House Hunters Renovation

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House Hunters RenovationFixer-uppers are on the wish lists of house hunters in this addition to HGTV's long-running franchise. In each episode, the featured home buyers tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. The added bonus? Cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. The progress is charted as the new homeowners turn their property into home sweet home, then they finally reveal their new space.
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S17, EP13 "On the Family Fast Track"Childhood sweethearts dive into the competitive Southern California market to find their first home; she wants as few projects as possible to avoid delays, but her contractor dad is confident big renovations will be no problem.
S17, EP12 "The Mother of All Renovations"Emotions run high as a couple begins to plan their next family home together; as the son of a designer, he has expensive tastes, but she is focused on finances and wants something more practical.
S17, EP11 "A Midcentury Retro Renovation"A couple searches for a home in Los Angeles; they quickly realize that restoring an older home can reveal hidden problems and be a very expensive option.
S17, EP10 "This Reno Is No Bed of Roses"First-time buyers are tired of renting; he wants a home in the city with an open layout and plenty of space, while she wants a smaller suburban home with a cozy feel and a huge yard for her garden.
S17, EP9 "Reno Takes Two to Tango"A busy choreographer asks her assistant and future roommate to help her find a house with enough space for her dogs and her dance moves; with a first-time buyer's budget, getting everything she wants will be difficult.
S17, EP8 "A Reno With No End In Sight"With a growing family, a southern California couple needs more space; he dreams of a fixer-upper, but she worries that his perfectionist approach could mean a major project would take forever to finish.
S17, EP7 "A Groovy Kind of Reno"A California family is ready to leave their condominium; he's all about finding the perfect vibe, but she's worried they'll wind up in a money pit.
S17, EP6 "Finding Her House and Her Voice"A single woman is ready to buy a home on her own, but her friends and family all have strong opinions about what she should choose.
S17, EP5 "Building a Future Together"As an architect, he's eager to put his stamp on a fixer upper, but she's never even lived in a house before, leaving her nervous; once they agree on a home, her love of the colors she grew up with in Turkey clashes with his minimalist style.
S17, EP4 "When Positive Meets Practical"A Southern California family wants to trade their rental for a home with lots of land; her sunny disposition bumps into his practical outlook, and the massive renovation with major problems has them both struggling to keep a positive attitude.
S17, EP3 "Swipe Right for Reno"After meeting on a dating app, a couple is ready to buy a home together; at nearly seven feet tall, everything he does is big, including renovation projects; she wants to make sure he thinks about how much money those projects will cost.
S17, EP2 "Second Guessing Her First Reno"A first-time buyer is moving across town to be near her tight-knit and opinionated family in Valley Village, Calif.; her sister-in-law complicates matters, offering guidance on renovations but also prompting second thoughts about her decisions.
S17, EP1 "We Made It"A young couple saves for years to buy a home in the suburbs; while he's focused on safety and structure, she wants bling; once renovations start, they see that their dream home may take more work and money than they anticipated.
S16, EP13 "Turning Quirky Into Charming"After renting for years, a couple buys their first home in Denver; they decide to renovate an older home, but soon learn that old houses come with expensive problems; with setback after setback, they begin to worry they've taken on too much.
S16, EP12 "A Reno of Historic Proportions"Two empty nesters are searching for a historic home on the North Shore of Boston; he is hoping to find a fixer-upper chock full of character, but she has reservations since he has been known to make changes without looping her in.
S16, EP11 "Wicked Winter Reno"A Boston couple is ready to ditch their cramped condo and find a home in the suburbs; after locking in a home, however, things quickly go off course when they begin renovations; uncovered sewer pipes cause a redirection in the design plan.
S16, EP10 "Fine German Engineering"A couple looks for a home in California where they can expand and escape their neighbors; he wants everything to be white and she prefers a colorful palette, and when renovations begin, those stylistic differences are magnified.
S16, EP9 "Girl Power Reno"A Denver therapist wants to prove naysayers wrong by buying and renovating a home with her two roommates; armed with only enthusiasm and a belief that girl power can get things done, they navigate the pitfalls of a kitchen and bathroom renovation.
S16, EP8 "Renovation 911"A Los Angeles law enforcement officer and his wife face a competitive market with a modest budget while searching for their first home together; once they decide on a place and renovations begin, they're hit with several surprise expenses.
S16, EP7 "Till Reno Do Us Part"A Boston couple seek a home for their rapidly expanding family; due to their budget and the area they're targeting to live in, any house they buy will be a fixer-upper; renovation problems come fast and furious once they begin.
S16, EP6 "Facing the Reno Music"Musicians are looking to buy a home that can house their instruments; while he's more enthusiastic about renovating than she is, they both know that putting in some sweat equity is the only way they'll get a house that reflects their creative side.
