Untold Stories of the E.R.

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Untold Stories of the E.R."Untold Stories of the E.R." is a fast-paced medical series that blends re-enactments of real emergency room cases with comments by the actual physicians and nurses involved in the procedures. Often the patients give first-person accounts as well, and some even play themselves during the re-enactments.
S12, EP7 "Temperature Rising"An urgent care physician must think outside the box to care for two emergencies at once; a woman with abdominal pain receives an unexpected diagnosis; a yoga instructor has a dangerously high temperature for no obvious reason.
S10, EP7 "Beyond Recognition"A man's face and body suddenly double in size; a young woman is burning up from the inside out after a day at the beach; a grumpy old man nearly dies before revealing an emotional secret.
S10, EP4 "Shocking!"A pianist's finger goes missing after getting accidentally sawed off; a man's pacemaker threatens to kill him; a man behaves bizarrely.
S10, EP10 "Perfect Storm"A pregnant woman is shot in the abdomen; a doctor is the victim of a car burglary; a storm is preventing a patient's life-saving surgery.
S10, EP3 "Size Matters"A woman risks losing her finger after trying on an ill-fitting engagement ring; a body builder can't breathe and doctors are shocked to discover why; a gunshot victim.
S10, EP2 "Zombie Uprising"A Halloween zombie with a problem below the belt mystifies doctors; two unconscious men are involved in an accident, a doctor makes a mistake that amazingly explains a patient's condition.
S11, EP10 "Hiccup Circus"A circus sword-swallower suffers from a persistent case of hiccups; a mother and daughter mysteriously collapse in the ER; a woman loses control of her legs at her daughter's graduation.
S13, EP10 "Law and Disorder"An apparent drive-by shooting victim is missing his nose; a girl deteriorates before her family's eyes from a severe case of meningitis.
S13, EP9 "Fire in the Hole"The hospital is locked down when a nurse is shot in the ER; medics rush a bride from her wedding who is in an unexplained altered mental state; a doctor must perform a risky intervention to save the life of a teenage girl.
S13, EP8 "Thin Red Line"A doctor with a severe bee allergy is stung while treating a critical patient who's been stabbed in the eye; a man comes into the ER after slitting his own throat; a paramedic becomes a patient when she's struck by a mysterious illness.
S13, EP7 "End Zone"A teen football player suffers a stroke; a doctor remembers his first major trauma in the 1970s; a doctor tries to figure out what causes a patient's abdominal pain.
S13, EP6 "Blackout, Bleedout"A wrist fracture turns into a medical mystery; two fishermen get stuck on the same lure; a cheerleader with a sprained finger nearly dies of an unexpected cause; a power outage foils the ER team's effort to get a dying patient to the O.R.
S13, EP5 "Skin Deep"A man passes out from abdominal pain; a woman helps solve the mystery of her estranged father's deadly symptoms; a group of delirious Civil War re-enactment soldiers arrives in the ER.
S13, EP4 "Heart Stings"A woman comes in with a piece of rebar impaling her thigh; a man brings his girlfriend into the ER for an STD workup; an ER doctor confronts a woman's prejudiced colleagues.
S13, EP3 "Gunshot Affair"Two seemingly unrelated gunshot wounds lead to a bizarre night in the ER; a senior nurse unravels at the sight of a critical patient, and reveals a shocking secret; a patient's grave symptoms mysteriously disappear whenever the doctor touches him.
S13, EP2 "Mystery Car Crash"The ER is a crime scene when a woman's belly pain is caused by smuggled narcotics; a doctor is mystified by heart attacks occurring the same day in the same family; strange markings on the body of a car crash victim lead to the cause of the accident.
S13, EP1 "Grave Diagnosis"A teenage girl is impaled through the neck on an iron fence; a patient is convinced he's turning into a vampire; a first-year attending physician stands up to a room full of senior specialists to save the life of a critically ill pregnant woman.
S2, EP15 "Surgery Won't Help"A man appears to have a minor laceration to his upper eyelid.
S2, EP13 "We Need Further Tests"Small intestines bursting; gun shot wound to the chest; a car crashes into the hospital.
S2, EP12 "Nothing's Working"A man stabilizes his wife's condition; a homeless woman goes into labor.
S2, EP11 "What a Day"Doctors declare a man brain dead, and his wife keeps him on life-support so that his organs may be harvested.
S2, EP9 "How Can This Happen?"A 6-year-old boy punctures his skull with a pitchfork; a racist woman refuses treatment from a black doctor.
S2, EP8 "I Need Some Help Here"A pregnant accident-victim; an ax lodged in a patient's head.
S2, EP7 "We Need a Miracle"Ten critically injured teens; a victim has a tree branch in his neck.
S2, EP6 "No Down Time"An unconscious patient suddenly awakes; a family with a mysterious condition; a man with a knife wound refuses help.
S2, EP5 "Prepare for the Worst"Two gang members threaten to kill Dr. Carroll while he tries to save three men with gunshot wounds; reattaching fingers; car burglar.
S2, EP4 "A Day From Hell"When a 6-year-old's illness has no discernible cause, the doctor begins to suspect his mother is poisoning him.
S2, EP3 "A Scary Feeling"A budding artist accidentally cuts his hand off at work.
S2, EP2 "Red Blanket"A patient is passing out for no apparent reason.
S2, EP1 "No Time to Think"Dr. Bush must figure out what type of anti-venin to use on his patient.
"Untold Stories of the E.R." is a fast-paced medical series that blends re-enactments of real emergency room cases with comments by the actual physicians and nurses involved in the procedures. Often the patients give first-person accounts as well, and some even play themselves during the re-enactments.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2004
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (23 episodes)
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