restaurants share one kitchen and cook up totally different menus; gravlax and chicken sausage; in South Boston, pierogi and an old-country fried pork favorite.
S28, EP5 "All Kinds Of Comfort"Guy Fieri dives into comfort cooking; trying barbecue fries and a new spin on chilaquiles in Phoenix; in Boulder, Colo., a pizza place loads up the pies and offers their meatball grinder; a Dallas spot cranks out all kinds of off-the-chain chicken.
S28, EP30 "Culinary Journey"Guy Fieri's hitting the road for on an off-the-chain culinary journey; on the Big Island, a Filipino-Hawaiian mashup is making a name for itself for leaving diners speechless.
S21, EP5 "Small Town Standouts"In Parkland, Wis., sandwiches stuffed with brisket and pork belly; in Jackson, Wyo., Asian bison bowl and Thai curry soup; in Lancaster, Ore., a monster burger and a unique twist on pizza.
S25, EP8 "Burgers, Buns and Bagels"Guy visits an amped-up deli serving up lamb burgers and ribs; a Koreatown favorite loads up Asian buns and a unique bacon-corn bar dish; a world-class bagel shop spices up their specialty and tops things off with Jersey's famous pork roll.
S29, EP8 "Meaty Mashup"In Little Rock, Ark., a gas station-turned-eatery pumps bison into a burrito and piles pork onto cornmeal waffles; in Santa Rosa, Calif., a Vietnamese joint makes pho and barbecue pork; in Sonoma, Calif., a barbecue spot loads up a monster burger.
S29, EP15 "Piling on the Pork"A Puerto Rican spot in San Antonio builds a unique take on nachos and cooks a monster chop; a gangster grill in New Orleans serves pork knuckles and sweet bird; a funky joint that makes pork tacos and puts collards in a mouthwatering melt.
S21, EP6 "One Street Wonders"Guy heads to Cincinnati to three righteous restaurants; a funky pub with creative hot dogs and sammies; a Belgian spot featuring waffles and beer cheese pretzels; a Southwestern spot serves up short rib street tacos and a chicken torta.
S19, EP9 "International Family Style"In Holladay, Utah, pho and bahn mi; in Kailua, Hawaii, island favorites like Hawaiian-style kalbi ribs and mochiko chicken; in Salt Lake City, Utah, Greek dishes like grilled octopus and lamb tacos.
S45 "From Chicken to Noodles"Guy Fieri road trips across America to check out classic greasy spoons. With a new generation of owners and delicious homemade food, these are the kind of places that make America special.
S24, EP4 "Smoke and Seafood"In Baltimore, a barbecue food truck dishing out pulled pork and ribs; in Islamorada, Fla., a seaside shack serving shrimp fritters; in Key Largo, Fla., a market and restaurant smokin' up a fantastic fish dip and savory seafood.
S42, EP15 "Flavor Expedition"Starting in Caguas, Puerto Rico, with churrasco steak, risotto and ropa vieja dumplings; grabbing tandoori chicken and samosas in Middleton, N.J., and next-level Filipino dishes in Cleveland.
S23, EP11 "Piggin' Out"A funky food truck serving loaded platters and Colombian arepas; an Asian joint tucked away in a grocery store dishing out barbecued pork and pork belly ramen; a smokehouse featuring killer wings and a hearty porchetta sandwich.
S21, EP2 "Seriously Saucy"In Cincinnati, barbecued chicken and vegan chili; in Boston, lemongrass chicken and sloppy Joes; in Jackson, Wyo., scratch-made ramen and pork ragout.
S23, EP6 "Name That Kitchen"In Fort Collins, Colo., gangster green chili and mile-high burgers; in Falmouth, Mass., perfect pickle chips and a savory scone sandwich; and just outside of Falmouth, local soft shell crab and hearty kale soup.
S26, EP9 "Goin' International"A Jamaican joint serves oxtail and curry goat in Houston; a Lebanese stop serves kibbie balls and kabobs; in Cancun, Mexico, a 24-hour hot spot makes bomb burritos.
S23, EP9 "Finger Lickin' Food"In Atlanta, cheddarwurst corn dogs and a knockout pastrami sandwich; in Minneapolis, bahn mi and bacon onion dip; in Woods Hole, Mass., mussels and lobster-stuffed cod.
S21, EP8 "Meat in the Middle"Baltimore serves up some amazing ravioli and killer clams; In Eugene, Ore., a sandwich food truck serves a meaty, cheesy, pork masterpiece; in Cable, Wis., barbecue with espresso and creme brulee French toast is on tap.
S19, EP12 "Righteous Bites"In Los Angeles, the Fat Jerry sammie; in Monterey, Calif., abalone sliders; in Aiea, Hawaii, oxtail soups and grilled turkey sandwich.
S25, EP4 "Chew and Brew"In Minneapolis, a brewery cooks up dishes like righteous pulled pork and a killer brisket sandwich; in Miami, southern favorites like hen and dumplings and a lamb belly BLT; in Los Angeles, a mega-meat pizza and wild boar gnocchi.
S21, EP11 "Chicken Chowfest"In Baltimore, wicked wings and a killer steak wrap; in Eugene, Ore., a soul food joint smoking barbecue bird and their signature burger; in Des Moines, Iowa, fried chicken and decadent red velvet waffles.
S22, EP8 "Sweet, Savory and Saucy"In Bakersfield, Calif., meaty Texas chili and decadent pumpkin pancakes and across town, a peanut butter burger alongside Bacon Love ice cream; in Phoenix, a gourmet taco spot mixing up a mean mole.
S24, EP8 "Hot Meat and Cool Veg"In Modesto, Calif., Portuguese sausage and a lights-out lamb burger; in Oakland, okra gumbo and a meatless spin on succulent sandwiches; in Islamorada, Fla., wicked wings and righteous pork rinds.
S45, EP23 "Tasty Time Travel"Guy Fieri's headed on some tasty trips back in time, starting with an old schoolhouse in Ohio that has a comfort food curriculum; former church in Redmond, Ore., puts out heavenly pizza; a retro joint in Stamford, Conn., dishes out diner classics.
S45, EP22 "Dumpling-icious"Guy Fieri's diving into dumplings from around the world; a Japanese joint in Cincinnati fires up meaty gyozas; a Nepalese spot in Oregon showcases its traditional fare; in Los Angeles, a Lebanese-Armenian oasis puts out a dumpling dish.
S45, EP20 "Triple D Nation: Island-Inspired Eats"Guy Fieri is gearing up for vacation mode with Italian and island-inspired eats; in California, Guys gets carbonara and Kalua pig from the same Manhattan Beach spot and Lao Lao in Los Angeles; a Jamaican joint in Cincinnati serves a stew wrap to go.
S45, EP19 "Down South & South of the Border"Guy Fieri tries standout seafood at an old ice cream shop in Tybee Island, Ga., and culinary comfort food in Savannah, Ga.; in Boise, Idaho, a taco spot gets creative with their carnitas.
S45, EP18 "Triple D Nation: Pastrami, Patties and Parm"Guy Fieri's going across the country to sample all sorts of savory eats; he catches up on all things BBQ on St. Simons Island, Ga., before heading to Los Angeles for chicken parm at an Italian deli and supersized subs loaded with fried food.
S45, EP17 "Triple D Nation: Dishes Done Right"Guy Fieri's hitting all the flavors, from barbecue to banh mi; he enjoys rib tips under the Hollywood stars in Los Angeles, gets an Italian element on his jerk chicken in Ohio, and checks out a business-busting Vietnamese-BBQ mashup in Michigan.
S45, EP16 "Seafood, Spice & Soul"Guy Fieri's grabbing seaside snacks, global spice and Southern soul; in Georgia, a Tybee Island joint goes gourmet with hot dogs, while a Savannah soul food spot rolls out an oxtail twist; in Idaho, a Boise café serves up a taste of Afghanistan.