S16, EP5 "Reno With a Roomie"A Denver, Colo., transplant is ready to buy a home but doesn't know a lot about renovation; even with guidance, this inexperienced homeowner finds out how tough it can be to get through a major renovation.
S16, EP4 "Type A Reno"The heads of a Pasadena, Calif., family are ready to work through their differences to find a new house; but once they start renovating and money starts going out the door, it gets harder and harder to see eye to eye.
S16, EP3 "My Dad, My Renovation Hero"A couple with three children under the age of 3 have their hands full and need to move into a new home with more space; after they find a house large enough for their family, they start a major overhaul and need all hands on deck.
S16, EP2 "Two Dads, One Tough Renovation"Two dads with a young son buy a bigger home, but more space creates more renovation projects; design plans change when one of them goes out of town, but the choices may not be for the better.
S16, EP1 "Two Contractors, One Wild Ride"A Southern California couple looking to start a family want a spacious home; after buying a place, they jump straight into renovations with his fellow contractor and face a string of problems, including installing a half-ton support beam.
S15, EP13 "Big Ideas, Bigger Problems"A couple of new parents with no renovation experience jump right into a remodel in the Los Angeles area; the projects soon add up and costs climb higher as they lean more and more on professionals to get them to the finish line.
S15, EP12 "Bidding War, Battling Reno"A couple with two small children quickly begins renovations on their new home so they can move out of their cramped Melrose, Mass., apartment before their lease is up; the duo is new to renovation, however, so the work quickly spirals out of control.
S15, EP11 "A Tale of Two Bathrooms"A Washington state family faces a tricky house hunt while searching for a larger home in the Los Angeles area; the family members quickly jump into renovation projects but immediately see their to-do list grow rapidly.
S15, EP8 "American Dream, Reno Reality"An Australian couple searches California's San Fernando Valley for their first home; once they settle on a place, they quickly move in but attempting renovations while having the flu leaves them coughing up dollars.
S15, EP5 "Goodbye Parents, Hello Reno"A Denver, Colo., couple lives with her parents while they search for a new home to raise their two young sons; once they're in the midst of reno, this dueling duo realizes they need to find common ground quickly or be overtaken by reno surprises.
S15, EP3 "A Family Affair"Newlyweds are eager to buy their first home together; he's a real estate agent, so they are confident they have the skills to lock in the perfect house; they soon learn they may have to make some design compromises and scale back on dream projects.
S15, EP2 "A Renovation Surprise"Midwestern transplants leave their Burbank, Calif., rental for more space and a better commute; they find a home, move in and begin a huge renovation, but the discovery that they have a baby on the way puts pressure on their budget and schedule.
S15, EP1 "The Wife Runs the Reno"Denver natives search the city for a larger home for their family of four; unexpected discoveries, budget overages and new projects thrown into the mix force the couple to learn some lessons the hard way.
S14, EP13 "Renovating for a Reception"Denver newlyweds plan to renovate their new home to host their wedding reception; while remodeling a home is a huge undertaking on its own, adding a party deadline to their plate just increased their stress level and could drain their wallets.
S14, EP11 "Vexed by a Vintage Reno"When a Denver couple tackle the renovation of a vintage home they bought, they uncover vintage problems that could derail them from ever moving in; from electrical issues to heat vent mishaps, every fix takes a big bite out of their budget.
S14, EP8 "Open Concept Conundrums"A Massachusetts family says goodbye to their cramped condo and hello to a more spacious fixer-upper; a tricky layout and unexpected reno surprises leave them with no choice but to recruit their parents to pitch in and drive down costs.
S14, EP6 "This Reno Is History"A real estate developer and his fiancee are thinking outside the box when it comes to buying their first home together, but transforming a unique property into a livable home takes more than just creative ideas and a big bankroll.
S14, EP5 "Reno Budget Up The Chimney"New parents debate a two-story traditional and a charming ranch in the northern suburbs of California's San Fernando Valley, and once they decide on a home they both like, renovations begin quickly; a chimney problem threatens design plans.
S14, EP4 "A Place for Mom in California"A couple look for a home to renovate in the foothills of California's San Gabriel Mountains that includes a space they can convert into a guesthouse for the woman's mom; after choosing a place, they uncover lead-based paint and asbestos.
S14, EP3 "A Wall of Problems"After renovating their Long Beach, Calif., home for several years, Ron and Sylvia realize they need a bigger home; they face budget additions and multiple construction challenges that may force them to rethink their plans.
S14, EP2 "A Mountain of Problems"A couple looks for their first home in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver; after purchasing a house, they realize they're in over their heads with the renovation when they face abatement issues, plumbing problems and issues with the floors.
S14, EP1 "Couple's Kitchen Nightmare"A couple currently living with her parents in Studio City, Calif., want a home of their own; she thinks it would be easier to transform a traditional home, while he dreams of having a modern space packed with architectural details.
S13, EP13 "A Grand, Glam Gut Job"After building up their budget flipping a few houses, a Glendale, Calif. couple is ready to put everything they've learned and saved into their own dream home; she loves Spanish-style homes, but he likes the clean lines of midcentury design.
S13, EP12 "Baby Countdown"In Denver, expectant parents enlist the help of a designer and contractor to finish their home renovations before the baby arrives; the couple begins to worry the job won't get done in time when they encounter problems.
S13, EP11 "Small Reno, Big Projects"With drastically different wish lists, a couple realizes they need a lot of help with renovations; they start by remodeling the kitchen, then the renovation ripples into other rooms, causing their budget to skyrocket.
S13, EP10 "So Long Mom, Hello DIY"A couple with construction experience rolls up their sleeves and takes on their first home renovation; as they battle their way through the renovation gauntlet, alarming mold and structural issues threaten to take a big bite out of their budget.
S13, EP9 "Midwest Meets West Coast Reno"After settling on a place, a couple must live through the renovation of their kitchen and hire a designer and contractor to ensure the process runs smoothly; however, soffit issues and budget concerns may have them rethinking their design plan.
S13, EP8 "Creating a Chef's Kitchen"An Aurora, Colo., couple search for a home with a fabulous kitchen and plenty of space for their daughter and pets; they find that building a master chef's kitchen comes with unexpected difficulties.
S13, EP7 "A Renovation for Two, Please"In California, Garrett and Kristian decide to buy a home that reflects their two distinct styles; when they finally get the keys to their new house, it doesn't take long for them to discover that their renovation won't be a cake-walk project.
S13, EP6 "A Mini Horse and a Mega Reno"A newly engaged couple races the clock to find, buy and renovate their dream home and barn near Denver before their wedding; as their budget begins to snowball, they struggle to agree on which add-ons and upgrades are necessary.
S13, EP5 "A Budget to Burn"California newlyweds navigate a competitive real estate market with a $1.3 million budget to find their dream home; they tackle renovations throughout the house, but a dangerous electrical issue threatens to burn everything to the ground.
S13, EP4 "Flipping Over Renovations"A Massachusetts couple juggle a new baby and a big renovation for their starter home; they flip their layout to get more space and their dream kitchen, but the project faces mold and supply delays.
S13, EP3 "A Rogue Renovation"A family of five Texas transplants is on the hunt for a home near their family in California's South Bay area; they want a house with a big backyard, a fantastic view and a chef's kitchen, but preferences clash when it comes to style.
S13, EP2 "A Heated Kitchen Renovation"A Denver couple is eager to move out of their current place and into a larger home closer to shops and restaurants, and both agree on three bedrooms and a large backyard for their dogs.
S13, EP1 "Renovation With a Catch"A family of four outgrows their two-bedroom rental and wants to take on a fixer-upper to stay in their hometown of Burbank, Calif.
S12, EP13 "Working Through Bathroom Blues"New parents lock in a home close to both of their families and start making plans for the remodel.
S12, EP12 "The Reno That Flew the Coop"A Denver couple with a new baby, a dog and five chickens wants to move out of their cramped home into one with more space.
S12, EP11 "Baby on Board for Big Reno"Parents-to-be living in a Glendale, Calif. rental need a bigger home before their baby arrives; stress levels and the renovation budget start to rise when leaking pipes, floor problems and a hazardous fireplace reveal themselves.
S12, EP10 "Engaged in a Renovation"A recently engaged couple is ready to settle down in a new home before their upcoming wedding, but after finding a place, their emotional and financial stress takes a toll when an unexpected hailstorm damages their kitchen on day one of renovations.
S12, EP9 "Sweat, Tears and Budget Fears"California newlyweds are anxious to start a family of their own and are searching the San Fernando Valley for the perfect fixer-upper with an open concept living space and kitchen to hold their extended families.
S12, EP8 "A Nerve-Racking Renovation"Childhood sweethearts look for the perfect starter home in Swampscott, Mass. with a grass-free backyard for the kids, an open kitchen, hardwood floors, a mudroom, and front porch.
S12, EP7 "Goodbye Rent, Hello Reno"A Los Angeles couple is ready to stop paying rent and find a larger, more practical home perfect for entertaining, and they both want high ceilings, a big kitchen and a large space for entertaining.
S12, EP6 "Learning the Renovation Ropes"A Massachusetts couple is ready to upgrade from their one-bedroom condo to a home where they can start a family in the town of Charleston, and hope to for a single family Colonial with at least three bedrooms and enough space to entertain guests.
S12, EP5 "Big Family, Big Renovation"A large Southern California family needs to find a sizable house to accommodate their growing needs; after touring three homes, the family decides on a house and begins in the kitchen using a farmhouse touch with industrial flair.