S45, EP15 "Triple D Nation: From Biscuits to Briskets"Tasting food from coast to coast and across the pond; Guy Fieri samples Irish-inspired egg rolls in Atlantic Beach, Fla., mile-high meatloaf from the 18th hole in Vincentown, N.J., and an American breakfast with an English twist in Ventura, Calif.
S45, EP14 "Pick-Me-Ups"In Boise, Idaho, an empanada emporium and a stick-to-your-ribs spot are both serving up off-the-hook sandwiches; a funky joint in Savannah, Ga., is putting out real deal wood-fired pizza and bagels.
S45, EP13 "Triple D Nation: All Sorts of Sandwiches"Guy Fieri's eating sandwiches, starting in Boise, Idaho, where an old-school drive-in is deep-dunking its Monte Cristos; in Atlantic City, N.J., patties are all wrapped up in pizza dough, and a Vegas joint is stuffing east coast-inspired eats.
S45, EP12 "A World of Meat"Guy Fieri's digging into meaty mashups, starting in Boise, Idaho, where a Russian joint is serving lights-out lamb, and a Pakistani spot is cooking goat; in Ocala, Fla., a barbecue pro is putting his spin on brisket mac and cheese stuffed sausage.
S45, EP11 "Mexican, Mediterranean and Mofongo"Guy Fieri's grabbing an international playlist of flavor; in Florida, a funky spot is putting a Mediterranean spin on burgers, while a local gem is dishing out Puerto Rican specialties; in Las Vegas, a real deal Mexican joint has bomb birria tacos.
S45, EP10 "Meat and Sweet"Guy Fieri's piling up the meat with a little sweet; in Santa Barbara, Calif., a hidden gem is putting out funky fusion like Korean paella; in Florida, a Boynton Beach butcher is elevating porchetta; a Boca Raton food truck is cooking cheesecake.
S45, EP9 "Chicken and Ribs"Guy Fieri's flying with chicken and so much more; in Santa Barbara, Calif., a butcher is saucing up chicken tacos; in Delray Beach, Fla., an homage to Mom includes a mouthwatering pasta; in Las Vegas, a chef is going over the top with Thai creations.
S45, EP9 "Top-Notch Toppings"In Cincinnati, a spot is piling up chili; in Bend, Ore., a vegan joint is getting creative with tostadas; in Venice, Calif., a pizza stop is frying up their pie.
S45, EP8 "Sloppy, Saucy and Stuffed"A Los Angeles spot dishes out El Salvadorian with a twist, while an Oregon food cart serves up authentic Indian.
S45, EP7 "All-Over Flavor"In California, Guy takes Marc Summers to check out fried rice in a bowl and burrito; then, he's off to Vegas with Hunter for real deal Jamaican and to Florida for lobster meatballs and pork cheek empanadas.
S45, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Mac Daddy Meat"It's a full-blown meat-fest when Guy Fieri stops to check out a Las Vegas BBQ joint that's doing meatloaf in a different way; in New Jersey, a Mexi-Cali must-stop is stuffing street tacos, and there are burgers and fries not found anywhere else.
S45, EP5 "Triple D Nation: From Crab Cakes to Curry"In Santa Fe, N.M., Guy goes bananas over banana curry; a Las Vegas trio has tripled its real estate thanks to pineapple pizza; New Jersey crab cakes create all kinds of buzz.
S45, EP4 "Interesting Italian"Guy Fieri is digging into all kinds of Italian; in Santa Barbara, Calif., Dennis Miller's riding shotgun for prime pizza; in Las Vegas, a vegan joint puts its spin on an Italian sandwich; a funky pizzeria stuffs chicken parm into strombolis.
S45, EP4 "Triple D Nation: Wrapped, Stacked and Sliced"In California, a relocated Filipino spot has spicy pork fries; a Colorado staple celebrates a century of classics.
S45, EP3 "Triple D Nation: Mexi-Cali Meals"Guy Fieri revisits a DDD stop in Victorville serving sandwiches, a Garden Grove joint with chile verde and a Los Angeles spot with tampiquenas.
S45, EP3 "Triple D Nation: Chick'in Out"In Santa Fe, N.M., Guy Fieri checks in on an African joint to taste its oxtail; a cafe in New Jersey is pressing paninis and stuffing sandwiches; a Brooklyn, N.Y., spot is serving traditional Southern sides in Super Bowl-sized portions.
S45, EP2 "Smoker, Stove and Skewer"Guy Fieri is checking out all kinds of culinary, like a Las Vegas food truck smoking up monster sandwiches and a California comfort spot with pot pie; a Mediterranean joint's beef skewers and tandoori chicken.
S45, EP1 "West Coast Wonders"Guy Fieri is cruising California; in Healdsburg, a rooftop oasis is creating a charcuterie cornucopia; in San Diego, a funky joint is dishing out a taste of New Orleans; a breakfast and lunch spot is going sweet and savory.
S45 "Variety of Flavor"Guy Fieri's hittin' up joints crushin' all kinds of flavor. There's a Malaysian oasis in Cincinnati and a Salvadorian spot in Port Chester, NY, each serving their real deal cultural specialties. Plus, a bus in Omaha goes Detroit-style with their pizza.
S45 "Champion Chefs"Guy Fieri's visiting restaurants owned by familiar Food Network faces. In Studio City, CA, Chef Antonia Lofaso is cooking up out-of-this-world global flavors, and in Rapid City, SD, Chef Justin Warner is serving up righteous ramen and dynamite dumplings.
S45 "Triple D Nation: Chicken, Cheese and Chili Paste"Guy Fieri explores a what's what of culinary skills. First up in Orlando, FL, Guy's checking in on an Italian joint rollin' chicken marsala meatballs. Then, he's smokin' rib tips in Denver and going wild with grilled cheese in Charlotte, NC.
S45 "Triple D Nation: Ocean Eats and a Chicken Feast"Guy Fieri's checking out seafood sensations and fryin' up a lot of fowl. In Los Angeles, he's tasting Thai soup and garlic prawns from a GGG alum. Then, Guy's off to Colorado for Italian-inspired crispy cutlets and a mile-high tower of fried chicken.
S44, EP10 "Thai, Pie and Fries"Guy Fieri's diving into Thai food, pie and hearty fries; in San Diego, a spot is serving fish and ribs; in Arroyo Seco, N.M., a New Zealand food truck makes meat pies; a cozy joint loads up bison chili fries.
S44, EP9 "Triple D Nation: Burgers, Bowls and Bangers"In California, Guy Fieri pops into a Ferndale poke truck for some island-inspired flavors and hits up a Palm Desert breakfast spot with frosted pastries and a banger benny; in Hackensack, N.J., a diner serves sliders and sandwiches by the truckload.
S44, EP8 "Revved Up"After travelling around the country for years, Guy Fieri's 1968 Camaro needs some help; while his buddies at VP Speed Shop work on her identical twin sister, Guy stops by for check-ins and brings some of his favorite dishes from local joints.
S44, EP7 "Culinary Adventure"Guy Fieri jumps into a full culinary adventure in San Diego where there's a spot servin' Baja-style tacos and a funky food truck puttin' out next-level shawarma; in Taos, N.M., a pan-Asian joint pulls out the stops with a Reuben banh mi.
S44, EP6 "Not-Your-Everyday, All Day"A stacked-up breakfast, unique pot pie and Mexican recipes not found on a typical menu in Taos, N.M.; skate legend Tony Hawk tags along for creative vegan cooking in San Diego.
S44, EP5 "Beef and Bird"Loading up the meat with bomb beef and bird; in North Conway, N.H., a funky joint is putting Thai in their tacos, and a local gem in Emerald Isle, N.C., is firin' up big barbecue; in Taos, N.M., a traditional spot serves up New Mexican specialties.
S44, EP4 "Triple D Nation: From Sausage to Sweet"Guy Fieri's got sweet and savory when he tries knock-out candy apples at a treat truck in Pembroke, N.C., and visits a tried-and-true butcher shop in Brigantine, N.J.; an old school Jersey City diner has a new name, but the pancakes are the same.
S44, EP3 "Triple D Nation: Soups, Stews and Seafood"It's a walk down memory lane in Morehead City, N.C., when Guy Fieri stops at a place where the hushpuppies haven't changed; he takes a look back at oxtail with an old buddy in New York City and Vietnamese-like bo luc lac in Cincinnati.
S44, EP2 "Rolled and Holed"Guy Fieri's rolling out with a little holey moley in New Hampshire, where a joint is puttin' out bomb bagels; in North Carolina, a funky spot is adding a Southern spin to egg rolls; a fun Florida chef is goin' prime time with pastrami and pizza.
S44, EP1 "Eastern Southern"Guy Fieri heads east to get a taste of the South; a smokehouse in New Hampshire is putting its own spin on meatloaf; a funky North Carolina joint is spicin' up its shrimp; a historic Florida spot is making a standout seafood stew.
S43, EP12 "Triple D Nation: Culinary Kaleidoscope"Guy Fieri looks for culinary creations to really sink his teeth into, including a New Hampshire catering truck full of beef tips, shrimp and dirty bird wings, rockin' pierogi in Ohio, and homemade gnocchi at a New Jersey eatery.
S43, EP11 "Stuffed, Smoked and Wrapped"Guy Fieri is pickin' up what Flavortown is puttin' down, starting at a Nashville joint that's adding green chile crunch to their signature wrap; in Florida, two beach spots are smokin' up alligator ribs and serving Venezuelan stuffed specialties.
S43, EP10 "Burger, Bird and Meaty Italian"Guy Fieri dives into a meaty smorgasbord, starting with a funky Nashville joint that serves a skyscraper burger; in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., a chef cooks up real deal gnocchi, and an out-of-this-world spot goes huge with a monster pork chop.
S43, EP8 "Triple D Nation: From Fried to Sides"Guy Fieri's throwing everything in the fryer; he hits up a joint in Knoxville, Tenn., where the food comes straight to the car; samples spiced-up crab cakes in Somers Point, N.J.; gets crispy pig tails and huge hot dogs at a pub in Blue Ash, Ohio.
S43, EP7 "Cheese and Meat"Guy Fieri's starting at a South Bound Brook, N.J., meat market and stacking up their spin on the sloppy joe; in Nashville, Tenn., a taco joint is piling nachos with local flavor; a down-home spot is serving the bomb barbecue pork mac.
S43, EP5 "Cruisin' Coast to Coast"Guy's hitting up a taco joint going above and beyond with their Ahogada Torta and a quesadilla-taco-au jus mashup; a Thai spot is piling up the pork and dynamite dumplings; a funky food truck is loading up monster sandwiches.
S43, EP4 "Triple D Nation: Classic Plates, New Tastes"Guy Fieri finds new takes on classic favorites, a palm desert, California place serves avocado fries and a burger with an Italian accent; a Jersey twist on soul food in Atlantic City, N.J., and a barbecue joint has its own take on bruschetta.
S43, EP3 "From Chicken to Chiles"Guy Fieri finds all kinds of unexpected flavor, starting with next-level sandwiches in Cleveland with Chef Michael Symon; a New Jersey joint is amping up bar bites, and a chef in La Quinta, Calif., reinvents her mom's chilaquiles.
S43, EP2 "Surf and Savory"Guy Fieri's grabbing a little surf, turf, and flavors from the Earth; in Puerto Rico, a local gem is serving off-the-hook pork trifongo and shrimp empanadas; Guy finds a mushroom po' boy in Somerville, N.J., and outrageous octopus in Cleveland.
S43, EP1 "Triple D Nation: Covered and Smothered"Guy Fieri pops into a Jewish deli in Palm Springs, Calif., to reminisce about pastrami and brisket; then, it's double trouble with Kid Rock in Clarkston, Mich.,and a look back at not one but two of Kid's favorite hometown restaurants.
S42, EP14 "Chicken, Steak and Cake"Guy Fieri's doubling up with sweet and savory, both hot and cold; there are chicken and steak arepas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, winning wings from a food truck in Laramie, Wyo., and an ice cream-cake combo; a raclette-ramen mashup in Cleveland.
S42, EP13 "Triple D Nation: Old Friends, New Flavors"Old friends are whipping up new flavors on this trip; in New York City, Guy Fieri follows a "Triple D" alum to his new place for old-school pizza; a Belgian bistro in Cincinnati is serving waffles every which way.
S42, EP12 "Plating Up Puerto Rico"Guy Fieri's travels with Antonia Lofaso on a culinary journey through Puerto Rico; in Old San Juan, they have a chicken-trifongo combo; a spot in Juncos serves plantain-picadillo lasagna and a stew made with pig's feet.
S42, EP10 "Triple D Nation: Out of Bounds Burgers"A Cali-inspired chorizo burger in Blue Ash, Ohio; a strawberry jam-packed double patty in Nashville; a burger joint in Ann Arbor, Mich., is making them in a million different ways.
S42, EP8 "Triple D Nation: Poultry, Lamb and Jam"Guy Fieri's got breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, starting in Columbus, Ohio, where he loads up on a meatball sub; Guy turns his attention to creative cocktails and a jammin' turkey burger in Edison, N.J., and shawarma in Lansing, Mich.
S42, EP7 "From Italian to Asian"Guy Fieri starts at a Vietnamese spot in Albuquerque, N.M., with banh mi; in Anchorage, Alaska, there's real Italian deli.
S42, EP6 "Gettin' Funky in Flavortown"In Laramie, Wyo, a restaurant-bar has nachos, and a spot is cooking up a vegetarian banh mi; a Mexican place in Alaska is serving duck tacos.
S42, EP5 "From Appetizers to Dessert"In Laramie, Wyo., an old-school cafe has green chili burritos and pie; a spot in Anchorage, Alaska has blackened chicken gnocchi.
S42, EP4 "Meaty, Cheesy and Sweet"Waffles in Anchorage, Alaska, and steak tacos in Aspen, Colo.; in Albuquerque, N.M., a Latin place makes repas and pork paninis.
S42, EP3 "Asian and American"Guy Fieri's got Asian flavors, an American classic and some mashups in between; a Korean-Mexican joint in Anchorage, Alaska, rolls out kimchi burritos; a funky fusion spot in Albuquerque, N.M., heads off the charts with the bomb pork belly.
S42, EP2 "Triple D Nation: Fish, Fries and Frog Legs"A Jamaican joint in Nashville, Tenn., dishes up oxtail and escovitch from the island; a spot in Franklin, Tenn., serves loaded fries and messy shrimp; Guy finds fried gizzards and frog legs.
S42, EP1 "From Europe to Asia"Righteous ramen in Millcreek, Utah; an authentic Italian spot making artichoke parmesan soup in Grand Junction, Colo; stuffed cabbage and schnitzel in Albuquerque, N.M.
S42Guy Fieri drives coast to coast, sampling classic road food.
S42Guy Fieri drives coast to coast, sampling classic road food.
S41, EP10 "Chicken 'Cross the Globe"Guy Fieri tracks down off-the-chain chicken, starting in Salt Lake City with a unique curry chicken mashup; in Albuquerque, N.M., the chicken is down-home fried alongside sweet waffles; in Grand Junction, Colo., it's nested in tacos with guacamole.
S41, EP9 "Triple D Nation: Eats from Abroad"Guy Fieri is eatin' abroad, starting in Houston, at a Mexican joint making mole just like grandma; an Italian eatery in Nashville is loading up the lasagna; a Polish place in Michigan is still pinching perogies the old-fashioned way.
S41, EP8 "Classic and Comfort"In a classic, comfort-filled joyride, Guy Fieri finds mozzarella sticks and gravy fries at a retro diner in Leavenworth, Wash.; homestyle fried chicken and grits in Draper, Utah; and stellar meatless chorizo at a vegan spot in Nashville, Tenn.