S12, EP4 "A Mile High of Work in Denver"A Denver couple looks to trade their current place for a larger home to raise their two young children; once they settle on a house, they tackle everything from asbestos issues to structural challenges.
S12, EP3 "Budget Troubles, Reno Woes"A musician and his wife begin an ambitious renovation on a dated family home in California, but things quickly unravel as they uncover foundation issues and building code roadblocks.
S12, EP2 "Midwest to East Coast Makeover"After relocating to Massachusetts from the Midwest, a family of three has limited time to find a home that fits each of their personalities.
S12, EP1 "Big Reno for Little Brother"A Los Angeles writer searches for a contemporary home with industrial farmhouse touches, and his older brother joins the hunt to make sure he doesn't get too far over his head.
S11, EP13 "Budget Buster Remodel"A Southern California couple searches for a fixer upper they can turn into the perfect home to can raise their daughter; they disagree on style, but both want the home to be close to family and have a big yard.
S11, EP12 "A Heated Reno In The Desert"After years of visiting friends and playing golf in Palm Springs, Calif., Susan is ready to make the commitment and settle there.
S11, EP11 "A High-Stress Renovation"Kelly and Cameron are ready to put down roots with their young son in Valley Glen, Calif., but they face skyrocketing home prices; Cameron wants a ranch with a midcentury modern interior, while Kelly likes a more traditional exterior.
S11, EP10 "Trading Sales for Sweat Equity in Tenn."Newlywed real estate agents Cameron and Reid are ready to buy their first home together in Franklin, Tenn.; Reid wants an open floor plan and an updated traditional interior, while Cameron likes defined rooms and more whimsical decor.
S11, EP9 "Big Reno Plans, Big Problems"A Los Angeles couple gets ready to grow their family in a new home and they agree on a lot of their ideal home's key features, including a spacious kitchen and plenty of play room for their future daughter.
S11, EP8 "Renovating Walls and Wardrobes"A newly engaged couple takes another leap into adulthood to buy their very first home together in California, but with their modest budget, creating their perfect home will take some hard work and compromise.
S11, EP7 "Retro Kitchen, Modern Problems"Nashville real estate agent Elliot has helped numerous people find their dream homes, and now he is on the hunt for his own with the help of his best friend, searching for an older cottage reminiscent of the house from his childhood.
S11, EP6 "Budget Shock"An electrician, his wife and their young daughter are upgrading to a larger family home in the suburbs; she dreams of a house with storybook charm, but his style is more contemporary.
S11, EP5 "Old Charm, New Home"After deciding not to renew their apartment lease, a Southern California couple begins their search for a home where they can start a family; he wants a single-story Craftsman, but she wants something with two stories and an East Coast vibe.
S11, EP4 "A Smaller Home With Big Issues"With their two sons about to head off to college, a Franklin, Tenn. couple downsizes to a house that needs major renovations.
S11, EP3 "New City, New Renovation"After years of moving around the country for work, a couple is ready to put down roots in Nashville, Tenn., but getting him to agree on a cabinet color turns into an uphill battle.
S11, EP2 "Bigger Family, Bigger Kitchen"A growing family is ready to buy a bigger home in the Glendora, Calif. that has to have an open-concept chef's kitchen, a large yard and an overall symmetrical design.
S11, EP1 "Reno Written in the Stars"A couple look to buy a home near their furniture restoration business in Silver Lake, Calif., and they must put in some sweat equity to make it fit their eclectic tastes.
S10, EP19 "Silver Lake Style Debate"A couple is eager to trade their current rental for a single family home with a large yard; while they both agree that their new home must have three bedrooms, an open floor plan and a spacious kitchen, they clash when it comes to style.
S10, EP18 "Vintage Reno, Vintage Problems"Jen and Jeff rent a small apartment in Glendale, Calif., and while they feel they don't need a huge amount of space, they want a house that would give them a little more room for her baking and his outdoor entertaining.
S10, EP17 "Three Generations, One Big Makeover"Austin, Texas native Brittney is looking for a home where she can raise her daughter, and enlists her real estate agent mom Sandra to find a fixer-upper.
S10, EP16 "Saying I Do During Renovation"Ready to become first-time homeowners, an engaged couple dive into their first big purchase before tying the knot, but they soon find out that there are many joys and perils of home ownership.
S10, EP15 "Renovation in the News"A Silver Lake, Calif., couple searches for a home with a more spacious, suburban feel for their growing family, but after they sell their house, they only have 30 days to take on a massive kitchen renovation before their move-in date.
S10, EP14 "Surf, Sand and Reno"After years of renting in Manhattan Beach, Calif., veterinary assistant Deb prepares to purchase her first contemporary condo to share with her pets.