S41, EP7 "Tacos, Tots and Chops"Guy Fieri enjoys a fun, filling fiesta, kicking off in Grand Junction, Colo., where a pub serves a real deal Reuben; a spot in Salt Lake City elevates tacos; an outrageous joint in Nashville, Tenn., cooks up Middle Eastern specialties.
S41, EP5 "Traditional Twists"Bend, Ore., where a funky spot stuffs their buns with unexpected flavors; a Puerto Rican oasis in Utah cooks real deal mofongo, and a Nashville joint serves coal-fired pizza.
S41, EP4 "Sandwiches and Spice"In Bend, Ore., a bagel shop is loading up pastrami; a Venezuelan spot in Salt Lake City is making amazing arepas; a Nashville joint is putting their twist on Jamaican specialties.
S41, EP3 "Meat and Heat"Guy Fieri rolls into a tucked-away panini paradise in Chehalis, Wash.; a Korean spot in Brentwood, Tenn., gets spicy with its chicken and bulgogi; in Houston, a barbecue joint throws Tex-Mex into the mix with brisket tacos and jalapeno sausage.
S41, EP1 "Regional Flavors"Guy Fieri digs into righteous regional flavors where you may not expect to find them, like Cajun jambalaya in Bend, Ore.; Pakistani oxtail in Chehalis, Wash.; a tiki joint in Houston serves elevated dumplings and honey butter chicken biscuits.
S40, EP12 "Triple D Nation: Diner Eats and a Fieri Treat"On Maui, Guy Fieri and his family stop by musician Mick Fleetwood's restaurant to whip up lamb with mint pesto; Guy returns to a diner in Wisconsin and savors the burgers and specials at a joint in Houston.
S40, EP11 "Domestic & Abroad"Guy Fieri's digging into all-American and foreign favorites; in Houston, a funky spot is firing up Filipino flavor with a twist; a real-deal Washington meat market is stacking up serious sandwiches.
S40, EP10 "Triple D Nation: Fresh From Flavortown"In Hawaii, Guy Fieri stops by a food truck for fresh hamachi on chilled soba noodles; Guy checks in on an empanada empire in Houston and a Chicago hot spot known for its homemade chorizo.
S40, EP9 "Cookin' From Scratch"Guy Fieri's diving into scratch-made specialties; in Houston, there's a real-deal Italian pasta, plus a funky joint is putting out pizza topped with a surprising combo; a scenic spot in Hawaii is cooking up a comforting chicken pot pie.
S40, EP8 "Triple D Nation: Papaya, Panelle and Pork"In Kihei, Hawaii, Guy Fieri finds a pairing of papaya and pork belly; an Italian eatery and market in Norridge, Ill., creates authentic Sicilian recipes like pane and panelle; a Chicago BBQ spot is dishing up pulled pork.
S40, EP7 "Triple D Nation: From Chicken to Chorizo"Guy Fieri starts off revisiting a spot on Maui for smoked chicken and killer cornbread; there's a breakfast of sweet potato hash with chorizo at a Wisconsin diner and jumbo wings in soy ginger sauce at a Chicago BBQ joint.
S40, EP6 "Mouthwatering Meat"Brisket and burgers at a butcher shop-restaurant in Palm Beach, Fla.; Latin-style pork belly and Caribbean oxtails in Houston, Texas.
S40, EP5 "Triple D Nation: Intercontinental Cuisine"In Lahaina, Hawaii, the Fieri family revisits a funky noodle joint; in Chicago, an Italian eatery cranks out calamari and a Korean-American burger joint goes crazy with kimchi.
S40, EP4 "Taste of the Tropics"Guy Fieri is loading up on tropical flavor, starting in a Florida spot serving up lobster enchiladas and lionfish rolls.
S40, EP3 "Pig's Feet, Mojo and Chow-Chow"Guy Fieri dives into unordinary recipes, starting in Palm Beach, where a hidden gem serves up seafood and chow-chow; a funky Filipino joint in Hawaii fires up its spin on pigs' feet.
S40, EP2 "Triple D Nation: Cookin' Across the Country"Guy Fieri travels to Key West, Fla., where a food cart has increased its footprint to churn out more kimchi and Kogi dogs; in College Station, Texas, an early stop on the road trip is still making classic diner staples.
S40, EP1 "Triple D Nation: Pork, Poke and Pollo"Guy Fieri hits the road to Houston, where he checks out the rotisserie pork at a Greek diner; a poke place in Kahului, Hawaii, is dishin' out fresh fish and turning up the heat on tako, and a Mexican joint in San Francisco makes it all from scratch.
S39, EP13 "Takeout: Shipped, Sweet & Savory"Guy Fieri makes "Triple-D" style takeout with "DDD" alums who join Guy and Hunter via video chat; there's killer Cajun coming from Los Angeles, sweet and savory crepes out of Las Vegas and empanadas sent from Denver.
S39, EP12 "Triple D Nation: All Sorts of Seafood"In Hawaii, a poke place had to change its address to handle the "DDD" crowds, and in San Francisco, a quaint spot is still serving Southern staples with a twist.
S39, EP11 "Takeout: Real Deal Delivery"Guy and Hunter Fieri are making recipes sent by "DDD" alums who join them via video chat; on this menu, there's real deal barbecue from Los Angeles, wild Thai dishes out of Phoenix and a monster lasagna from Minneapolis.
S39, EP9 "Triple D Nation: Mobile Meals"In Kihei, Hawaii, Guy, Hunter and Jules stumble onto a pizza cart that Guy first found on the beach in 2016; in Cloquet, Minn., an old-school carhop's delivering double cheeseburgers and real-deal Coneys right to your car.
S39, EP7 "Triple D Nation: New Faces and Old Places"Guy Fieri is checking out a mix of familiar places and new faces; in Miami, Guy and a couple buddies hit up a Haitian place for the first time; in Oakland, he finds a vegan version of Creole classics.
S39, EP6 "From the Seas and Lots of Cheese"In the Florida Keys, Guy and Hunter are hittin' up a local landmark for deconstructed ceviche, and in Philly, classic comfort food is made with unexpected ingredients.
S39, EP5 "Pasta, Potatoes and Pescatarian"On this trip, Guy Fieri is tasting everything from pasta to pescatarian grub; Vanilla Ice takes Guy to an Ecuadorian joint in Miami for standout ceviche; in Minnesota, a former DJ mixes it up with his take on scratch-made pasta and poutine.
S39, EP4 "Nostalgic Neighborhood Nosh"Guy Fieri cruises the neighborhood to revisit local hangouts, starting in San Francisco, where an Italian joint keeps crankin' out favorites like chicken marsala; in Philadelphia, an old-school diner is still offering up scrapple and French toast.
S39, EP3 "Takeout: Sendin' the Surf & Turf"Guy and Hunter Fieri make recipes sent by Triple D alums, who join them via video chat; fish tacos out of San Francisco; a Cajun shrimp creation coming from Des Moines; spicy Thai straight out of Los Angeles.
S39, EP2 "Takeout: Comin' From All Over the Map"Guy and Hunter Fieri are cooking up recipes sent by Triple-D alums who join them via video chat; on the menu, there are gangster gorditas coming from Phoenix, Korean chicken wings out of Denver, and a steak specialty from a Jewish deli in Houston.
S39, EP1 "From Italy to Africa"Guy Fieri is heading to San Francisco for Ethiopian-style flank steak and sauteed prawns; in Minneapolis, an Italian joint is still scratch-making their pasta and prosciutto; a Duluth diner is gathering ingredients straight from their planters.
S38, EP13 "Triple D Nation: Snacks, Apps and Twisted Mac"Guy Fieri revisits an old favorite he's been going to for years in San Francisco, but nowadays it's his buddy who's on the line serving up cod rillettes and chowder with a surprise ingredient.
S38, EP12 "Takeout: Carnivore Delivery"Guy and Hunter Fieri are cooking up recipes sent by DDD alums; monster beef ribs from Las Vegas; a waffle-hamburger mashup from Atlanta; pizza and wings from San Antonio.
S38, EP11 "Triple D Nation: BBQ, Pubs and Local Grub"In Pacifica, Calif., Guy Fieri revisits an old barbecue buddy to check out his take on pork ribs and a new spin on an old standby; a neighborhood joint in Boulder, Colo., is still a favorite breakfast spot for the college crowd.
S38, EP10 "Takeout: Goin' Big and Bringin' Home"Guy and Hunter Fieri combine cooking at home and restaurant food; the menu includes a stromboli from Wyoming and seafood stew from a classic Georgia diner.
S38, EP9 "Alaskan Adventure"Guy heads to Fairbanks for an Alaskan culinary adventure; authentic German specialties at a super funky food truck; a food-and-music jamfest; Cuban favorites; meatball subs.
S38, EP8 "Triple D Nation: California Comfort"Guy Fieri's cruising around Cali, and his first stop is a favorite from the pilot episode that's still slayin' with a killer prime rib sandwich; he grabs sandwiches in Eagle Rock and finds a chef from Yucatan branching out with his Mexican menu.
S38, EP7 "Rib-Stickers"Guy finds clean eats in Sioux Falls, S.D., a 25-ingredient meatloaf in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Midwest mashups in Moorehead, Minn.
S38, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Authentic International Eats"Guy finds Chinese staples in North Pole, Alaska, German sausage in Portland, Ore., and an authentic Ukrainian market with cabbage rolls and bigos stew in Minnesota.
S38, EP5 "Savory Meat and a Little Sweet"Guy Fieri digs into both meat and sweet, starting in Sioux Falls, S.D., where a market-butcher eatery is serving a culinary extravaganza; in Fargo, N.D., a bakery cafe makes sticky pecan rolls and a savory French pastry dish.
S38, EP4 "Triple D Nation: Hearty Helpings"A Pittsburgh joint servin' local staples; a Florida diner with northern inspiration is spreading out all over the South; the second generation churns out award-winning chili in Oklahoma.
S38, EP3 "Triple D Nation: From Sausage to Saltfish"Guy heads back to Portland, Ore., for a sausage maker of pepperoni; in Oklahoma City, Okla., a meat-and-three serves up fried ribs and old-fashioned oxtail; a Jamaican joint in Miami has everything from saltfish to spicy hot hand pies.
S38, EP2 "Spicin' Things Up"Guy Fieri's grabbing sandwiches, spice and everything nice, starting with lights-out lamb in Fargo, N.D.; a spot in Sioux Falls, S.D., is loading up hand-held flavor bombs and in Fairbanks, Alaska, a wild pizza place is making spicy, sweet pies.
S38, EP1 "South Dakota Smorgasbord"Guy Fieri is hitting Triple-D's 50th state as he heads into Sioux Falls, S.D.
S37, EP12 "America's Favorites: Global Greats"The winners from Guy Fieri and son Hunter's search for America's favorite "DDD" joints get their day in the sun and $1,000 in their pocket; it's an international affair with killer Korean, incredible Italian and mouthwatering Middle Eastern.
S37, EP11 "America's Favorites: Top-Notch Tastes"Guy Fieri and son Hunter crisscross the country from California to Colorado and from Phoenix to Florida for bomb burgers, empanadas and breakfast.
S37, EP10 "America's Favorites: Fantastic Flavortown Finds"On this trip, there are monster meatballs and tostadas in Florida, pit beef in Baltimore and sentimental stories from these trying times all over the "Triple D" nation.
S37, EP9 "America's Favorites: Cross-Country Culinary Cred"Guy Fieri and son Hunter are on the first of a four-week road trip across America, picking the most creative and endearing videos to win $1,000 and be featured on the show; they go from carne asada in Omaha to toaster tarts in Palm Desert, Calif..
S37, EP8 "Pierogis, Pork and Pizza"A sandwich shop serving up tastes of Peru in Hollywood, Fla.; a pierogi palace in Philadelphia giving a fresh take on Polish specialties; a wood-fired pizza spot putting its own spin on pies in Fargo, N.D.
S37, EP7 "Chicken and Briskets"In Fargo, N.D., a funky place is piling barbecue onto mac and heating up wings; a Mexican joint in Parkland, Fla., is pumping out righteous recipes inside a gas station; a scratch-made spot servin' up hearty home cooking in Philadelphia.
S37, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Diners, Drive-Ins and Delis"Guy revisits a hoagie shop in Florida where the numbering system leaves him befuddled; a Jewish deli in Denver is getting creative with their knishes; the inventor of the ice cream cone in Norfolk, Va., is still serving over a century later.
S37, EP5 "From Authentic to Inventive"Dishes from real deal to really creative; in Portland, Ore., a 70-year-old icon is serving up authentic Chinese recipes from the chef's hometown; a restaurant in Oklahoma City is cooking chicken and biscuits.
S37, EP3 "From Vikings to Wings"Guy Fieri is trying Scandinavian, Persian and Asian wings; vintage food truck in Portland, Ore. with Norwegian wraps; Iranian cuisine in Sunrise, Fla.; wild wings in Oklahoma City.
S37, EP2 "Triple D Nation: From Pork to Po' Boys"Guy Fieri takes a trip down memory lane and revisits a German spot in Brighton, Colo., that is known for its killer kraut and signature sausage specials; at a stop in the Midwest, a mod-Mex menu is now showcasing mole-smothered pork chops.
S37, EP1 "Triple D Nation: Finger Lickin' Chicken"Guy Fieri is chickening out across the country, from a sandwich shop outside Boston to a Filipino favorite in Los Angeles.
S36, EP15 "Takeout: Ordering all Kinds of Flavor"Italian fare from Scottsdale, Ariz.; American-Indian fare from Denver; gourmet grub out of a Massachusetts lounge; short ribs from Hawaii.
S36, EP14 "Chicken and Pie"A Southern-style chicken sandwich and hush puppies in Portland, Ore.; three sisters put a unique spin on pizza in Oklahoma City, Okla.
S36, EP13 "Takeout: Global Comes Local"Authentic Mexican grub from Phoenix; kolaches from Salt Lake City; Baltimore pit beef and pork belly all the way from Maui.
S36, EP12 "Triple D Nation: Smothered and Covered"Mole sauce masters in Salt Lake City; biscuits and gravy at a Florida diner; a joint in Reno, Nev., is servin' up sweetbreads.
S36, EP11 "Takeout: Bringing Comfort Home"Four DDD alums send Guy and Hunter ingredients for their most off-the-hook recipes; gourmet grilled cheese from Nashville; primo pizza from Boulder, Colo.; Memphis fried chicken and Greek kebabs out of Houston.
S36, EP10 "Filling up on Philly"A taste of Philadelphia; funky malt house serving Buffalo wings; Polish twist on the cheesesteak; longtime tavern making mama's real deal Italian recipes; mother-daughter trio cookin' up authentic Indonesian specialties.
S36, EP9 "Takeout: Worldwide Delivery"Four DDD alums send ingredients to Guy and Hunter for their most off-the-hook recipes; on this menu, there's Roman-style pizza from Arizona, a wicked-hot burger from Boston, Hawaiian surf and turf, and Trinidadian specialties out of Seattle.
S36, EP8 "Triple D Nation: Breakfast, Lunch and Brunch"On this road trip revisit, Guy Fieri pops by an Oklahoma City diner known for its onion burgers; a Baltimore brunch spot is stepping up its grit game; a quirky joint in Los Angeles is still putting a spin on its diner dishes.
S36, EP7 "Takeout: Celebrity Chefs"Alex Guarnaschelli's killer cavatelli; Brooke Williamson's seafood roll; Beau MacMillan's shrimp and sticky rice; G. Garvin's short rib ragu; Buddy Valastro's famous lobster tail pastries.
S36, EP6 "Takeout: Culinary All-Stars"Guy Fieri's family is combining cooking at home with great restaurant food; Tandoori chicken poutine; polenta flavor bomb, arancini and empanadas.