S10, EP13 "Military Family Reno Battle"Rick and Kasey are relocating because of Rick's military job, and they're eager to find a four-bedroom, traditional style home for their three kids as soon as possible.
S10, EP12 "Reno Life Is a Beach"Two years of searching have left Sarah and Michael empty handed as they debate rustic farmhouse with one story and a two story close to the beach.
S10, EP11 "A Puppeteer and his Fiancee Overhaul the Kitchen in Their New Home"A couple from New York City seeking a home in West Hollywood, Calif., want a move-in ready home, but their budget dictates getting a fixer-upper.
S10, EP10 "A Husband and Wife Doctor Team Attempts to Revive Their New Home"Two doctors learn that finding the perfect home isn't easy, because he wants an industrial home with brick and she's looking for a cozy bungalow with a farmhouse feel.
S10, EP7 "The Reno on the Lake"A couple want to find a dream home on a lake in Maine that is big enough for their four growing children.
S10, EP6 "Overcoming Recession In Austin"A Texan family seeks to start anew after the recession cost them their home.
S10, EP5 "Giving Kitchen Renovation Their Best Shot"A family seeks their first house and decide to renovate their new kitchen.
S10, EP4 "Austin Rain And Renovation"A newly engaged couple hunt for their first home together near their families in the Austin, Texas, area; their real estate agent, designer, and contractor work to help them find and renovate a place that fits both of their conflicting tastes.
S10, EP2 "Makeovers, Money and Music"A family seeks a home in California.
S10, EP1 "Newlyweds Run Their Own Reno"A newlywed realtor and general contractor choose to take on their first renovation project together, but first have to agree on what they want from the property.
S9, EP8 "Gutting A House And Wallet"A couple with a young son wants to trade their cramped Los Angeles rental for a spacious family home.
S9, EP7 "Our First Family Fixer"A couple seeks their first home for their two little boys in Eagle Rock, Calif.
S9, EP6 "Sinking Kitchen, Rising Budget in California"Tired of renting with their three dogs, a couple wants to find a big house with a spacious yard in the San Fernando Valley.
S9, EP5 "A Reno That Ruffles Feathers"A couple wants to find their first home together in Austin, Texas, and they are looking for three bedrooms.
S9, EP4 "Three Agents, One Renovation"A couple wants to be closer to family, and consider a ranch on a cul-de-sac versus a traditional home in Burbank, Calif.
S9, EP3 "Picture-Perfect Kitchen Redo"A couple wants to find a place with more room in Redondo Beach, Calif., where they can start growing their family.
S9, EP2 "Engineering a Renovation in Austin, Texas"Computer engineers want to buy their first home together in Austin, Texas, but they disagree on what they want.
S9, EP1 "Reno Budget Down the Drain"After relocating to Southern California, a family wants to buy a home in Thousand Oaks that has a large backyard and an updated master bathroom.
S8, EP13 "Reno From Floor to Ceiling"Newlyweds want a home in the suburbs of Chicago, but while one wants a Victorian home, the other would prefer a Cape Cod house.
S8, EP11 "Reno Dreams Down the Drain"Tired of their commute, a couple want to find a home somewhere near Burbank, Calif., but their money will not stretch that far.
S8, EP10 "Out of Their Comfort Zone in Chicago"A Chicago couple find a suburban home, but they must improve it by gutting the kitchen and updating the master bathroom.
S8, EP9 "Doubling Down on Renovation"A couple feel their condo is not big enough, and they want to find a single-family home near the beach area in Redondo Beach, Calif.
S8, EP8 "Fashion Blogger's Dream Closet"A fashion blogger and her boyfriend want to buy a home together in Los Angeles, and while one would like a Spanish-style home, the other wants a colonial.
S8, EP7 "Hot Mess Overhaul in Chicago"A couple wants to leave their crowded Chicago condo for a fixer upper bargain, so they can avoid the high home prices in the city.
S8, EP6 "Fixin' to Reno"Texas transplants in California want to find a permanent home., but they do not agree on many aspects of their wish lists.
S8, EP5 "Two Chicago Lawyers Makea Case for Taking on a Full House Renovation"Newlywed Chicago lawyers want to find their first home in the Elmhurst suburb, but they are having a difficult time coming to an agreement.
S8, EP4 "An Austin, Texas, Family Unearths a $15,000 Problem When They Expand Their New Home"After moving from New York City to Austin, Texas, a couple finds a fixer-upper and builds an addition.
S8, EP3 "A Reno Fight to the Finish"Chicago fitness trainers want to buy their first home together, seeking a large remodel to suit both of their needs.
S8, EP2 "A Reno for the Whole Family"A couple looks for a larger home with more land as their kids are getting older; Audrey, a real estate agent in her own right, wants a farmhouse with a bright palette; John's hoping for a rustic, Texas style ranch.
S8, EP1 "When Reno Hurts So Good"A comic and his wife, a writer, look for a home chock full of character and history, but each has a different type of house in mind.
S7, EP13 "Expecting Parents Rush to Finish a Massive Renovation of Their California Home Before Baby Arrives"Expecting parents decide to leave their cramped condo, for a place they can renovate in Santa Monica, Calif.
S7, EP12 "A California Couple Set Fire to Their Renovation and Get Amazing Results"After a year-long search, a couple wants to find a house that fits their budget, but has scenic views of nature.
S7, EP11 "Unexpected Expenses Threaten a Chicago Family's Remodel"Out of space in their Chicago condo, a couple wants to find a home, but they have very different ideas.
S7, EP10 "A Young Couple Struggles to Stay Injury-Free Through Reno"A couple wants to find a house in Long Beach, Calif., with an updated kitchen, a large master suite and a spacious yard.
S7, EP9 "A Couple With a Baby on the Way Hurries to Find a New Home"An expecting couple needs to find a home in California's San Fernando Valley, without tandem parking.
S7, EP8 "Little Houses, Big Costs"A Texas couple wants to buy a home, and when a challenging search is over, more difficulties happen with the renovation.
S7, EP7 "A Young Family Searches for a Home With Enough Space for 6'7 Dad"A family must find a single-family home with more space and a yard, that can accommodate a very tall father.
S7, EP6 "The Never-Ending Renovation"After finding a house that suits their needs, Chicago newlyweds face a number of issues before even finishing demo.
S7, EP5 "A Southern Californian Woman Moves Back Home to Buy a House Near Family"A woman is ready to set down roots in southern California, and she searches for a home with architectural style and eclectic details.
S7, EP4 "A Young Family Searches for a Home They Can Share With the Grandparents"A couple wants to find a larger home in California's San Fernando Valley that has space for the in-laws.
S7, EP3 "A Young Chicago Couple Buys Their First Home and Dives Into Their First Renovation"A Chicago couple wants to buy a home together, but they are not on the same page, except in that they need plenty of bathroom space.
S7, EP2 "California Couple Tries to Blend His Midcentury Vibe With Her Contemporary Style"A couple wants to find a single-family home in Burbank, Calif., with an open kitchen and a yard for their dog.
S7, EP1 "Country vs. City in Austin"A couple searches for a large family home in Austin, Texas, that they can renovate in time for their annual holiday party.
S6, EP13 "A Russian Wife and Her American Husband Renovate Their First Home in Buffalo"After living in a basement for the first few years of its marriage, a couple is ready to find a place of its own with green space in Buffalo, NY.
S6, EP12 "A Couple Rides the Renovation Wave in Southern California"After two years and a million-dollar budget, a couple has been unable to find a home in Santa Monica, Calif.
S6, EP11 "An L.A. Couple's Brother-in-Law Acts as Their Agent and Contractor, With Ups and Downs"A writer and a singer want to find the perfect home in Los Angeles, and must struggle through the stress of decisions and timelines.
S6, EP10 "A Young Buffalo Couple Brews Up a Renovation That Includes a Kegerator and a Chicken Coop"A newly engaged couple wants to find its first home in Buffalo, N.Y., but has some very unique needs.
S6, EP9 "A Real Estate Broker and His Wife Have Very Precise Ideas About Their New Home"A real estate broker and his wife are ready to leave their downtown loft for a more family-friendly home in Chicago.
S6, EP8 "An Architect and a Preservationist Search for a Historic Home They Can Make Hip Again"A historic preservationist and an architect decide to move to Buffalo, N.Y., but they must first agree on a house.
S6, EP7 "An L.A. Househunter Searches for an Architecturally Unique Home to Share With His Roommate"After searching Los Angeles for an architecturally unique home, roommates dive into a home renovation.
S6, EP6 "A Growing Family Tackles a Massive Reno in Chicago"Having outgrown their Chicago townhouse, a couple is ready to trade it in for a more spacious home in the suburbs.
S6, EP5 "Newlyweds Struggle to Combine a Contemporary Look With Traditional Character"Newlyweds have a hard time agreeing on a type of house in the expensive Los Angeles real estate market.
S6, EP4 "A Newlywed Buffalo Couple Tackles Their First Renovation"Newlyweds search for their first home in Buffalo, N.Y., but they may have a difficult time finding a home in the neighborhoods they have targeted.
S6, EP3 "A Chicago Couple Struggles Through a Stressful Renovation of Their First Home in the Suburbs"A couple wants to find a cozy, yet spacious space with a large kitchen and backyard for entertaining, as well as a grand staircase.
S6, EP2 "Two Lawyers Argue the Case of Spanish vs. Traditional Vintage"Los Angeles lawyers want to find a larger home so they can start a family, but they different styles.