S36, EP5 "Flavortown International"Flavors from all over the world; a Middle Eastern smorgasbord serving standout samosas and chicken kebab; funky spot turning out real-deal Mexican tortas; Indonesian specialties.
S36, EP3 "Sicilian and Seafood"Guy goes from incredible Italian to sensational seafood; wood-fired pizza; crab cake cioppino and crab-spinach risotto; Vanilla Ice at a pirate-inspired joint serving up Brazilian and Caribbean seafood specialties.
S36, EP2 "Triple D Nation: BBQ, Burgers and Beyond"Guy's eating burgers and barbecue as he heads back to an O.G. Triple D BBQ joint; a burger biz flippin' patties for the third generation; brisket and burnt ends in Virginia Beach.
S36, EP1 "Takeout: Bold Bites Brought Home"Since the Fieri family loves both cooking at home and great restaurant food, they're combining the best of both worlds with some Triple-D style takeout; a Chinese-Mexican mix from Phoenix; Florida alligator fritters; creole meatloaf.
S35, EP13 "Takeout: Cross-Country Delivery"Guy Fieri and his son, Hunter, chat via video with four DDD alums who send ingredients to make their most off-the-hook recipes; a wild West Virginia weenie, a new spin on a burger, a Miami Asian-barbecue mashup and a righteous baloney sandwich.
S35, EP12 "Takeout: Funky Finds in 'da House"Guy Fieri and his son, Hunter, chat via video with four DDD alums who guide them on a trip to Flavortown; a funky waffle from Syracuse, gourmet mac 'n' cheese from Cleveland, California smoked turkey and green chile pork with an island twist.
S35, EP11 "Takeout: Dinner and Dessert That Delivers"Four DDD alums send ingredients for their most off-the-hook recipes then join Guy Fieri and his son, Hunter, via video chat to guide them through cooking four dishes: Boston pasta, New York Neapolitan pie, mole enchiladas; an apple-pie funnel cake.
S35, EP10 "Takeout: Tastier at Home"French dip from Seattle; San Diego arancini; Boston kabobs; bangin' shrimp all the way from North Pole, Alaska.
S35, EP9 "Takeout: Home Delivery"Primo pork from New Hampshire; California chicken parm; Minneapolis pizza; tuna from Hawaii.
S35, EP8 "Takeout: Flavortown Comes Home"With restaurant takeout and delivery sweeping the nation, Guy is hosting a virtual Triple-D family reunion, bringing Flavortown right to his kitchen; Guy checks in with four DDD alums via video-chat; chicken tamales from Arizona, paella fritters.
S35, EP7 "Hometown Inspiration"In Logan, Utah, a joint serving Louisiana specialties like blackened chicken pasta and a marrow butter burger; in Portland, Oregon, a place putting a vegan spin on Israeli flavors; in Denver, a pizza eatery all about Detroit-style pies.
S35, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Italian Inspired"Guy goes back into an Italian market in Baltimore, where the arancini and eggplant lasagna are both off-the-hook; in Park City, Utah, a ski bum turned chef has the crowd begging for his seafood cioppino.
S35, EP5 "From Beef to Bao"Guy's digging into dishes from beef to buns and in Logan, Utah, a place is serving up worldwide flavor, like lomo saltado and a peanut butter burger.
S35, EP4 "Triple D Nation: Savory Seafood and Sqaure Pie"This trip, Guy and his son, Hunter, check on an Italian eatery in Boston with double portions of their authentic eats; then, just outside the city, an eclectic diner's wowing people with brand-new blue-plate specials.
S35, EP3 "Down-Home Flavor"In Garland, a century-old staple serving up tasty sandwiches and a sweet treat; in Oklahoma City, a local landmark is dishing out Southern specialties, and in Denver, a spot putting a healthy spin on classic comfort foods.
S35, EP2 "Triple D Nation: From Near to Far"An Italian place in Boston is serving real-deal meals from the homeland; a popular eatery is creating major-league burgers and poppin' up all over; Guy opts to revisit a ramen spot in El Paso, Texas, that he just found the night before.
S35, EP1 "Mom and Dad"In Logan, Utah, a family-run Indian spot hooked up to a gas station with Dad handing out specialties from his homeland; in Burlington, Vt., a dumpling house made from a legendary food cart where mother and daughter are serving authentic flavor.
S34, EP14 "Triple D Nation: From Chicken to Chowder"In Florence, Ore., Guy Fieri checks out a seafood shack's crab chowder and creates a crab toast for its menu; a Cuban spot in Chicago is cooking pollo and vaca frita, and a Jamaican joint in Houston is generous with its wet jerk seasoning.
S34, EP13 "Triple D Nation: Italian, Thai and Pie"In Honolulu, a family eatery is going strong with specialties straight out of Thailand; in Dallas, a cool spot is blowing up all over town with their pizza and pasta; in Washington, D.C., a pizza-table tennis mashup serves even more winning combos.
S34, EP12 "Lots of Latin"Guy Fieri is loading up on all kinds of Latin on this trip; in Logan, Utah, a Salvadoran spot puttin' out pupusas and a cabeza creation.
S34, EP11 "Triple D Nation: Layered, Stuffed and Stacked"It's a feeding frenzy on this trip, as Guy Fieri first stops in to see an old buddy in Kansas City, Mo. who's got new spots and a secret menu of sandwiches that are not so secret anymore.
S34, EP10 "Savory With a Side of Sweet"Guy Fieri is jumping into some sweet and savory dishes in Burlington, Vt., Logan, Utah and Wheat Ridge, Colo.
S34, EP9 "Smokin' Hot BBQ"Guy Fieri's diving into all kinds of 'cue on this trip; in Ottawa, Canada, a funky chicken joint cranking the rotisserie; in Burlington, Vt., a place smokin' their wings; Texas-style spot in Richmond, Va.
S34, EP8 "Triple D Nation: Meat Mashup"Guy Fieri starts in Kansas City, Mo., at an award-winning BBQ joint serving up pork belly burnt ends; a taqueria in Dallas brings real deal Mex-Tex; a sub shop is winning over Washington, D.C., with their huge hoagies and homemade everything.
S34, EP7 "Meat Sampler"A carnivore haven stacking sandwiches with dynamite duck and a pork trifecta; a taco joint loading up out-of-bounds oxtail; a cider house adding their specialty drinks to their kitchen creations, like fiery apple wings and a lamb French dip.
S34, EP6 "Triple D Nation: A Little Lighter"Guy Fieri pops into Triple D's first diner to check out the egg-white omelets; a Cuban joint in Los Angeles is trading in bread for plantains and stuffing avocado with fresh fish; jackfruit tacos in Park City, Utah.
S34, EP5 "Off the Beaten Path"In Richmond is a jammin' Jamaican joint serving outrageous oxtail and fried chicken with true island flavor; in Reno is a sandwich spot going loco with the bird and putting a unique twist on the breakfast burrito.
S34, EP4 "Creative Creations"On this trip, Guy Fieri is divin' into inventive eats; in Burlington, Vt., a funky joint cooking up mac and cheese pancakes; in Richmond, Va., going gangbusters with grits; artistic eatery in Ottawa, Canada.
S34, EP3 "Triple D Nation: Slurpin' Soup"On this trip, Guy Fieri grabs a spoon for slurpin', starting in Honolulu with Guy's Hawaiian doppelganger, who's running a bowling alley diner known for killer oxtail soup.
S34, EP1 "Family Meals"Two brothers-in-law carry on a decades-long seafood tradition; a mother-son duo running a breakfast, lunch and dinner joint in honor of their Pop; father-son meat masters firing up killer char-becue.
S33, EP15 "Guy's All-Star Guests"In Kansas City, Mo., Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid tackles pigskin; in Waltham, Mass., rocker Sammy Hagar rolls into a spot servin' a crazy burger and pumpkin-bread French toast; Chef Ken Oringer is divin' into a seriously unbelievable lobster roll.