S6, EP1 "A Growing L.A. Family Moves to the Chicago Suburbs"A couple wants to find a home in the Chicago suburbs, with three bedrooms, a basement and an updated kitchen.
S5, EP13 "A Young Family Upgrades to a Spacious Home They Can Renovate in Simi Valley, Calif."Having outgrown their condo, but wanting to stay near-by, a family wants to find a single-family ranch-style home.
S5, EP12 "A Natural Renovation"After finding a home in the Hartford, Conn., area, they launch into projects including gutting the kitchen.
S5, EP11 "A Young Police Officer Buys Her First Home and Renovates it With the Help of Her Family"A police diver is eager to find a home, and once she finds one, she enlists the help of family and friends to renovate it.
S5, EP10 "A Fireman and His Family Rescue a Home in Need of Big Renovations"A couple wants to move out of their small rental, and into a home with more space in Somerville, Mass.
S5, EP9 "A Divorced Mom Searches for a Fresh Start in a New Home"A divorcee and her children are eager for a fresh start, and while she wants a Colonial in the suburbs, her children like the idea of a house on the beach.
S5, EP8 "A Long-Distance Renovation"After finding a second home in Los Angeles, a couple must manage a complete overhaul from 1000 miles away.
S5, EP7 "A Los Angeles Couple Goes Rogue on Designer's Renovation Plans"After finding a house in the San Fernando Valley, a couple brings in a designer to update the kitchen space.
S5, EP6 "A Young Couple Rushes to Finish Reno Before Their First Baby Arrives"After expecting parents find a house in the Boston suburbs, the father-to-be tackles a long list of projects on his own.
S5, EP5 "A Tale of Two Styles"Although nervous about the idea of a fixer upper, a Connecticut couple hopes to enjoy their dream home.
S5, EP4 "High School Sweethearts Buy a Home That Tests Their Reno Skills"High school sweethearts find a house and waste no time getting started on the kitchen and bathroom overhaul.
S5, EP3 "A Growing Family Buys an Old House With New Problems"After finally agreeing on a home, a couple encounters sagging beams and collapsed ceilings when they start their renovations.
S5, EP2 "Moving Out of the In-Laws and Into a Renovation"A couple struggles to find a house that suits both of their tastes, but then cannot agree on the kitchen overhaul.
S5, EP1 "A Young Couple's Hands-On Renovation Still Blows the Budget"Ready to start a family, a couple finds a larger home, but when the renovation begins, they learn they may have bitten off more than they can chew.
S4, EP13 "Outdated House Gets a Much Needed Makeover"After finally agreeing on a house, a couple struggles to stay on budget while trying to blend their different styles.
S4, EP12 "A Young Couple Leaves Manhattan's Pricey Real Estate Market for Something Outside of the City"After leaving Manhattan for Westchester County, a couple's home renovation is riddled with problems including asbestos-laden pipes and lead paint.
S4, EP11 "An Old House Gets a New Master Plan"Newlyweds find a house for their blended family in Fairfield, Conn., but surrender the kitchen renovation to a designer.
S4, EP10 "Country Cape Fixer"Newlyweds, after finally agreeing on a house, must figure out how to merge their styles when doing the renovation.
S4, EP9 "A Shocking Fixer Transforms Into a Stunning Forever Home"High school sweethearts begin a massive renovation in their forever home, but find hindrances at every turn.
S4, EP8 "A Young Family Moves From Australia to Boston to Buy and Renovate Their First Home"A young family from Australia buys a home in Boston, then has nine weeks to get an in-law suite ready.
S4, EP7 "From Buffalo to a Fixer in Baltimore"After agreeing on a home in the Baltimore area, a newly engaged couple jumps into a kitchen renovation.
S4, EP6 "Realtor Turns Contractor on His Own Fixer-Upper"New parents interested in a baby-friendly home find a perfect fit which will need a kitchen renovation.
S4, EP5 "Young Architects Take on Their First Renovation in Baltimore, Md."Intern architects want to find a space in Baltimore, but one would like to do an overhaul, while the other would prefer to do updates only.
S4, EP4 "First Time Homebuyers Take on an Over the Top Renovation"Newlyweds disagree on architectural style, but find a home with good bones where they can begin renovations.
S4, EP2 "A Young Family Buys a Fixer and Transforms the Outdated Kitchen Into Their Dream Space"Virginia residents who want to find a house with train access to Washington, D.C., settle on a fixer upper.
S4, EP1 "The Ever-Expanding Makeover"A couple from Colorado has a difficult time navigating the Boston real estate market, and face an unexpected full-house renovation.
S3, EP13 "Getting a Home of Their Own"A couple wants a traditional-style place with modern touches.