S33, EP14 "Cruisin' Capital Cities"An Italian spot with an Alaskan twist pairing pappardelle with king crab in Juneau, Alaska; a classic deli cooking modern tastes like duck pierogies in Richmond, Va.; a sausage sandwich with banana in Ottawa, Canada.
S33, EP13 "Triple D Nation: Trottin' out the Turkey"All-time turkey-centric spots; at a Boston diner, Guy reminisces; in New Orleans, traditional turkey gets the French Quarter flair with some seafood stuffing; a chef in Albuquerque is still putting a New Mexico spin on her turkey.
S33, EP12 "Northern Southern"In Cambridge, Mass., a joint fries up Nashville hot chicken and gangster gumbo; a smoking spot in Sparks, Nev., firing up wagyu brisket and wing nachos; in Juneau, Alaska, a fusion house is putting out smoked-brisket pho and honey-bourbon ribs.
S33, EP10 "Triple D Nation: Fried, Baked and Barbecued"Guy Fieri checks in on a diner where law enforcement hones their skills and stuffs their gills; a French-trained-chef-turned-barbecue-expert teaches Guy a thing or two about smoking sausage; a Triple D legend serves up a Mexican-Asian mashup.
S33, EP9 "Unique Eats"This trip, Guy Fieri is grabbin' some unique eats.
S33, EP8 "Bagels, Biscuit and Boar"Guy Fieri is diggin' into all kinds of flavor, starting in Santa Fe, N.M., at a pub serving comfort grub like chicken and biscuits and in-the-shell clam chowder.
S33, EP7 "Pizza Plus"A Boston beer joint uses beer in its crust and tops it with taco fixings; a hard-rock hangout in Santa Fe, N.M., serves up carne asada pizza; a funky spot in Reno, Nev., gives new meaning to apple pie.
S33, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Something Sweet"Sweet to go along with savory.
S33, EP5 "Triple D Nation: Coastal Cuisine"Ultimate Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives spots by the shore.
S33, EP4 "Far-Flung Flavor"A Southwest-Middle Eastern quick stop slingin' the shawarma and salmon souvlaki in Santa Fe; a funky joint serving up outrageous Scandinavian specialties in Kansas City; in El Paso, a tortilla factory turning out top-notch tamales and tostadas.
S33, EP3 "Full of Surprises"In Santa Fe, N.M., a culinary pub serves lights-out lamb neck and tamales; in Kansas City, Mo., a funky tapas joint dishes out duck tongue tacos and braised pork jowl; in El Paso, Texas, a deli makes pupusas and fries from chickpeas.
S33, EP2 "Triple D Nation: A Family Affair"Family-run favorites.
S33, EP1 "Loaded, Stuffed and Fried"A farm-to-table gem putting out bison gravy fries and a lights-out lamb sandwich; a funky Mexican seafood spot fryin' fish and stuffin' outrageous oysters; a barbecue joint serving up fully loaded baked potatoes and smoked sausage.
S32, EP13 "From Australian to Asian"A Japanese-Hawaiian spot putting a quick spin on fish, burgers and burritos; a bakery cookin' up Down Under comfort food like meat pies and sausage rolls; a funky joint servin' international mashups like Pasta Chihuahua and an oxtail tostada.
S32, EP12 "Triple D Nation: Burgers, Burritos and Biscuits"In Boulder City, Nev., a chili-churning diner is keeping it all in the family; an old-school breakfast spot has gone big with four locations around Arizona; in Salt Lake City, a taqueria's still cranking out giant burritos.
S32, EP11 "Spinning the Globe"In Kauai, Hawaii, a culinary dojo ampin' up local specialties like saimin and chile pepper chicken; A twist on tacos and burritos in Kansas City, Mo.; a funky food truck in El Paso, Texas, puttin' out meatless Mexican that's huge on taste.
S32, EP10 "Beef Bonanza"In Wilmington, Delaware, there's a 1940s Italian family spot that's making beef braciole and meaty ravioli from scratch; a diner putting elevated spins on the French dip and meatloaf in San Diego; a Middle Eastern joint in El Paso, Texas.
S32, EP9 "Triple D Nation: Flavortown Favorites"An Asian-inspired noodle house is taking over the neighborhood; in New Orleans, a neighborhood bistro not only bounces back from Hurricane Katrina but doubles in size; an award-winning barbecue joint in Iowa is rolling out all over the city.
S32, EP8 "International Infusion"Grub infused with international flavors; a spot in Wilmington, Del., puts Thai into sausage and Cuban into sandwiches; In Kauai, there's a Tiki joint cooking up Hawaiian flair; a Lebanese place in San Diego is serving authentic specialties.
S32, EP7 "Crazy Chicken and Twisted Burgers"Guy Fieri's digging into crazy twists on chicken and burgers; in Wilmington, Delaware, there's a bourbon bar that's piling pork onto a patty and doctoring up chicken skins.
S32, EP6 "Triple D Nation: Guy's Going Home"Guy hits up some of his favorite hometown haunts; he pops into a Mexican joint in Santa Rosa, Calif., where he chows on the pozole; in Eureka, Calif., near where Guy grew up, a pizzeria is still bringing authentic New York pie to the West Coast.
S32, EP5 "Standout Seafood"A restaurant-market in Vancouver combines sustainability with killer cooking, including bouillabaisse and salmon fish and chips; a fresh-catch institution in Kauai, Hawaii, puts out prime-time poke; a raw bar in Chico, Calif., cooks up Asian flavors.
S32, EP4 "British, Hawaiian and Mexican"Guy grabs grub from all around the globe; in Wilmington, Del., there's a true British pub serving authentic English staples from fish and chips to Yorkshire Pudding; a poke counter is dishing out a Hawaiian classic with an updated twist in Kauai.
S32, EP3 "Triple D Nation: From Pork to Pot Pie"Guy brings the family to his favorite jerk joint in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; a cafeteria in Tucker, Ga., hasn't changed a thing; in Austin, Texas, a sandwich spot has a new name and location, but the food is still out-of-bounds.
S32, EP2 "Sausage, Shawarma and Scaloppini"A funky Italian joint in Wilmington, Del., serves arancini and veal scaloppini; a Middle Eastern street food spot in San Diego serves shawarma and falafel; a not-your-typical pizza place in Vancouver tops things off with lamb sausage and pig cheeks.
S32, EP1 "A World of Barbecue"Guy Fieri is firing up an entire world of barbecue, from chicken salad in Delaware to Argentinian flavor in San Diego and a traditional Hawaiian pig roast down in the ground in Kauai, Hawaii.
S31, EP7 "Triple D Nation: Chili Three Ways"Guy visits a Chinese place in Vancouver, British Columbia, to see if their Thousand Chili Chicken is as spicy as it sounds; he heads to Atlanta, where Texan twins are making brisket chili; a taqueria in Phoenix churns out Mom's famous green chili.
S31, EP6 "Not Your Everyday Eats"In Chico, Calif., a Hawaiian-Asian fusion spot serves up righteous ramen; in Vancouver, British Columbia, a funky joint puts their spin on lamb and pork belly; in Richland, Wash., a bakery-gone-savory fires up duck banh mi and sweet potato lasagna.
S31, EP5 "Burger and Breakfast"In Vancouver, a pie shop bakes up both sweet and savory sensations; in Chico, Calif., a morning hot spot pumps up French toast; a made-from-scratch spot in Richland, Wash., makes gangster gravlax and a burger topped with a twist.
S31, EP4 "Triple D Nation: Pancakes, Potatoes and Pizza"Guy visits Vancouver, British Columbia, to check in on an elevated eatery serving the ultimate in diner food; in Austin, Texas, a barbecue joint whose claim to fame is all in the wood; a Korean-inspired, French oven-baked pizza parlor in Minneapolis.
S31, EP3 "Coming Together in Cali"Guy visits Chico, Calif., celebrating the town's food scene as residents recover from ravaging fires; a wood-fired Italian spot cooks up pork ragu; a bakery serves up savory specialties like black bean chili; a pub serves a "Pho-rench Dip."