S3, EP12 "Rustic vs. Modern"A couple disagrees on the style of the house they want; unforeseen obstacles increase the renovation budget.
S3, EP11 "Erica and Jeff Look for a House They Can Renovate and Entertain Friends In"A couple wants to buy their first house together in the Los Angeles suburbs.
S3, EP10 "Buying a First Time Fixer"Newlyweds want to find a home in Burbank, Calif.
S3, EP9 "Mid-Century Dream Kitchen"A couple needs to find more space for their dogs near Encino, Calif.
S3, EP8 "All About Spanish"A woman wants to find the perfect starter home in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.
S3, EP7 "A Couple Has Trouble Finding and Renovating a Home to Combine Their Granny Chic and Modern Styles"A couple wants to find a home in which they can combine their "granny chic" and modern styles.
S3, EP6 "Designing a Dream Kitchen"Having outgrown their rental house in Orange County, Calif., a couple wants to find a place of their own.
S3, EP5 "A Master Makeover Before Marriage"An engaged couple tries to update their new home with their individual styles.
S3, EP4 "Midcentury to Mediterranean"A couple cannot list their current home before they finish their renovation.
S3, EP3 "Modern vs. Charming Makeover"After buying a home, a couple begins to overhaul the master suite and guest bathroom.
S3, EP2 "New vs. Bohemian Reno Space"After agreeing on a home, a couple begins to update every room.
S3, EP1 "From Wisconsin to California"A Wisconsin couple wants a vacation home in Hollywood Hills.
S2, EP13 "Buying a House for a Fridge"A San Fernando Valley couple second guesses their design plan, hindering renovations.
S2, EP12 "Renovating a Surfer's Retreat"A surfer and his family buy a beach house that needs significant work.
S2, EP11 "Massive Master Bath Redo"Newlyweds want to find a home near Eagle Rock, Calif.
S2, EP10 "Modern Master Bedroom Redo"A couple compromises on their wish list, then begin renovating the house to suit their tastes.
S2, EP9 "Teppanyaki Teardown"When a homeowner's skill does not match his ambitions, professionals help with a kitchen renovation.
S2, EP8 "Suburban Kitchen Fixer"When a couple buys their dream home, they get professional help with the renovations.
S2, EP7 "A Wrecked Rec Room Gets a Hip Update"A couple wants to turn an old rec room into a game lounge for entertaining.
S2, EP6 "A Small Kitchen Gets a Big Renovation"A family must endure a massive kitchen renovation.
S2, EP5 "Turning an Unlivable Living Room Into a Stylish, Eclectic Entertaining Space"A couple wants to find a house with creative space that matches their unique style.
S2, EP4 "Modern vs. Beachy Kitchen"A couple wants to buy a home near family; modern kitchen.
S2, EP3 "A Tired House Gets a Whole New Floor Plan"A man with experience as a general contractor is willing to take on large renovation challenges.
S2, EP2 "Modernizing a Master Suite"A couple finds a large home that needs renovation.
S2, EP1 "Big Dreams, Little Kitchen"A couple finds a house with a small kitchen to renovate.
S1, EP13 "Creating a Modern Craftsman Kitchen"Partners search for a home in Los Angeles and then want to create an open, modern craftsman kitchen in their new home.
S1, EP12 "Designing a Space to Entertain In"A couple wants to merge their styles and create a room for entertaining.
S1, EP11 "Spanish Bathroom and Walk-in Closet"A couple falls in love with a house that needs a major bathroom renovation.
S1, EP10 "New Coast, New House, New Kitchen"A couple wants to relocate from New York City to Los Angeles.
S1, EP9 "Modern Mexican Backyard"A couple searches for a house to accommodate their growing family.
S1, EP8 "Giving a Garage New Purpose"A couple is eager to find a house with a room that can become a music studio and guest space.
S1, EP7 "Living Room-Turned Bedroom"A couple finds an affordable fixer upper.
S1, EP6 "Quirky and Modern Bedroom Blend"A recently engaged couple needs to work with a designer to merge their style.
S1, EP5 "From Spanish Fixer to Spanish Fantasy"When a couple settles on a fixer, a full house renovation is required.
S1, EP4 "Modern Masculine Kitchen vs Cooking with a Hotplate"A couple wants to find a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles.
S1, EP3 "Charming Contemporary Kitchen"A couple cannot agree on style vs. function.
S1, EP2 "First Time For Everything"First-time parents want to make a house a home before their baby is born.
S1, EP1 "Cape Cod Style with Wonderful Wood Detail"A woodworking crew creates architectural details throughout a home.
Fixer-uppers are on the wish lists of house hunters in this addition to HGTV's long-running franchise. In each episode, the featured home buyers tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. The added bonus? Cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. The progress is charted as the new homeowners turn their property into home sweet home, then they finally reveal their new space.
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