S31, EP2 "Belly, Beef and Bratwurst"In Atlanta, a funky Asian spot puts out prime-time pork belly and wok-fried chicken; in Vancouver, an elevated diner dishes out duck pancakes and not-your-momma's meatloaf; in Kennewick, Wash., a brewpub pairs pints with house-made sausages.
S31, EP1 "Triple D Nation: Beef, Barbecue and Bar Food"Guy Fieri's trip is all about the three B's: beef, barbecue and bar food.
S30, EP8 "Mega Meat and Sweet Treats"Guy Fieri dives into mega meat and a little bit of sweet in Atlanta, Austin, Texas, and Richland, Wash.
S30, EP7 "Triple D Nation: A Taste of Italy"Guy Fieri hits up his favorite Italian joints in Scottsdale, Ariz., San Antonio and Austin, Texas.
S30, EP5 "Southern to South American"Guy Fieri digs into Southern comfort food in Atlanta; he visits a food truck with Brazilian flavors in Austin, Texas; he visits a joint with "legit" barbecue in Richland, Wash.
S30, EP4 "Eating Up New Orleans"Guy Fieri takes a tasty tour of New Orleans; he goes to a butcher shop with a funky take on the Big Easy's comfort food flavors, checks out a seafood spot getting creative with their dishes and digs at a real-deal po' boy joint.
S30, EP3 "Sandwich Showcase"Guy Fieri is on the road to grab some serious sandwiches; in Austin, a rock-n-roll brunch bar adds a funky touch to meatloaf and a Monte Cristo; a Texas joint puts some '90s hip-hop into its stacked-up specialties.
S30, EP2 "Whole Lotta Comfort"Hearty helpings of comfort include a soul food spot dishing out Southern seafood and killer fried chicken in Atlanta.
S30, EP1 "Round the World Roundup"In Smyrna, Ga., a doctor-turned-chef fires up amazing Asian from righteous ramen to Korean wings.
S28, EP19 "Playin' Chicken"An Alameda, Calif., joint cooks Nashville hot-style chicken and puts a gourmet twist on a burger; in Lansing, Mich., chicken is served French-style at a funky pizza-pasta place; a Kona, Hawaii, spot blends Southern comfort with island flair.
S28, EP7 "Rollin' in the Dough"In Mesa, Ariz., a Hawaiian joint serves island specialties, including a meaty bun; in Tucson, Ariz., a place cooks up a saucy sandwich and spinach dip calzone; in Miami, Fla., a shop makes artisan doughnuts and turns pastries into savory sandwiches.
S28, EP1 "Mom's Kitchen"Guy Fieri grabs grub straight out of Mom's kitchen; in Boulder, Colo., a mother-son team serve up dan dan noodles and steamed buns; in Columbus, Ohio, a Jamaican joint dishes out jerk chicken; in Arizona, a family spot cooks Latin cuisine.
S27, EP10 "From Pied to Fried"In St. Petersburg, Florida, a lights-out spot with righteous ramen; in Lansing, a funky joint frying up everything from wings to pig skins to chicken gizzards; a New Orleans smokehouse sausage meat pies and spicy shrimp boudin.
S26, EP11 "Multicultural Cooking"Guy Fieri tries culinary traditions different cultures; a Mexican joint serves authentic tortillas and tacos in Houston; a spot makes Puerto Rican specialties in Orlando, Fla.; a Jewish deli-on-wheels prepares pastrami and lox.
S26, EP7 "Not Your Typical Joints"In Charlotte, N.C., an eatery tucked inside a beer store serves waffle creations; in Houston, a fusion joint mashes up barbecue with sushi; in Cancun, a beachy spot surprises guests with nurse shark pescadillas and a Mayan fresh-fish specialty.
S25 "Best of the West"A taste of the Rocky Mountains to southwestern specialties for the best of the west at all kinds of righteous joints.
S24, EP1 "All Kinds of Meat"In Colorado Springs, Colo., a Jamaican joint dishes up curry goat and jerk chicken; in Baltimore, a beer bar serves up wild boar sliders; in Washington, D.C., a deli carves up homemade pastrami and rolls out a meat-filled Moroccan specialty.
S23, EP13 "Isle-Talian"A unique plantain sandwich and wings gone bananas; arancini and real-deal veal; jerk chicken penne and a surprising curry vegetti dish.
S23, EP4 "From Biscuits to Brisket"In Atlanta, righteous chicken and biscuits and house-cured lox; across town, brisket burger and chicken-fried ribs; in Fort Collins, Colo., vegetarian specialties like tomatillo and chickpea pizza and a savory cauliflower steak.
S22, EP11 "Indulgent Dishes"Gumbo and a spicy mahi specialty; lamb ragout and an ice cream sandwich; drunken chicken.
S22, EP10 "Racing Through Charlotte"NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer joins Guy in Charlotte, N.C.; dynamite burgers and a unique spin on shrimp; steak with fig preserves and smokin' hot chicken; chana masala tacos and buffalo cauliflower sliders.
S19, EP8 "Cross Country Comfort Food"In Miami, Fla., comfort food like spicy oxtail and big ragu; in Park City, Utah, chivito club and chicken bowl with rice; a mom and pop ski lodge serving up pork osso buco, vegetarian mushroom stroganoff and crispy pork belly.
S18, EP5 "Aces of Authenticity"In Santa Fe, N.M., blue corn enchiladas with red chile sauce and chile en nogada; in Portland, Ore., won ton soup; in Albuquerque, N.M., beef cheek manicotti and squid ink black pasta with calamari.
S17, EP13 "That's Fresh"In San Francisco, a totally gluten-free menu of Venezuelan standbys like arepas and empanadas; in Portland, homemade meats like Italian red wine dry cured salami and roasted garlic and rosemary bologna.
S17, EP7 "A Festival of Flavor"In Denver, a short-rib burger and a savory apple strudel; in Tempe, Ariz., goat and tandoori chicken; in Philadelphia, chicken pie and grilled octopus.
S16, EP3 "Far Out"A restaurant serving up waffles with their fried chicken; a Cuban joint serves salt cured beef dish.
S15, EP1 "Unconventional Comforts"Lau lau stew; Sicilian sandwiches; bananas on French toast.
S14, EP3 "Crankin' Up the Classics"Pizza and fresh pasta; gumbo and burgers with brisket.
S13, EP12 "Time Tested Treasures"All types of tacos; polka and pierogies; fried chicken joint.
S8, EP4 "Triple D Goes Tailgaitin'"Chicken and waffles; double chili cheeseburgers; steak sandwiches with jalapeno pesto; smoked pork chops with applesauce.
S1, EP12 "American Cookin'"Classic American food.
S1, EP11 "Diners A-Plenty"Kelly's Diner in Somerville, Mass.; The Bay Way Diner in Linden, N.J.; Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, S.C.
S1, EP10 "Worth the Trip"Diner located on Bainbridge Island in Seattle; ribs from Mo Gridders BBQ in the Bronx, N.Y.; pinto beans from Harold's Cafe in Gaffney, S.C.
S1, EP9 "Retro"Take-out burgers; soda shop.
S1, EP8 "House Specials"One-of-a-kind specials.
S1, EP7 "Burgers"Classic burger restaurants.
S1, EP6 "Local Legends"Restaurants loved by the locals.
S1, EP5 "BBQ"Guy looks for great tasting barbecue.
S1, EP4 "Breakfast"Famous breakfast dishes from all over the country.
S1, EP3 "Blue Plate Specials"Guy goes coast to coast in search of great specials such as fried pickles, home made corn dogs, and the best Italian beef.
S1, EP1 "Classics"Gourmet shack in Tarpley, Texas; eggs over-easy in Kansas.
"East Coast Eating"Guy Fieri drives coast to coast, sampling classic road food.
"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"With roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way "dives" enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best "greasy spoon" eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods.
With roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way "dives" enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best "greasy spoon" eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods.
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